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Miranda_ 04-17-2011 08:49 PM

Most Annoying Videogame Characters
Come on, we've all encountered them; those characters who just make us want to throw the gamepad accross the room and smash a fist thru the computer screen in annoyance. XD

Here's mine, in no particular order:

* Sagat from Streetfighter.

Always drove me insane whenever I fought him; he was harder to beat than M Bison even due to his irritating habit of constant stupid tiger moves. Especially that darn uppercut. About the only way I could beat the git was to slide continuously (in case anyone needs reminding, I main Vega) which was cheap, but in this case, necessary to avoid tearing my hair out with frustration.

* Princess Peach from the Mario games.

Here's some advice, Princess. When a big dinosaur guy comes up to you and offers you a ride in his car, it might be a good idea to refuse and run away as fast as you possibly can... especially if he's kidnapped you before. Jeez, this broad's thicker than two short planks. Mario should just let Bowser have her; especially since his only reward for rescuing her stupid self is a cake.

* Mona and Lisa from Streets Of Rage 1.

Gaah, those girls always drove me mad, with their endless somersaulting and kicking. They were always the hardest boss to beat on the game... and just as you thought you were finally rid of them after beating them on the boat level, they reappeared again on the last level so you had to go thru that torment again. They also appear on SoR 3 but they're nowhere near as irritating as their first appearance was.

* Tails from the Sonic Games, but especially Sonic 2.

Yes, I know Tails has his fans, but he's basically just a pain in the butt tagging along behind Sonic in Sonic 2. Either he jumps on a disintegrating bridge and effectively ruins your plans to get up to the top of a level, or he keeps bugging you by getting stuck someplace and making that annoying jumping sound trying to get out. Trying to kill Tails was the main task of the game sometimes.

* Duck Hunt Dog from Duck Hunt.

Most annoying videogame character ever in the history of videogames. His role in the game is to flush the ducks into flight. But if you miss, the dog just stand there laughing at you, smirking at your pathetic aim. And you can't even shoot the git.

noirmali 04-17-2011 08:52 PM


He's like





Hmmn , as for other characters that irk me.


Scout from TF2:
You can't NOT be annoyed by how he's like NEED A DISPENSAH` ERE. NEED A DISPENSAH `ERE. NEED A DESPENSAH `ERE it makes you want to shoot his head off.

Uhh, I'm sorry to rag on this but
Flonne from Disgaea:
Sure I get she's cute and all but she's stereotypical and always like THE POWER OF LOVEE~ this and THE POWER OF LOVE~ that, it gets irritating sometimes >:L Even if Laharl and Flonne are a TAD BIT cute together (ALTHOUGH I LIKE LAHARLXVYERS MORE???? +3+)


Darnit I have to go now

Elanorea 04-29-2011 03:22 PM

THREE DAWWWWG from Fallout 3.

I hear he talks smack about your character when you're evil, but I was max good alignment and his self-righteous dip**** attitude still made me want to beat him to death with a nail board.

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