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The Doll Palace IQ Wednesday - July 27, 2016

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     Pay attention to these 8 symbols. No need in haste.
    Choose the symbol that is
    most liked:
    most disliked:

    Symbol language

    Test using man's inclination to "do human like" everything visible. Every sign - not only brush movement result, but some motion expression. Any of them can be determined as rapid or slow motion, strict or 'playful'. Besides, and it is very important, these symbols have association with poses and motions of human body. They represent poses and gestures which allow to determine intentions, wants, mood.
    "fly up, jump, tumble". This symbol is like jumping dolphin.
    "rush, directed forward".
    "effort, overcoming". Sign shows strong action. Like man pushing aside obstacles. Full of power and energy.
    "stay straight, be rigid". Symbol shows self-discipline and resolution.
    "sit calmly, without efforts". Symbol is like sitting man.
    "retreat, yield, go back". Symbol represents going back and down, refusal of impulse.
    "coil, wriggle, be spineless, weak, pitiful". "Pose" - overturn, helplessness.
    "lie in relax". Like lazy smile.

    What happens when we select the most liked or most disliked symbol? In fact we choose pose and motion, which are wanted and reject pose and motion, which would be avoided.

    But between emotions and motion activity exists not only direct but back-response link. Emotion defines motion. But motion also can change emotion status. It's possible that 'most liked' symbol contains certain prompting: what motion activities and poses would be useful for you now. At least what prevent to test it? Express this symbol in motion and bearing - and likely you will fill up some lack or relieve some burden, pains. Wednesday - July 27, 2016
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