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AaronShadows 05-20-2008 11:23 AM

Oh god, how do I start? O.O

Well, the main plot is that an elite team, composed of John Lloyd (Player character), Claire Kelly (Sniper), Hank Harrison (Team leader) And Duane Hanson (Driver, backup and communications specialist) Is deployed in a rain-soaked city infested with nightwalkers, (Modern-day vampires) to kill a particular walker, Known as a prime, which will destroy all the other nightwalkers in this city. Upon destroying Edward, the first prime walker, the team discover there are more, they rescue a biologist called foley from a laboratory in the city, and learn from him that there are three more prime walkers. The next is James, a walker that massacred Lloyds old squad in the past, whom Lloyd kills bye squashing him under a crate. XD Once they return to the command vehicle, they are attacked bye psuedo-nightwalker super soldiers, (Simialur to the umbrella cleaners of resi-evil) whom are actually under the command of the same organisation as the team. Once these had been dispatched, the team made their way to a mine pit area, where they destroy the only female prime walker, Margeret. Before the attack her, she reveals that nightwalkers had contacts in human organisations, 'The CIA, the FBI, the AIB, and every other government acronym' To put it in margeret's words. Next, Lloyd and Harrison, the last proper members of the team, storm a building containing the last prime walker, They intended to kill him before a squad of super soldiers to prevent a Nightwalker-Human war,
As they reach the final door, behind which is charles, they hear an unearthly noise, they enter anyway. Soon after entering, the psuedo-walkers catch up, and hank goes to hold them off while Lloyd destroys charles. Charles was guarded bye multiple, nightwalkers who attack Lloyd from below as he attemps to shoot charles in the head, charles being on top of a raised alter. Halfway through, Charles completes his ritual with the effect of blood falling from the sky like rain, an event known to walkers as 'The cycle of sun and full moon' He continues it for a while longer, Lloyd still trying to kill him, and eventually he goes into a further stage. He lifts off from the platform, in flight, and begins attacking Lloyd with bolts of energy, while the blood rain still thunders down. Lloyd eventually kills him, only for harrison to walk in, congratulate him, and then disintegrate, revealing he was attacked bye a nightwalker when escorting foley. He asks Lloyd to tell his family he died a man, not a monster. Lloyd is then confronted bye Monique, a vampire born bye nature, not bite, and she takes him to Lord hessler, (Another natural vampire) Before they enter his chamber, she asks would Lloyd want to kill him, and Lloyd says yes. She attacks him with throwing knives and flying kicks, until eventually he manages to kill her too.
And thats all for now, because I haven't gotten past that point myself, :wink:.

Other things:

1: Before the extermination team, came an advance team to setup the scene for the extermination team. Their leader became a nightwalker and massacred them, and was then killed bye the extermination team.

2: Foleys daughter, Emily, is constantly following Lloyd like a ghost, first she's several feet away, then the camera swerves around his back, and she's right infront of him, and it comes around infront of him, and she's behind him, It's creepy! She also carries a little music thingy that always makes a fiendish childs music noise, she also has the same necrovision* signiture as a prime walker. Sometimes she runs down dead ends, and I follow, and she isen't there! o.O

*Necrovision is a form of heat vision that can distinguish between nightwalkers and humans:
Yellowy orange-Parent walker
White gold-Prime walker
Purple-Psuedo walker

And theres necrovision for ya! ^^

AaronShadows 11-24-2008 03:27 PM

Scary update.
They made a vampire rain flash game. Vampire Rain: Altered Species Don't touch it unless you have a strong gore fetish. O_o;

Also, a new version of the game is coming out soon called VR: Altered species. Because the original got crap ratings, tho I loved it. Also, the point after monique, you walk into Hessler's office. You put a gun to his head, and when he doesn't fight back. he tells you there is no point, as you've already burned down his progress in 'bringing his race over the ridge'. Lloyd lowers his gun, and walks away. Hessler asks him would he really deny him his destiny.
Later, after Lloyd gets home, and the parts of the AIB trying to to start a war are all arrested, we see a cutseen with hessler stumbling down a passage, seemingly in a daze. Foley's daughter, emily, runs up behind him and grabs his hand, and smiles at him. Hessler smiles back, takes her bye the hand and walks away to begin afresh.
(Now if I didn't put that in the most epic way, your computer is 100 years old)

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