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Doll Maker

  • 1. - Background Color Selection Box.
    This allows you to select the backgroud color for your doll in .jpg format. If doll created in .png format, background always will be transparent.

  • 2. - Extend Chat.
    Click to extend chat. Extanded chat allows you to use smilies and private rooms. Extended chat can comunicate with regular chat, it just developed more towards graphics.
    It takes pretty long to load in peak time. Extended chat applet is around 120kb.

  • 3. - Help.
    This is the general help/info for the dollmaker

  • 4. - Home.
    Click here to be transferred to our homepage (

  • 5. - General Chat.
    This is general(simple) chat. You will be chatting in room #dollmaker. To switch over to extended chat, click "Chat>>" (see 2)

  • 6. - Get Doll.
    You can get other people dolls by typing the doll name here and pressing "Get Doll" button. When you build the doll, dollmaker will give you the name of the doll (After you pressed "Build" button). You can give this name to other people to let them get the doll you just built. People will be able to get your doll for 10 minutes or until you build another one.

  • 7. - Server provider selection toolbox (Premium).
    This toolbox allows premium users to select the server to pull dollmaker items from. It will speed up the dollmaker initialisation speed especially with using Local Items Package (Review Local Items Package installation manual for details).

  • 8. - Add to Personal Templates Checkbox (Premium).
    Check this box to save the doll into your Private Templates. You will able to recall the template later by clicking "Get Personal Template" on the category selection screen.

  • 9. - Main Dollmaker Pannel.
    "Build" button is used to build the doll after every part is in place.
    "Reset" button will reset everything you've done. You can use this button if some categories did not load.
    "Categories" button will bring you to category selection screen. All categories that you have selected before will be checked and you will be able to add additional categories or uncheck existing ones.

  • 10. - Image Specification Pannel.
    "Width" sets the with of the "Build Place" and future doll.
    "Height" sets the height of the "Build Place" and future doll.
    "Type" sets the type of the future doll image. It could be ".jpg" or ".png". If you select ".jpg" you will be able to specify the background color (See 1).

  • 11. - Build Place.
    This is a place for you to build the doll. Just drag all the items here and when you are done, click "Build" button (See 9).
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