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The contest is over congrats to our winner
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Over 170 people participated in our "The Doll Palace Fairy Tales Contest" and we found a lot of really interesting stories published during the last month.

As we promised, there will be two winners for this competition; the winners were selected by The Doll Palace team, we did partially base our decision on the votes each story received.

And TDP prizes go to:  

1 Place The Toymaker's Daughter original_screen_name
2 Place La Petite Fleur lamebrain

The 1st place winner gets
  • 256MB USB Flash Memory Drive
  • 1 Jessica Simpson Lip Gloss
  • 20 free dollz stickers
  • 1 year premium membership
  • The 2nd place winner gets
  • 1 Jessica Simpson Lip Gloss
  • 10 free dollz stickers
  • 1 year premium membership
  • Thank you for participating in our contest. I really hope you liked the challenge. We will have another contest very soon. Please look for pumpkins... ;)

    Latest Submissions
    EntriesReceivedAverage RatingAuthor 
     The Toymaker's Daughter28 Aug, 2006Story Rating  2.46  with 209 vote(s)  
     Search for the Doll Palace1 Sep, 2006Story Rating  2.33  with 20 vote(s)  
     The Kitchen Boy1 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.92  with 89 vote(s)  
     The Silence30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.86  with 98 vote(s)  
     The Princess and the Slave Boy2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.93  with 90 vote(s)  
     The Story Of A Princess2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.92  with 51 vote(s)  
     The Unwanted Doll29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.89  with 74 vote(s)  
     The Suitor31 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.92  with 37 vote(s)  
     La Petite Fleur7 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.91  with 58 vote(s)  
     Twined1 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.93  with 44 vote(s)  
     The Wolf Girl30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.91  with 22 vote(s)  
     Mira and the Ogre12 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.88  with 28 vote(s)  
     Dressel And The battle of Nagar8 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.89  with 28 vote(s)  
     THE DOLL START29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.91  with 28 vote(s)  
     Journey Towards Destiney11 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.88  with 37 vote(s)  
     Field Trip!15 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.89  with 27 vote(s)  
     This Old Shoe15 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.83  with 9 vote(s)  
     The Keeper12 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.89  with 9 vote(s)  
     Happily Ever After?4 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.67  with 9 vote(s)  
     a dinna gurl2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.89  with 9 vote(s)  
     Camille The Fairy2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.89  with 9 vote(s)  
     Who's The Fairyest Of Them All31 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.89  with 9 vote(s)  
     A love unknown4 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.68  with 17 vote(s)  
     Midnight Eyes30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.91  with 17 vote(s)  
     Maggy!2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.88  with 16 vote(s)  
     Annette's Story2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.81  with 16 vote(s)  
     A Late Start, A Good Go13 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.94  with 8 vote(s)  
     She was always there- A DollPalace fairytale29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  2.19  with 8 vote(s)  
     Into the Internet23 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.93  with 15 vote(s)  
     The Redrock's Toy Factory10 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.83  with 15 vote(s)  
     To Dance Until Death2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.87  with 15 vote(s)  
     The Doll Palace30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.93  with 15 vote(s)  
     The queen of thedollpalace jessica30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.95  with 22 vote(s)  
     The Orphan21 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.86  with 14 vote(s)  
     Journey to the Doll Palace15 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.79  with 14 vote(s)  
     Reunited31 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.79  with 14 vote(s)  
     Why me?31 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.86  with 14 vote(s)  
     Last One Standing29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.86  with 14 vote(s)  
     The Escape To The Palace By The Sea29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.86  with 14 vote(s)  
     The Doll Palace Fairies18 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.86  with 7 vote(s)  
     Sandy/ TDP Mermaid Princess8 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.86  with 7 vote(s)  
     What dreams aren't made of.28 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.85  with 39 vote(s)  
     the stoty with no name31 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.88  with 13 vote(s)  
     My Red Haired Angel31 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.81  with 13 vote(s)  
     The lucky will crumble first30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.73  with 11 vote(s)  
     Kira's Do-Ray-Me30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.82  with 11 vote(s)  
     Among the Forgotten(PLEEZ READ!!)29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.79  with 21 vote(s)  
     roxy and tdp29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.7  with 15 vote(s)  
     Clock and Kazuko29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.8  with 10 vote(s)  
     Once Upon A Loser10 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.8  with 5 vote(s)  
     The War Between Dream Relms17 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.83  with 9 vote(s)  
     Doll Palace Wonderland31 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.78  with 9 vote(s)  
     DOLLERELLA29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.83  with 12 vote(s)  
     A Kingdom Of Magic29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.73  with 11 vote(s)  
     The Princess of The Doll Palace30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.71  with 7 vote(s)  
     Found something I wasn't searching for!29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.8  with 20 vote(s)  
     Heir to the Doll Palace29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.67  with 12 vote(s)  
     Once upon a time...3 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.67  with 6 vote(s)  
     Lost in the Moonlight2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.67  with 6 vote(s)  
     The princess28 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.59  with 11 vote(s)  
     The girl that loved dolls2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.57  with 7 vote(s)  
     ~*Fairies, Kisses, Magic, Powers and Rides and Sli...31 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.57  with 7 vote(s)  
     Magical Land29 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.56  with 9 vote(s)  
     Danae's Secret10 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.75  with 4 vote(s)  
     A Diamond In The Rough28 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.31  with 8 vote(s)  
     should i relly be here4 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1.17  with 3 vote(s)  
     Doll Palace Academy28 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1.5  with 13 vote(s)  
     Tinker Bell and The Sick Doll30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1  with 9 vote(s)  
     An Angel's Wish30 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1  with 9 vote(s)  
     Evil Lord Cookohtoo28 Aug, 2006Story Rating  1  with 6 vote(s)  
     Tempest the voiceless digital fairy2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1  with 5 vote(s)  
     from dirty to worthy2 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1  with 3 vote(s)  
     the prophecy of the gems part117 Sep, 2006Story Rating  1  with 2 vote(s)  
     The Legend29 Sep, 2006No Rating Information  
     The Truth behind Jessi & Aaron27 Sep, 2006No Rating Information  
     Queens problems with nude and guns27 Sep, 2006No Rating Information  
     The Diamond Girl25 Sep, 2006No Rating Information  
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