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Elanorea 01-17-2010 07:29 AM

How To: Saving and Uploading Dolls
This is a tutorial for people who want to know how to upload their dolls on the internet. It covers file formats, transparency, uploading and posting on forums.
To follow this tutorial, you need MS Paint and Irfanview for transparency. Irfanview is a free graphic viewer that can be downloaded here, but if you do not want to/can't download it for some reason, you can just skip over the transparency step.

The base for this tutorial is from Autumn Rose.

1. Crop your doll

Place your doll in the upper left corner of the MS Paint window, then put your mouse over the little dot on the edge of the canvas and drag it towards your doll, so that there is minimal white space left between the edge of the image and your doll.
The edges don't have to touch your doll exactly, you can leave a few pixels room on each side, but any more than about 10px is unnecessary.

2. Saving

Click File -> Save As, put in a filename for your doll and choose PNG from the drop-down menu. Then click Save.

Never ever save your doll as GIF or JPG in MS Paint. While GIF is a useable format for dolls, MS Paint does not handle it well and will likely mess up the image quality if you try to save as GIF. JPG should not be used for dolls at all.

3. And there you have it:

If you don't want to make your doll transparent, you can skip over the following section and go straight to uploading.

Elanorea 01-17-2010 07:30 AM

1. Open your doll in Irfanview, then click File -> Save as.

Make sure PNG is still selected as the file type. Check "Save Transparent Color" in the save options box, then click Save.

2. Select transparent colour

You will see a zoomed-in picture of your doll. Click the background to mark it as the transparent colour.
NOTE: Before making your doll transparent, you should make sure that the doll itself does not contain any of the background colour, otherwise that will become transparent too. The background in MS Paint is pure white by default, so eyes and white clothes may cause problems.

3. And there you have it:

Now it's time to upload your doll to the internet.

Elanorea 01-17-2010 07:30 AM

1. Go to ImageShack

Click Browse and find your doll.

2. Upload your doll

If you want to upload multiple dolls at once, you can click browse again and add them. Otherwise, click Upload Now.

3. Get the code

You will be given a number of codes. Select the one that says Forum Code and copy it.
(Alternatively, if you have an ImageShack account, you can copy the Direct Link and add image tags when posting.)

Now all that's left to do is to paste the code you got into a forum post.

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