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noirmali 09-14-2009 07:00 PM

DS Lite or PS2
Well, my sis says she will give me $60.00 to buy an electronic simply because I whine too much about not having one, and no one bought me anything for my birthday and I highly doubt anyone will buy me anything for Christmas.
I will help her do household chores and such to pay her back, but she has a job, so. I have $20.00 as well, meaning that at the moment we have enough to buy either a DS Lite or a PlayStation 2.
That's not the point.
Here are the prices:
Used DS Lite - $80.00
Used PlayStation 2 - $70.00
Used DS - $70.00 (less?)
My iPod Touch - $260.00
Pros and Cons: PlayStation 2
I am seriously thinking of buying PlayStation 2, simply because it costs ten dollars less than DS Lite and me and my friends have games for it so I will not have to go and buy other games for a while, and even if I do the games will be older and cheaper. Also, here is the thing if I buy PS2 - I can still get the original DS system because my friend has struck me a deal:
[my iPod Touch exchange for his original DS.]

However, my friend Samantha remarked, "Dude, PS2, even at $70, is not good because no one makes games for it anymore - they only make games for PS3 which is like, $230 at the cheapest. You still have to go buy games because, like, you only have one, and buying PS2 just to play Sonic Heroes is sorta wacked up." <- Agreed, but I am not buying PS2 to just play Sonic Heroes. =_____=
I understand this, not to mention I'm not sure if my parents will allow me to play on PS2 everyday seeing as we only have one TV and it's bigscreen, meaning if they want to watch TV I will be scooted off and not allowed to play any games.
Also, my iPod touch I worked hard for when I was a waitress and it cost $260, and I can use it when I am trying to contact people via internet (cuz of wireless) and it has a calculator, music, stuffs like that. That is a loss of $180, which concerns me a little...
Pros and Cons: DS Lite
DS Lite seems like the best choice because it seems like a newer version, right? And it seems like there is a wide variety of games starting to be made for it; the newest version is DSi which the games are still Nintendo DS so they still work on DS Lite. Also there is the fact that GBA games work on it, and I have a GBA, which I have misplaced...Err. >_>; For a few years...*cough* GBA games are a lot cheaper than DS games or PS games.
The bad thing about this is that I'll have a Sonic Heroes game which I will not know what to do with, and I still do not have any DS games.
Pros and Cons: DS Original
DS Original, if I get the PS2 then I can also get this item from my friend in exchange for my iPod Touch. It seems very outdated and I've seen the color screen - the light seems a whole lot darker than the DS Lite and from what I've heard, Lite is a lot better and lighter. However, this too can use GBA games and DS games, so...But I'm still not sure about it.
It's a little too expensive to exchange my iPod Touch for a DS Original, to me, though...Especially since I only got $20 a day as a waitress and I was the only one ^^ That's still a week of saving up, and some days my parents didn't pay me.
Pros and Cons: iPod Touch
iPod touch is probably the only reason why I can even sneak on the internet over the weekends, seeing as my parents won't let me take my laptop there. Also, to me music is very nice to listen to because every weekend we have to drive for 1 hour straight for two ways, and it kills me to have nothing to listen to during that lengthy amount of time - also, I walk to and from school and my iPod is also a necessity here. I think that one day my laptop may deteriorate and if I have my iPod I can still post on TDP, but without it, I am no longer able to access the internet world.
What annoys me is that I spent $260 and yesterday I went to Wal-Mart; they had iPhones, which are the same thing as iPod touches except they can call and have thousands of applications (Not joking, it's for real o_o) while iPod Touch only has like, less than ten...And the iPhone cost...$97.
-___-; Imagine how pi'ssed off I was. Anyway, that just means that I can't sell my iPod touch on Ebay seeing as iPhones cost so freakin' little anyway.
So that's it, really: I just need to know what you think I should get. I have these options:
- Keep iPod Touch and buy DS Lite *$80*
- Trade iTouch for DS Original *Free*
- Trade iTouch for DS Original and get PS2 *$70*
- Just get PS2 and keep iTouch *$70*

Heva_Banana_Mad 09-20-2009 03:13 PM

I don't have a PS2 but I have a DS lite. All my friends who have a PS2 seem to think it's really good though. I have to say I love my DS lite and the battery lasts really well. Also there is the new DSi so you could always save a bit longer and buy that. It takes pictures that you can morph and you can record sounds and play with them. it depends on your opinion though because some peoples opinion including mine is that you don't really need the camera cause you could always use a phone or normal camera instead. yes it is less to carry around but if you take a good one then it can be a nightmare to print off. I am happy with my liteo my though.

When you say PS2 I suppose you mean the big games console. I don't have one but I go to my friend's house all the time and she has one aswell as a wii. It's really good because you can plug in microphones and mats and such. Plus you can play with up to four people at a time. On the down side it isn't very portable.

I have always wanted an itouch but if you really want an iphone you could see if they would trade your itouch for an iphone although I doubt they would. Mainly because more and more people want iphones these days.

I personally think that you should get a DS lite and keep your itouch.
Hope I've helped.

Silent_Wolf 09-20-2009 03:15 PM

I have a PS2 (a very freaking old one that still runs like a beauty) and a DSLite. It really depends on what you're looking for; personally, I think the PS2 has a wider range of games that are great.

noirmali 09-26-2009 03:59 PM

xD, Alright, then - A new thing.
DS Lite used on the internet is $80, but you can't choose what color you want and you stlil hae to pay for shipping.
DS Lite used iRL, I just went to Gamestop the other day - they're $100, and you can choose any of the colors, practically. No shipping, naturally. I like how you can check to see what it's like, if there's any damages, etc, and if something is damaged then I don't have to buy it.

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