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AaronShadows 05-19-2010 11:32 PM

Aaron's basic guide to first person shooters.
I don't claim to be a pro, but do I know some basic tricks that'll stop you being nothing more than a harmless bulletbag and turn you into a somewhat competent player. Most of the time. In 10 easy steps.

1: Don't always go for the superweapon. EG: On halo games, the energy sword kills instantly, but what good is it if a sniper at the other end of the map takes a dislike to you? none at all. Also, many powerful weapons have huge drawbacks, such as being incredibly slow on the reload or slowing you down. Sure, rocket launchers own, but if you miss chances are you'll be dead before you get to fire a second time.

2: GRENADES! spam grenades. Spam them, spam them and spam them. don't throw it directly at an enemy; toss it near their feet for a much better effect. In most games, nades bounce. So take advantage. Get a stickynade and bounce it round a corner. You might have someone dead to rights before they even clap eyes on you!

3: Headshots. Go for headshots at all times; you may think it's reeeaaally hard to shoot someone bang in the head, but if you ALWAYS aim there you'll get more accurate after a while. Practice = perfect.

4: Banter. Don't waste time raving about how you're going to pwn the other team and win single handed; waste time on actually doing so. For another thing, it's hard to fight and type at once.

5: WEAVE. Duck, dodge, sidestep, jump, crouch, crouch while jumping, whirl and twirl. Make it much harder to shoot you. A stationary target is easy; a moving one is difficult, a moving one that's also twisting and leaping wildly is a nightmare. Nuff said.

6: Stealth; don't take concealing yourself from your enemy's vision for granted. If you follow an enemy for a while, they stand still and leave themselves open to being headshotted or melee attacked from behind by you. (Melee attacks from behind are an instant kill in some games) And don't underestimate how awesome it can be to spot someone coming on the radar, quickly sidestep into an alcove, wait til they go past, then come out again and shower them with bullets from behind.

7: Suicide. Sometimes it's worth jumping into a crowd of enemies (and thereby probably letting yourself in for instant death) to drop a grenade and kill loads of them. Once, I leapt into a flag room while the entire enemy team was there with a shotgun; they where so surprised that they where too busy typing WTF! to fight back, so I killed them all, killed the respawners again for the lolz, then stole their flag and ran off.

8: Teamwork. This doesn't mean you have to make a convoluted plan that includes subtle political machinations, a hamster from hell and nicking the crown jewels. Sometimes you don't even have to converse to teamwork; Here are my favourite methods of nonverbal messaging.

-Just pick some random person who grabs a weapon and runs off on their own, then follow them. If they ran into one of the opposition, it would be a 50/50 chance that they'd win and keep going. On the other hand, if both of you find a member of the opposition, you'll probably brain him without any difficulty.
-Grab a multiperson vehicle and drive it up in front of the respawn area, wait for someone to get into the turret and shotgun seat, and you're ready to go.
-Grab a flying vehicle which can support passengers, pick people up and drop them wherever they need to be OR cover the others as they charge.

9: Frustration: Don't get all annoyed cuz you keep getting owned. Turn off the game. Go get a cup of tea. Watch a cat. Whatever. You'll have your day, and then the blood'll be flowing good and proper.

10: If all else fails, download a hack and kill everyone by looking at them. XD

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