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The Doll Palace IQ Thursday - July 28, 2016

  Testimony of Lipstick Shape
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      "Women are strange and non-understandable creatures, far more strange than even drunken hobbits."
      Aragorn's diary, 4th year after wedding

      - But how... How on earth could you know, Holmes?
      - It's very simple, my dear Watson. How it could be that you pay no attention to her lipstick?
      "The Adventure of Ruby Lipstick" (never printed)

      Yes, dear friends, character (female particularly ) marks certain prints on everything what was within reach. This thesis has not need to proof, but trust whether to lipstick's testimony or just smile and stride farther, - this is up to You to decide. Let's go...
      Lipstick keeps sharpened shape. That speaks about practical mind and reliability. Proprietress of this lipstick always knows what she wants and what she hasn't (yet). She don't like dissipate herself on trifles.
      Top part is equally rounded - what means that woman is firm of purpose, keeps her head quite cool, able stand up for herself and her interest. Disorder is alien element, she plans everything in forward. Her success is provided first of all by her diligence and accuracy. What could be lack of... this is sense of humor.
      Shapeless top part is a testimony of unstable character. Any trifle could rise anxiety which is usually disguised under self-assured mask. She distrusts people but likes some evening walkings and nice things. Inclined to sentimental things (books, movies, music..)
      Sharpen pencil often tells about selfishness and inclination to self-admiration. This woman quite often is notable for haughtiness and scornful attitude toward opinions of others. She makes friends not easy. As a rule, she counts herself as ideal wife.
      Flat top of lipstick could say about enormous optimism. These women are not familiar with spleen and depression. They are direct-lined and ingenuous in communication with people. They find easily common language with surrounders. Pay little attention to all trifles of life. Her straightforward style is able to hurt feelings of somebody sometimes (without evil intention from her side).
      Low cone - very rare shape of top part of lipstick and rare kind of women. Her character is unusual and original. She is a woman of mood, impulsive and unbalanced, easy get into wild delight and easy fall into terrific despair. Mass of contradictions, in brief. Usually in the center of companies' attention - merry and giggle. But as a friend, unfortunately, aren't too reliable.
      Rubbed from one side lipstick bars can indicate to a woman with rich imagination, not to be at a loss for a word, business-like. This woman is quite enterprising, although not always practical. Caprices are absent (and she ignores caprices of others). In women-only company feels herself boring. Usually has intimate mate - really! it's necessary to divide innermost with somebody!
      Dubbed cone possibly says about smooth character. Woman is merry, satisfied with her fate. Understands people well. Drawback - inclined to envy (be jealous) of others, - that ruins mood of both proprietress of lipstick and surroundings.
    P.S. It's clear that these variants are not exhaust all women's variety and unigue features. But something is better, than nothing...

    P.S.S. If bar of lipstick is practically absent and miserable remains keep clear signs of concrete, then:
    1 Make sure that lipstick really belongs to the woman but not "borrowed" with lovely child (brother, husband..) for some very important needs and in the name of high goals.
    2 If affiliation of investigating object still is out of doubts then in turn handbag contents could excite some interest:
    1. If there have presence such things as auto fuses, plugs and set of wrenches
      - I'd not recommend to comment
    2. If that things are not there - this enigma cannot be solved on current level of modern science. Thursday - July 28, 2016
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