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Windows Clipboard (Copy-Paste)

Tip #6 - Use the mouse to select words and paragraphs

    Double-click on a word will select the word, Triple-click will often select the entire paragraph. Once the word or paragraph is selected, you can then copy or cut it.

Tip #7 - Cut can be dangerous - be careful

    If you copy data, it will remain in your document, but if you cut data, it will not remain in your document (it will be moved to the Clipboard). Only one chunk of data can be on the Clipboard at a time. As soon as you cut or copy something new, the old data will be replaced. To play it safe, use copy and then delete the text later on.

Tip #8 - Bonus Hotkeys

    If you find hotkeys useful, try out:

    [Ctrl]-A - this will Select All - everything on your screen.

    [Ctrl]-Z - it will Undo your last action in case you made a boo-boo. If the last action was a paste, it will undo the paste. Both of these hotkeys are listed under the Edit menu, and the hotkey combinations are displayed on the menu.

    [Print Scrn] - Print screen is a key located at the top right of your keyboard. When you press this key a picture of the entire screen is sent to the Clipboard (like a copy). You can then paste it into any application. Great for taking a picture of a website and placing it in a PowerPoint presentation or in Microsoft Word documents.

    [Alt]- [Print Scrn] - Same as above, but only copies the current window on your screen, not the entire screen.

Tip #9 - Email and Internet Addresses (URLs)

    Have you noticed that if someone sends you email which contains an Internet address (URL=Uniform Resource Locator, ie. you can click on it to go to the website? If you Click on it, your browser will be displayed and you will go to the Internet site.

    To put these links in your email, you can simply type in any Internet address (you must type in the http:// first, then the address). An excellent use of the Windows Clipboard is to copy the address from your browser (location area at top) and then paste in your email. This will save you from making a typo, in which case the link will not take link to the correct website.

    Try this by going to your browser, selecting with your mouse the URL (in the text area near the top of browser), right-click, select copy from pop-up menu. Now, bring up your email program and place your cursor where you want the address to go, and select right-click then select paste from menu. When the person receives your email they can just click on the link to go to the website. Note that this is great since many Internet addresses are very long and the chances of making a typo are great. Whenever you want to practice with email, it is a good trick to send it to yourself.

Tip #10 - Microsoft Office does "smart" pasting

    Information you cut or copy to another program is pasted, if possible, in a format that the program can edit. For example, data from Microsoft Excel worksheets pasted into Word as Word tables, complete with column widths and font formatting. This is true with many applications.

Tip #11 (bonus tip)- Hotkeys work everywhere!

    If you have ever been somewhere in an application, and you can't get to or don't see the Edit menu, you can still copy things using the hotkeys. An example of this is when you select File|Save As - in a program, you will not be able to use the Edit menu, but if you select the filename, you can use [Ctrl]-C to copy the name of the file (right-click would also work). Any time you can select some text, you can copy it to the Clipboard using the hotkeys.

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