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eros 11-24-2012 12:11 AM

.:How to Recolor Items Quickly in MS Paint:.
A couple months ago I remember having to take my sweet precious time recoloring items pixel by pixel. Then I finally discovered a new way to recolor cutting the time in half!
Programs: MS Paint

Step 1

First get your doll together and what pieces you'd like to recolor. Here I am going to recolor the dress (but of course, you can change whatever you want.) Find a color scheme that you would like to change the item to. I chose an existing scheme from an already made dress.
(TIP: Make sure your scheme has the same amount of colors as the item your changing. You may end up not having enough.)

Step 2

You see the little turkey baster thing? That will be your best friend from here on out. Click it and right click on the darkest color of your scheme. Click it again, but now left click the darkest color of the dress. You should get the main color boxes to look like the top red box.

Step 3

Once your already to go, click the Eraser tool. Now go over your item holding down the right mouse button. The colors should change.

Step 4

Continue to do the above steps going a shade lighter each time. If all works well your doll should have a completely new shade of dress!
NOTICE: This only does best with pixeled items. Things that are heavily shaded may be very difficult to recolor.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask on this thread!

Aussiemum777 11-24-2012 03:37 PM

Great tutorial Rachel, this method is a time saver I have been doing it for years, you can also do it for hair and skin tones:

another tip if you are using a programme with layers is to create a new layer and pixel the new colours onto that new layer that way the new colour will be separate and you can save or glitter it on it's own.

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