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Animated Doll

Now we saw all the trics, let's start creating our own animated doll. If you want your doll to be transparent you will need Photoshop to edit your static image. If you don't care about transparency, you can use Paint. For our example we will use paint, because most of people have it.

Let's prepare all the frames in The Doll Palace DollMaker and import them to Paint. I will select "Body","Dresses","Heads2" and "Legs" in the category list and click "Next >>". After message pop-up "You can start Building your doll now" I start dragging pieces together. Do not forget, I will need more then one doll (each doll for each frame).
I will start from building the base (static body part). We don't have to build this part (click build after we dragged pieces together), but it will be the base for our feature dolls.
Lets open Paint first, then I drag first head to our base, and build a doll (click build). After I see it in a new window, I do a right click on it and do copy-paste into Paint that we just have opened.
Lets open another Paint, now I drag second head to our base, and build a doll. After I see it in a new window, I do a right click on it and do copy-paste into a new Paint that we just have opened (not in the one with the first doll). And I do the same thing with five different heads.
At the end of this you should have many Paint windows open on your screen.. Now we need to save contents of the each Paint window into a file. Let's call them f1.bmp,f2.bmp... and so on. After this we can safely close all the Paints we have open.


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