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Hi, my name is angel of love
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how the angel of love was found

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By AdollCanSing Send DollMail
Created: 2014-04-16 19:22:31 All stories by AdollCanSing
Once upon a time there was a angel called well.. she did`int have a name. there was a boy crying the same sentence over and over again.. harley please come back. then the angel of love came down and said to the boy. im here doin of love and kiss. he said to the angel of love. your a angel?. yes of love. i bring the one you love back. well my name is mark. mark in a soft voice. o.k i hear you miss a girl called harley?.yes can you please get her back for me!. it will take some removing memory and a little love dust. umm.. what part of her memory are you takeing out of her?. break ups arguements and im keeping in her mind to think that shes still with you. awesome! yes!. ok lemme get her. HARLEY!. what do you want you cheating f$@&. ok quick!. ok errrrr. whoaw what happend?. harley your back!. mark gives a smoochie to harley. see ya!. ok bye the angel of lo.. shes gone. the end

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New Zealand
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Posted On: April 16, 2014
i hate what i made..

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