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Drawing area
When started, Paint displays a default drawing area, which is called the canvas. You should set this to the size you want your final drawing to be.

The toolbox is a floating toolbar that contains icons that change the mode of the program. By default, "Pencil" mode is active. To toggle the toolbox on and off, select Tools/Tool Box (shortcut Ctrl-T).

Line tool
The Line tool is used to draw a straight line. Select the Line tool from the toolbox.Select a line width at the bottom of the toolbox. Choose a color for the line. Draw a line on the canvas.
Line drawing tips:
  • Use the left mouse button to draw with the foreground color.
  • Use the right mouse button to draw with the background color.
  • To draw perfectly horizontal, vertical, or 45-degree angle lines, press and hold the Shift key while drawing the line.

  • Curve tool
    The Curve tool is used to draw curves. You do this in the same way that you draw lines.
    These buttons let you create other shapes:
     Rectangle  Polygon
     Ellipse  Rounded rectangle

    The Text tool is used to write text. Unlike words that you paint, if you use the Text tool, you can edit your text, use the delete key, choose a different color, size, and font and even use spell check.

    The Eraser/Color eraser is used to erase parts of the image or background.

    Fill with Color
    The Paintbucket is used to fill a closed shape with the currently selected color or pattern. You can fill any shape you create, but if it has penings, then the entire canvas will be filled with the color.

    Free-form select
    The Free-form Select tool is used to select irregular areas of the canvas for furtherThe Free-form Select tool is used to select irregular areas of the canvas for further

    The Select tool is used to select rectangular areas of the image for further processing.

    Here are the other buttons and what they do:
     Pick Color
    The Eyedropper lets you match a color you already have on your canvas.
    The Magnifier lets you... magnify.
    The Pencil lets you draw free hand. You can choose the thickness of the pencil.
    The Paintbrush lets you paint. You can choose the thickness of the brush.
    The Spraycan lets you give a spraycan effect.

    To Save part of a picture In the toolbox, click to select a rectangular area or click to select a free-form area. Drag the pointer to define the area you want to Save.On the Edit menu, click Copy To. Specify a folder and a file name, and then click Save.

    Remember, if you do something you don't like, select Edit/ Undo (shortcut Ctrl-Z).

    Have any more questions? Try to use Paint help files. Go to Help on the menu bar and click on Help Topics if you have any other questions.

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