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ButterflyBomb 09-12-2008 11:49 AM

Fire Emblem Series
My most favoritest video game series EVER! I'm not always sure why, but it is. Has anyone else played any of the games?

If you don't know, they are tactical/strategy type games that have characters with an anime-ish appearence (see avi). Each game has an object that serves as the "Fire Emblem", and almost every main character in the series has blue hair. Very few of the games have anything to do with any of the other games being as they're often set in their own little world, and there are ten in all (though the 11th may have been released in Japan, I'm not sure, and it's a remake anyways).

TheHayleyDoll 09-13-2008 04:27 PM

!!! A fellow Fire Emblem gamer?! ^^

I love 'em. I only have the one game: Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. I wanted this other one (for GBA) but I only saw it once and I decided since (this is when I was buying Sacred Stones) that I would by FESS first, then the other one - and it was gone then and I had never seen it again. xD

My favourite character's Joshua - cause he's my type of guy; charming, fun, and pretty cute to boot. Lol. Shut up, I can crush on game characters. =P

ButterflyBomb 09-13-2008 10:46 PM

If you have a gamecube or Wii you could get the ones on those. And there's always the used games section.

In Sacred Stones my favorite would have to be either L'arachel, Joshua, or Lute. They're all so quirky. And the Gerik's mercenary band is awsome too. I get crushes on video game characters a lot for some reason. I like have had crushes on all the FE bird laguz guys...except Ulki who is kind of demonic looking, and Nealuchi, but he isn't so bad, just super old:|. And then there are other guys too.

Did you play through Eirika's story or Ephraims? Or both?

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