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The Doll Palace IQ Tuesday - July 26, 2016

  These eyes opposite..
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      This is not a phsychological test in strict understanding. But it is worth to check and spend two minutes over. Certain statistics insists that color of eyes able tell much about personality of people. Will not argue against, I think that glance once more at eyes of yourself and others would not be out of place. May be you will find there something besides eyes' color...
      People with dark of eyes are persistent, enduring, but facing difficulties, danger and crisis they become awfully irritable, short tempered and explosive. They are more impulsive and tempered, managers are inclined to "wound feelings" of subordinate people. In the same time at the rising of unexpected obstacles reach quick and exact for that moment decisions. Do not endure routine task and, having no ability to overpass that, ready abandon it.
      Grey eyes are always persistent and resolute, but at the same time they are helpless in the face of routine tasks which don't demand from them special brain tensions.
      Light-brown eyes say about certain seclusion preferences and highlighted individual features. People with such eyes bear monotonous activity easy, but cannot endure commanding style, and, usually, work better when they left to themselves.
      Blue eyes are enduring, but sentimental. Monotonous life brings down them. They could be in dismal mood, depression. They are people of mood and have ability come angry frequently.
      Green eyes are the most happy category of people - stable, with rich imagination, resolute, know their possibilities well. They are concentrated and patient, able to find a way out of any trouble. They are humane, strict, but just. It is difficult to raise fit of their passion. They are a good company - have ability to listen and talk. Tuesday - July 26, 2016
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