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AaronShadows 12-24-2008 03:09 PM

Cheats! (Post yours)
I thought a thread with cheats for as many games as possible would draw a greater number of gamers to our frankly pathetic video games forum. -_- So what did I do? I made said thread, of course.

Anyhow, just post every cheat you can think of here. I'm gonna post a bundle. Make sure not to post cheats that are already here, or we'll have an impossibly long thread where it'll take 15 minutes to search out what you want. Tips are good too. Nothing better than a short (Very short) Walkthrough on how to get a really powerful weapon, or how to get past a very hard bit.

Games covered

Destroy all humans Big willy unleashed
Urbz: Sims in the city
Bully/Canis canem edit

DaH Big willy unleashed. (Wii)
Head to the in-game cheats menu and insert the following button combinations on the directional pad of the Wii controller for the desired result.
All Guns - Right, Left, Down, Left Up
All Stages - Up, Right, Down, Right, Up
Crypto Dance Fever Skin - Right, Left, Right, Left, Up
Infinite Ammunition - Right, Up, Up, Left, Right
Infinite Jetpack Power - Right, Right, Up, Left, Left
Invulnerability - Left, Down, Up, Right, Up
Kluckin's Chicken Blimp Skin - Left, Up, Down, Up, Down
Leisure Suit Skin - Left, Down, Right, Left, Right
Pick Up Heavy Objects - Down, Up, Left, Up, Right
Pimp My Blimp Skin - Down, Up, Right, Down, Right
Stealth Space Ninja - Up, Right, Down, Down, Left
Unlimited Big Willy Battery - Left, Left, Up, Right, Down

More coming, once I hunt down that magazine of mine with the Urbz cheats/tips.

AaronShadows 12-24-2008 04:32 PM

Urbz: sims in the city part 1
Urbz: Sims in the city. (DS)


Heidi the cheat ninja (Not a joke)
All cheats are purchased from Heidi shadows, (My character/online name's namesake, 8D Long lost-ness!!) the cheat ninja. She only appears at certain times in certain places, because she's busy pilfering the stuff she sells all the rest of the time.

Time Place
1-2 AM Use thew time machine to travel back to nov 28 1984. She'll be there
2-3 AM Carnival
4-5 AM Paradise Island
6-7 AM Secret tunnel from jail to dark tree
10-11 AM Moonbase Zeta.

Heidi's items:
Item - Cost - Benefit
Rosebud - $100 - $2,222 in cash.
Silver-tongue berry smoothie - $999 - 1 charisma point
Gourmet berry smoothie - $999 1 cooking point
Clock berry smoothie - $999 - 1 mechanical point
Buff berry smoothie - $999 - 1 body point
Mind berry smoothie - $999 - 1 logic point
Da vinci berry smoothie - $999 - 1 creative point
Slip of paper - $999 - Password to club Xizzle and recipe for strawberry tiramisu


Dusty hogg race (Xizzle factory mission)
Chassis: Heavy - $950*
Suspension: Sport - $900*
Engine: Dragster - $895*
Nitrous Tank: Large - $475*
Tires: Racing- $825*
Accessory: Super Nitro - $800*
TOTAL - $4845*

Raise skills faster
While doing something that raises skills, tap A button like crazy to do it faster.

Club Xizzle password
It's bucket- Now go tell the door that. :lol:

Gramma hattie's cookbook
Get 100% with gramma hattie and she'll give you a cookbook with three recipes.

Magic lamp
Two ways to get this, it gives you instant access to a tiolet and bed, plus another Xizzle bead. (Click around to find it)

Method 1: Beat the artsies rep mission while being an artsie and buy the magic lamp Xizzle.
Method 2: Invite Crystal over, and if she likes your crib, she might give it to you

Keep in mind it's impossible to get rid of the blasted thing once you have it; Don't get two.

AaronShadows 12-24-2008 04:57 PM

Urbz: sims in the city part 2
Moonbase Zeta
Buy a green meteorite from internet shopping, then use the Simquarter phone booth with it in your pocket. Once there, you can buy a rocket bed and cheese modulator.

Gold fiddle
Complete cannoball coleman's gig mission properly to get this. Having it in your inventory gets you twice as much money from the red man's fiddle job in the bayou.

