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Windows Clipboard (Copy-Paste)

Top Tips - General Tips - Any Windows Program

Tip #1 - Quicker ways to use the Clipboard

    Try using hotkeys to copy/paste/cut. If you can't remember these, they are shown on the Edit menu - see Word Edit menu above.

    [Ctrl]-C is copy, [Ctrl]-V is paste, [Ctrl]-X is cut

    You can also right-click on the selected text to pop up a menu to copy or paste. Note that you must be on the selected area when you right-click (shown in black here).

Tip #2 - Forget the mouse - easier and faster with keys

    Many users find it easier and faster to select text with the keyboard rather than with the mouse. To do this position your cursor at the start of the text, then hold down the [Shift] key and select with the cursor keys [->] or any key that navigates like [PageUp]. Once text is selected you may copy to the Clipboard with [Ctrl]-C then more to where you want it pasted with the cursor keys and press [Ctrl]-V to paste. This may take a bit of practise, but when you get the hang of it you will find the mouse too slow.

Tip #3 - Only one thing at a time

    Only one chunk of data can be on the Clipboard at a time. As soon as you cut or copy something new, the old data will be replaced. Since the information remains in the Clipboard, it may be pasted numerous times. When you exit Windows, the Clipboard is cleared.

Tip #4 - Copy Whole Files

    With Windows, you can even copy & paste files if you are using My Computer or Windows Explorer. Just select one or more files, click copy, select the location you want to move the files to, then click paste to move the files.

    The fastest way to bring up Windows Explorer is by pressing [Windows] -E . There are two [Windows] keys on all newer keyboards. These keys have a Windows logo on them and are located beside the [Alt] keys on the lower row of your keyboard. When you launch Windows Explorer with this method - all of your drives viewed are displayed (collapsed) - very handy.

Tip #5 - More than just text

    The Clipboard can store many types of data, including text, formatted text, graphics, audio, whole files, etc. Most programs know about text, but not all programs know about the other data types.

    For example if you use Internet Explorer, you can right-click on a picture from the Internet and select Copy from the pop-up menu. Then you can launch Microsoft Word and Paste the image into your document.


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