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Hi, my name is trinity
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his infernal majesty

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Created: 2004-12-15 19:32:57 All stories by
His icy cold fingers run up and down my neck,sending chills down my spine.The same way i felt when he kissed me oh so softly.I wanted to cry and love him back at the same time but something inside me resisted,i could see how much it brought pain to his eyes but he wanted to pick up the shattered peices of my life that has been broken for so long.As we kissed under the moon he stared at me and smiled,his smile brought me to tears and i knew he loved me as much as i loved him.When i grabbed him and began kissing him,he was startled but told me to stop.I didnt understand until he pulled me closer and said he made the first kiss.This beautiful demented soul was actually mine,he gave me a feeling like no other,like knifes cutting across the vain.He sang to me and he made love to me...he loved me,thats all that mattered.He always drank red wine and smoked,but i thought nothing of it...big mistake.Just when i thought my life could turn around he left me in the shadows right where he found me.I awoke to him lifeless,i reached over to hug his body around mine but when he didnt move my heart stopped.I turned over and his face was pailer then usual and his lips,oh his lips were blue as the ocean water.A tear ran down my cheek and i placed his hand on my face,i longed for him to kiss my neck and for him to touch my face and i missed the nights hed wake up screaming thinking id be gone.Never,i told him,id never leave you love,he was stiff and that brought hurt to my heart and i couldnt breathe.Later as i held his hand as they pulled me away,the closed the cascete and lowered into the earth,i gently whisered again my love,we meet again.With that i cried one last tear and began to walk......this is how i felt for someone until they left me......addine..until we are together i love u always and forever

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