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AaronShadows 03-07-2008 11:14 PM

Covenant - Human anologs.
Okay, I'll put this here because of several reasons that will possibly stop it being deleted, number one, it does partane to video games, number two, some of the things included are from halo 3 or halo wars, which do not have threads yet, and three... I couldn't think of anywhere else, XD.

Covenant-human analoges:

Before we start, Please keep in mind that I haven't included everything here, most of the halo wars stuff, and some other stuff, including warthog variations, okay? I just decided to do this because, well I was bored, and the idea sprang to mind. For those who don't know: The mythos is some weird big vehicle that appears to fire low-velocity mac gun, mounted on top of it, and is a bit like a Scarab.


Plasma rifle - Assault rifle.

Carbine - Battle rifle.

Fuel rod gun - Rocket launcher.

Needler - SMG.

Plasma pistol - Magnum.

Particle beam rifle - Sniper rifle.

Assualt cannon - Missile pod?


Ghost - Mongoose.

Spectre - Warthog.

Wraith - Scorpion.

Banshee - Hornet.

Phantom - Pelican.

Spirit - Albatross.

Anti air Wraith - Rhino.

Elephant - Shadow.

Sparrowhawk - Covenant air artillary. (Closest existing match, doesn't really fit)

Scarab - Mythos. (Not canon, but again, closest existing match)

Seraph - Longsword.


Plasma turret - Machine gun turret.

Plasma grenade - Frag grenade.

Supply cases - Crates.

Elite orbital insertion pods - HEV's. (Human entry vehicle)

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