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Hi, my name is Helena and George
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i hate you prt4

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Created: 2005-03-30 20:27:24 All stories by
George picked Helena up at 6:30. Katie, who lived next door,and heard it through the grapevine they would be going out tonight, watched with envey. At dinner, George asked Helena,

"do you want to be my girl friend?" he then winced for impact.


"really? cool!" and leaned across the table and gave her a kiss.

the next day, they held hands in the hall. Kaite walked up to helena and tapped her shoulder. she turned around. she was alone, because george was at his locker. she got socked in the face!

"what the h*ll is up with YOU?" she screamed through a bleeding nose.

katie pushed her down and kept beating her up, all the while calling her names, like wh*r*, sl*t, b*cth, and so on. soon, a teacher came to break it up. they got dragged to the office.

Helena walked out with: ann ex-best friend, a swollen eye, a puffed up lip, and no detention.

Katie walked out with: a ripped skirt,messed up hair, an ex-best friend, and a suspension. george was waiting out side the door. Helena and george walked off, leaving Katie to cry, alone, no friends (jena ditched her at the mall), and in trouble.


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