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The Doll Palace IQ Saturday - July 23, 2016

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      Yes, about age... Age is relative definition. The simpliest is official age according to passport. Just check...
      Women's age is simple case also: their age swings within boudaries of 20-27 years depending on 3 reasons: mood in the morning, layer's thickness of plaster cosmetic and temperature in area of lunar Crater Tycho.
      Specialists may help with others. For example, it's possible to detect age basing on condition of bones of skeleton. But may be some difficulties here
      1. accessibility (object can repulse).
      2. recently, plunging in details of Amarna period, with certain astonishment I knew that... There are illnesses (sic!), one of side effects of which is that bones of old man stay in the same state as bones of young man.

      Don't hesitate! You can measure your "psycological" age! Compare it with official one, could be discrepancy here. But what side is good and what is bad? That depends on your intentions already. Be more earnest or be free from stereotypes... Saturday - July 23, 2016
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