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xSuperstitionx 03-09-2009 08:31 PM

Paint/Iaza Tutorial (No AS3 or Corel Required!)
Wanna make premium dolls but have no Animation Shop? LOOK NO FURTHER! Welcome to the MS Paint/Iaza tutorial! This tutorial will take you through simple steps on how to make a unique doll, without download! If you have any questions mail : OR xSuperstitionx

-Step 1. Select a maker and load it up!
-Step 2. Click the save button, then right-click, select "copy" and paste it into your Microsoft Paint program.
-Step 3. In Paint, use the tools to creat the doll like you want it. This may be like, changing the clothing, skin color or hair color. Also, while you are creating, the doll MUST have a solid background! The background needs to be a color that is found no where else on your doll. After you are done editing the doll - save the first image as a PNG. (Png files are high in color, and the pixels hardly move around.)((I also would save the doll "slides" into a seperate folder! Usually I save them in order like my first slide = "1", second = "2"...and so on.))

Here I have arranged the slides for you, in the order of the animation I wish to create.
Edit Photo
Slides Photo
-Step 4. Click Here to go directly to the website or Google "Iaza" .Then on the very front page click on "Load Image", this is where you load up your FIRST slide.
-Step 5. When the image is finally done uploading, under the "Combine" tab, click "Animate".
-Step 6. On this page you will see numerous boxes, all with a browse button at the end. Choose the browse button and upload the matching doll fames to their selective boxes.
-Step 7. Choose animation speed and loop count. Speeds are how fast the animation will go - usually I use 1/10 of a second. (See animation speed examples) Loop count, is basically how many times the loop will occur, the forever option is highly favorable!

**Animation Speed Examples**
3 Seconds

2 Seconds

1 Second

1/5 Second

1/4 Second

1/2 Second

1/10 Second

1/100 Second

-Step 8. HOORAY you have animated the doll! But if you would like it to be transparent, click on "Transparent" under the "Transform" tab.
-Step 9. Click the background and select "Convert". This is the soul reason for the background.
-Step 10. Click the image, then right-click/save as !

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