Free repair (Tricky)
Just before the repair man finishes repairing your item, run out your door, and walk back in and complete the repair yourself. Free of charge.

Spelling bee minigame
Join the nerdies, go to club Xizzle and buy the spell champ Xizzle. You can then play the thing at the clubhouse.

Rep items - coming soon.

Storage areas
Get 100% with certain characters to unlock secret storage spots, like the room of requirement, kind of.

Pheobe Twiddle - Garbage can, near north Club Xizzle entrance
Detective Dan De mann - Hole behind poster in the jail
Ewan watahmee - Lost cave under sim quarter
Giuseppi mezzoalto - Broken down school bus near thrift store
Theresa bullhorn - Projection booth behind cinema snack counter

AaronShadows 12-28-2008 10:21 AM

Canis canem edit
Cheat Codes These are unverified cheats for the game. You must use a second PS2 controller to input the codes.

All Hobo Fighting Moves -- Hold L1 and input UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE while playing. Effects not shown on stats screen.

Full Health -- Hold L1 and input R2, R2, R2 while playing.

All Gym Grapple Moves -- Hold L1 and input UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, X while playing. Effects not shown on stats screen.

Unlimited Ammo -- Hold L1 and input UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN while playing.
All Clothes Press L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1 while playing.

Full Ammo -- Hold L1 and input UP, UP while playing.

All Weapons -- Hold L1 and input UP, UP, UP, UP

Money -- Hold L1 and input TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, X while playing.
Submitted bye zobo619dude on IGN. So I nicked 'em. :lol:

Unlockable stuff
  • Black Ninja Outfit: Complete your yearbook.
  • Black Skate Shoes: Run 50.00km on foot
  • BMX Champion: Finish bike races.
  • Boxing Outfit: Win 'Boxing Challenge' or 'Prep Challenge' in Chapter 2.
  • Crash Helmet: Win the Kart Race at the Carnival
  • Dunce Hat: Turn on all the showers in boys locker room.
  • Edna Mask: Break 19/19 Tombstones during Halloween
  • Fast Food: Finish the Burger Joint errand found in Bullworth Vale.
  • Firefighter's Helmet: Pull the Fire Alarm 20 times
  • Gnome Costume: Break all garden gnomes.
  • Gold Suit: Buy all clothes.
  • Green Ninja Outfit: Make 1000 projectiles hits.
  • Grotto Master: Get all G&G cards.
  • Jimmy's Skeleton Halloween costume: Successfully complete the "The Candidate" mission to unlock the "Halloween" mission.
  • Orderly uniform: Successfully complete "Finding Johnny Vincent" in Chapter 5.
  • Pirate hat: Beat up the pirate on the island near the beach house.
  • Prison uniform: Successfully complete all the detention mini-games.
  • Pumpkinhead mask: Destroy all 27 pumpkins around the school and inside the main building during the "Halloween" event.
  • Red ninja costume: Successfully complete the Big Prank task during Halloween at Bullworth Academy. School mascot costume: Successfully complete "Nice Outfit" in Chapter 4.
  • Tiny swimsuit: Find the preppie with a blue mission on the beach at the beach house and beat his swimming time.
  • Wrestling uniform: Successfully complete Gym 1.
Submitted by femer

More unlockable stuff.

Go cart - Finish all the go cart races

Pwn at dodgeball - open the help thingy (L2 button) During a game pauses it and no hits are counted. So wait till the other side throws the ball, you'll get hit but it won't count. You'll be massacreing in no time.

Okay, that's mostly all. :P

AaronShadows 03-13-2009 05:34 PM

Destroy all humans path of the furon

Unlockable: Various Unlockables

January 05, 2009

Enter the codes below for the desired effect:
Biker - 1gb57M2x
Chef - 51c24KiW
Gangster - J5d99bPz
Kung Fu - Ly11r98H
Mime - 7qd33J1n
Velvet - F9sT5v88
Seventies - S63bf2kd
Sixties - M13Ni95L
Saucer Attachments - V81fvUW3
Saucer Skins - X91mw7zp

Enter these in the unlockables screen, then go to the 'Customise' option to access them.

Unlimited/Recharging ammo
Beat the game your weapons will recharge when not selected.

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