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The Doll Palace IQ Friday - July 29, 2016

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      This test defines two main features of man's personality:
    Introversion - Extroversion
    Stability - Instability
      In real life you could rare find boundary values of stability and instability, pure extroverts or introverts. These personal types are met more often in so or that proportion.

    Do you want know what person are you? Just answer on 57 questions
      The first characteristic divides people into Extroverts ("directed out") & Introverts ("directed into self").

    • Extroverts require constant stimulation of external environment, they are communicative, aspire to new impressions, inclined to risk, like changes. Uninhibited behaviour, optimism and cheerfulness, hot temper and aggression, superficial perception of peoples and events are characterised for this type.
    • Introverts, on the contrary, derive their stimulatings for life activity from internal sources. They live in rich internal world. They are secluded, uncommunicative, sluggish, earnest and restrained. They like order, inclined to self-contemplation, keep friendship faithfully but with not many peoples, avoid noisy companies.
    "Clear" Extroverts or Introverts are rare creatures.

      The second characteristic subdivide people to emotionally stable and anxious (non-stable).

    • Stability is characterised with balance, firmness for disturbances, coldness, non-flexibility. Feelings of others meet with no sympathy.
    • Instability, it is constant emotional tension, feeling of personal threat, increased misfortune sensitiveness, self-accusations, aspiration for self-improvement
    Extreme values are uncommon, usually they are observed in some proportion
    Yes / No Questions
    Is it often when you feel thirst for new impressions, to feel excitement, have a change?
    Is it often when you need friends which understand you, could encourage and console you?
    Are you careless (wo)man?
    Is it difficult to you say "NO"?
    Do you turn situation in your mind before to do something?
    You always keep your promises even if it is not advantageous for you?
    Is it often when you have changes of your mood?
    You usually speak and act quickly, without hesitation?
    Is it often when you feel yourself unlucky without sufficient reasons?
    10 Could you do almost anything having a bet?
    11 You feel yourself embarrassed when you want speak with interesting stranger of opposite sex?
    12 Has it happens that you lose your temper, become angry?
    13 Is it often when you acting under momentary mood?
    14 Is it often when you worry because you said or did something that should not?
    15 Would you rather prefer books than meetings with people?
    16 Is it easy to offend you?
    17 Do you like to spend a lot of time in companies?
    18 Do you have any thoughts that you would like to hide from others?
    19 Sometimes you are full of energy but sometimes sluggish entirely?
    20 You prefer have less friends but especially congenial souls?
    21 You dream often?
    22 When somebody screams at you, you scream back?
    23 Is it often when feel of guilt worries you?
    24 Are all of your customs good and desirable?
    25 Are you able give freedom to yourself and have fun in full swing?
    26 You count yourself excitable and sensitive (wo)man?
    27 Are you reputed as vivid and merry (wo)man?
    28 Is it often when finished important task you feel that you could do it better?
    29 You keep silence in general, when you are in the company of other people?
    30 Do you gossiping sometimes?
    31 Dit it happen that you loose sleep because different thoughts were crossing your mind?
    32 If you want to learn about something you would prefer reading a book over asking somebody?
    33 Have you attacks of palpitation?
    34 You like work that require constant attention?
    35 Does it happen that you tremble?
    36 Is it true that you'd always pay for luggage if you wouldn't fear control?
    37 You don't like companies where people play tricks on one another?
    38 Are you irritable?
    39 Do you like work that requires you to move/think fast?
    40 Are you anxious about events which could happen?
    41 You walk slowly and unhurriedly?
    42 Were you ever late for work or date?
    43 Does it happen often when you dream nightmares?
    44 Is it true that you like to talk so much that would never loose a chance to speak with a stranger?
    45 Are you anxious about some pains?
    46 Would you feel yourself very unlucky if for a long time were deprived of wide communication with people?
    47 Do you think you are nervous person?
    48 Are there people from your circle of acquaintance which you don't like?
    49 Could you say that you are quite self-confident (wo)man?
    50 Do you feel yourself hurted easy if people point to your errors and blunders?
    51 Do you think that it is difficult to get real pleasure at the party?
    52 Are you anxious about feeling that you are worse than others in something?
    53 Is it easy for you to bring animation in rather boring company?
    54 Would you speak about things in which you know nothing?
    55 Are you anxious about your health?
    56 Do you like play tricks on others?
    57 You suffer from sleeplessness?
    All questions? Friday - July 29, 2016
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