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The Doll Palace IQ Tuesday - July 26, 2016

  Artist or Mathematician
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        Human brain (usually :) consists from two cerebral hemispheres: left hemisphere is responsible for logic, right one for artistic thinking. Domination of one or another hemisphere predetermines artistic or logic type of personality.

      Bright imagination, emotions and vivid perception are distinctive for artistic types of personality.
      Abstract thinking, theorizing and logical reasoning are characteristic if logic type prevails.

      In general, if artistic type of thinking considerably prevails, then before plunging into exact sciencies, it is worth to ponder over. But from the other hand it doesn't result from this that God wrote in the fate of this woman or man "will be Artist".
      1 Interlace fingers of your hands. Which finger is on the top? Finger of
    left hand right hand
      2 Place pencil in front of your eyes and look through this "sight" at some target. Now close in turn one and other eye. Target shifts if you close
    left eye right eye
      3 Assume "Napoleon pose", cross hands on your bosom. Top position has
    left hand right hand
      4 And finally, "loud and cheerful applause", please. Top position takes up
    left palm right palm
    P.S. Left hemisphere rules over right side and right over left one... Tuesday - July 26, 2016
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