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xJESSiCA 01-02-2007 04:24 PM

Premium Tutorial
A guide to use your premium membership.

The main difference between standard and premium memberships:

Standard members cannot animate dolls, while premium members can. Also, premium members have access to more items. Pretty simple

So you are a new premium member and are learning your way through the premium membership. Some things that you can now access are:

Personal dollmakers-where you use dollmakers other users have created, which supplies you with items such as guns, cars, iPods, and the "peace sign arm".

Pixeditor-where you can change your doll pixel by pixel and make it any way you want. Build your own items, or change existing ones.

Filemanager-where you store all of your dolls that you want to animate. When you use the pixeditor, it is best to save the finished doll here.

Animator-changing the delay, number of frames (number of dolls being animated together), and sometimes adding special effects, you can make your dolls animated, to impress other dollers or for your website.

So now let's go through each one to learn how to use them.

Personal dollmakers- To access these, click on any dollmaker below "Make Dolls". Then, find at the top, following "General","Dollz", and "Thematic", click on "Personal". It should bring up another page, and if you have created your own personal dollmaker (which we will discuss later on), it will have your categories and the number of items. Above that, though, it says:

"Personal dollmaker allows you to create your own dollmaker with different categories that you complete with your own items (props). You can always create new maker and categories by pressing 'Create/Edit Maker' button below or click 'Show Popular Makers' to find best personal makers created by other Doll Palace Members. "

This is the basic explanation of Personal dollmakers. Then, below it, it says, "Edit Personal Maker", for if you have your own and would like to add or remove anything, and "Show popular makers", where you can view the best personal makers created by other users. For example, when I am making my signature for these forums, I always use a doll made by a personal maker. Click on "Show popular makers" now. It brings up a list, the top one usually "Maker of 2006", although that may change now that it is '07. There are many more, and you can also type a key word in the box below "Personal Maker Finder" to the right and search for any. Some good keywords are:

Usually these keywords will bring up a few dollmakers with that name. There is usually always a dollmaker that will fit the doll you want.

Now, what about my dollmaker?

If you have your own personal maker or would like to create one, simply create one. Pick a name (mine is called Jessi's Maker) which you will always be able to change any time you want. Then, start with a category. For example, shirts. Once you have saved some shirts from other makers, the space around them so it fits (Usually 50 width and whatever height fits best), upload them into the corresponding category. Also, don't add too much to one category. Sometimes, if you reach a high amount of items in one category, use the same one for another but adding 2, or 3, 4, 5, whatever is next. You will be able to add or delete items from categories as you wish. Also, make a catching title, that will make people want to use it. Sure, "Jessi's Maker" won't attract a lot of people, but it would be good to have one that fits.

Personal dollmaker examples:

Pixeditor-Pixeditor is a tricky thing if you aren't good with pixels and knowing what pixel is part of what. For example, if you change only a couple spots on the skin tone, the doll may not look as good. Also, if you accidentaly erase and save, unless you know what colour went where, you will have a not-so-good-looking doll, with a chunck out of their leg or whatever. Also, you have to make sure to use the same difference in tones if you are say changing the shirt colour on the doll shown above from orange to green. You can't just make everything orange green, but you have to shade it. If there are too many colours in that area, you may not have the correct differences in the provided colours, and your best bet may be to just stick with orange or change the colour automatically on the dollmaker. I have no advice on finding the right shades to change the colour, except if you are using the laptop, tilt the screen back aways, which lets you see the difference better.

Also make sure that if you are going to animate a doll, when it is right out of the doll maker, don't save it to filemanager. Go straight to pixeditor, and then save it once it has been loaded. At least for me, pixeditor changes the base location a bit when you save it, which will make the doll bounce.

Pixeditor is a tricky thing, and there isn't much to explain about it, except practice with it. Your first couple of dolls may be bad, but they will get better.

Pixeditor doll examples: Each location of the line had to be drawn and the last one erased. If you are doing a complex doll, like this one, it could take some time, but don't give up.

Filemanager-Again, not much to explain about filemanager. You can upgrade your size for a little bit of dollpoints, from 12 cells to 24, which helps if you are doing complex dolls like the pixeditor doll example. Once you have created a doll you are going to animate later, when it is saved, click "Save to Filemanager". Click the dot in the first open cell, and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and save. If you click a dot of a cell that has a doll in it, the old one will be overwritten.

Filemanager examples:Notice how the middle doll, Ashley, is winking. No, I didn't draw that. Pixeditor would make it so the "Happy New Year" at the bottom wasn't glittery. I saved it so on one frame she was winking, the other she was not. You must make sure the heads are in the same place, and as far as I know, this is the only one that you can make wink using a personal maker and filemanager. You have to find a personal maker that has the same head twice, but one is winking, the other not. I advise putting one on top of the other, and saving it, and then deleting the top head, and saving it that way in your filemanager. Then you use animator, which is the next topic.

support 01-04-2007 01:26 AM

WOW.... that was extensive.... I am sure our future tools-games will be simpler :) but this was a great job !!!!

cwer 01-04-2007 12:56 PM

Thanks for the help!;) :razz: im about to become a member ...... ;)

xJESSiCA 01-05-2007 10:25 AM

Yeah, premium is kind of confusing, I tried to get every step...well, not EVERY step, like turn on the computer, get on TDP, etc., but I tried to make it as simple (even if it is extensive) as possible.

That post probably took me about an hour to do, with the text colours and making sure I have put the right names for buttons you click.

cwer 01-05-2007 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by cheetahja94 (Post 403576)
Yeah, premium is kind of confusing, I tried to get every step...well, not EVERY step, like turn on the computer, get on TDP, etc., but I tried to make it as simple (even if it is extensive) as possible.

That post probably took me about an hour to do, with the text colours and making sure I have put the right names for buttons you click.

well then im shure glad you made the tutorial!

xJESSiCA 01-05-2007 12:59 PM

I didn't add animator.

But from filemanager, once each frame has been saved, click on "Go To Animator" and then once you are there, go down to the control panel at the bottom.

I haven't expiremented with the special effects, but you can if you want. Make the delay your desired speed, 10 is the fastest and 100 the slowest, select how many frames there are, and then if you want to "Move Y" (I don't know what this does), then do that as well.

Then click "Animate" and then you have your doll!

alabamablonde13 02-04-2007 07:28 PM

Thank you so much for posting this! I just got a premium account today and I was really confused before I read this.

Rain538 02-05-2007 08:59 PM

I sure an going to enjoy premi!

Er 1 question:can we(if we're premium in the pixeditor) creat and delete stuffs?

Another question(Im premi now)
When ever I go to PixEditor it always gets frozen
What is wrong?

xJESSiCA 02-17-2007 10:56 AM

Maybe I should do a FAQ for premium...

So I will...send in questions for premium, and I will create an FAQ thread.

yourlucky13_x 05-18-2007 06:24 PM

Where is the PixEditor located?

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