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AaronShadows 04-07-2012 09:18 AM

Minecraft! It's amazing!
Who plays Minecraft? Cuz it's an epic game. It's about blocks. Yes. Blocks. It had a massive world, with lots of nasty monsters and ridiculous amounts of things to do. It should be mind-numbingly boring... except it's not. It's like lego stirred in with crack cocaine and cannabis. :lol: Absolutely addictive.

It's shockingly fun to play. Dowsing people in hot lava, blowing up their houses or just destroying their torches and watching the monsters eat them are all favourites of mine, to watch and do. xD You need to build stuff, mine deep down into the blockverse for new materials and supplies, and try to avoid being murdered by various enemies (including other players.) There's also a mode where you just build and build and build freely.

The real version costs twenty dollars, but you can play it for free by going on the website and using classic, or by downloading a cracked client (of which there are many) and using that. Cracked clients can't connect to most servers, though.

Click this to try classic. Requires Java.

If you want to try a cracked client, then just google it; you'll get lots of options quickly. I think there's actually a list of them somewhere.

noirmali 06-05-2012 09:14 PM

I play Minecraft. It's bloody awesome. <3

I love Endermen ; - ; they're so cuteee

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