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The Doll Palace IQ Thursday - July 28, 2016

  You and ... Winter
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  • You and ... Winter
    What relations do you have with Winter? Are you lovers?
    1. Could a strong frost hold you at home?
     YES   NO   
    2. Do you like winter hiking?
     YES   NO   
    3. Can you skate or ski?
     YES   NO   
    4. Do you like snowfalls?
     YES   NO   
    5. Do you brave enough to do morning exersises in winter?
     YES   NO   
    6. Did you like paint winter pictures in the childhood?
     YES   NO   
    7. Would you like to go to a mountain resort to ski somewhen?
     YES   NO   
    8. Do you think that almost all free winter time one should spend outdoors?
     YES   NO   
    9. Is winter wakening more difficult to you than summer wakening?
     YES   NO   
    10. Did it ever happened that you stayed in the city during the summer to just go somewhere in winter?
     YES   NO   
    11. Could you spend all winter weekends at home with the book?
     YES   NO Thursday - July 28, 2016
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