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AaronShadows 12-29-2009 07:34 AM

The games you wish existed
I want to see a full-time, fully three dimensional Zombie MMORPG. The zombie plague event in WoW was pretty good, but it ended really fast and that was the end of our zombies.

The game I see in my head would feature a dark world of misty fields, shadowy forests and plagued, run-down cities. The powers in it would be split into three factions: Humans, Feral undead, and self-aware undead.

character customisation would include options to slide age up and down, change body build and multiple other options. Races would be human and self-aware undead. Players would become feral undead bye being killed bye the npc undead, and the more times it happened, the longer the duration of your stay in loonyland. This could be negated bye carrying certain items or being resurrected bye another player.

Skills and combat specialisations would be decided in-game. there would be three main branches: melee, range and magic. Players could choose one main skill, and a secondary skill. they would be able to perform combat with the last branch (Eg a melee seconded for magic could still shoot with a gun) but they could not perform any special tricks or spells with it.

after the three main branches, they would branch out further into the schools of darkness, light and neutral. a darkness warrior would be able to weaken his opponent's physical ability, while a light warrior would be able to elevate their own power and heal themselves. a neutral warrior would neither increase damage or empower themselves; they would instead rely on pure skill.

magic would branch off much more meaningfully: Dark mages would be able to control the powers than swamped the world in undead monsters in the first place: Necromancy and demon magic. Light mages would be able to heal, protect, negate and empower to a vast degree; neutrals would again, ignore the pulls of both and focus on basic magery; freezing enemies, blowing their heads off and conjuring stuff.

Races would influence this: living players would have bonuses making them more powerful in the light field than undead players with the same focus, and undead would be far more adept with necromancy than the living.

Cooperative play would consist of forming into a survival group which would travel together, which could later evolve into a faction, which could build their own instanced town which only faction members and those specifically invited could enter.

Placing objects would be a major focus: building small wards and planting traps, pitching tents and starting camp fires, would all be in a day's work for a player in the game.

Companions and backup would be important also. hiring mercenary troops from various places, and animal (light and neutral) and undead (dark) companions could be chosen to help you.

The game wouldn't be entirely full of zombies: it would also have vampire-like creatures, lycanthropes, demons and of course, psychotic maniacs (every apocalyptic world needs them to exist, xD)

The world would be split in two bye some event in the world's distant past, before the dead began to rise and try to kill the living. One half would be extremely old-fashioned, victorian looking and only has any modern-ish technology where absolutely necessary, where as the new world would be modern, with sky-rise buildings, machines all over the place, cars, guns, and of course politicians.

Equipment wouldn't have much effect on gameplay. it'd mostly be for cosmetics and would be highly customisable, like your character. mounts would be extremely variable, ranging from versatile new-world vehicles to swift and reliable old-world methods.

all range of weaponry would be available. I mean all range. tiers would seperate powerful weaponry from weak weaponry. It would be best to keep an arsenal of different weapons handy for dealing with different enemies, which would also be extremely different and have different weaknesses.

so yeah, that's my stupid little dream. just waiting for the industry fat cats to churn it out atm.

noirmali 08-10-2010 08:43 PM

Basically, I think that fangirls need to learn to code. I can't even find a frikin' yaoi Dating Sim. (oh, yay, yes, I have looked, I'm that obsessed) If only we could have a B.L. MMORPG with decent graphics and a storyline, I'd be like, at it all day. =_=;

Customizable hair/body/voice/face, talking interacting NPCs, prettyful maps, pets, depressing maps, the choice of an emotional storyline or a lightweight storyline, easy/hard mode, archenemy that you'll have to kill in the end...


Yess, fangirls need to learn to codeee. *__*

Ohh, and another game that I think would be cool: Pixel/draw your own character. That would be really fun, you know, to just jump into an MMO with something that you've drawn? =D

...Not as elaborate as Aaron, but I get the point across, I guess...

......Also. An MMORPG themed park.

Cmon, that'd be hilariously epically fun.!!

Miranda_ 08-14-2010 10:38 AM

A revamped Mega-lo-Mania game, cuz that game seriously rocked. XD Even tho I never managed to complete it, I watched others complete it.

violetnightshade 11-22-2010 10:09 PM

A Winx Club season 4 Wii game where you can play as any character, or make your own.

mytony 07-21-2011 09:53 PM

That is good.

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