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Default The Tipping Point - 08-31-2013, 06:02 PM

Warning: Drug references/use, alcohol, swearing. Rated M.

Background piece for my twin sisters in Vampire Clan.


Her laughter broke the air as the wine glass lay shattered on the floor, and Kiki stared at her sister with a mix of resignation and fear. The blonde pulled on her pigtails as she sat on the floor next to the broken shards, rocking back and forth some, and her maniacal giggling was nigh intolerable. How many days had they spent like this? she wondered.

"Keee-keee-" A noise not unlike a pig's snort made her jump as she tried to pick up the pieces. "Kiki, come on, you've got to be kidding me!" Her lips pulled back in a grin, purple lipstick smeared across her mouth. She looked corpselike - sunken mismatched eyes, skin pasty from a lack of sunlight, bruises on her throat and scars down her arms under the blouse. "I'm not leaving him." She licked her lips, not bothered by the disgusting paste. "I can't anyway, he'd tear the world apart!"

"There you go again, your tired hyperbole." Kiki threw the broken glass in the garbage before coming back to wipe up the spill. "He isn't God. You're drunk." Red stained the soft white towel, turning the purple butterflies into something... darker, and she tossed that in the trash, too. "Come on, you need some sleep-" As her hands grasped her shoulders, she was shoved back into the table with a strength Capri shouldn't have had in her present state.

"NO!" She scrambled to her feet, fingers fumbling on the counter as she tried to stand straight. "I don't need sleep. Who the f*ck even needs sleep?" She giggled again. "I'm just fine the way I am, sis, I could go for days."

"You haven't slept in four." Kiki couldn't properly muster any anger, not after the last outburst. She just felt so tired; picking up after Capri, cleaning the apartment after her boyfriend's friends came into town, taking Capri to the hospital... She leaned into the table as exhaustion pooled in her limbs. "Please, please go to bed. You're going to have another arrhythmia if you keep this up."

"I'm perfectly fine!" She took the two short steps to her twin and grabbed one of her hands, shoving it up her shirt and against her ribcage. "See?" A steady beat - *thum-thum, thum-thum, thum-hum* - beat in her chest, surprisingly stable and relaxed. "I've learned to... how to calm myself down." She grinned again, teeth stained. She could smell alcohol and we'ed on her twin's breath and it disgusted her.

Capri let go of Kiki and walked over to the counter, digging in her ugly hobo-bag of a purse until she found her cigarettes. Finding one, she leaned against the fixture, holding the filter in her teeth as she struggled with her lighter. Her hands shook, nails too long to operate the flint. "Mind's running a million miles an hour." Her voice shook. "New ideas for the cars. Better engines. Sleekest, prettiest paint jobs and bodies you'll ever see." Her tone took on a dreamy quality, and Kiki's heart ached as tears welled in both twins' eyes. "Oh, sissy, we'll make the best drag racers in the city. No, no, no, the world, every country will beg me and Jan for a car just for them."

"You know that isn't going to happen. Not with Jan being out of a job." She rubbed her eyes with the side of a thumb, ignoring the congestion building in her nose. She'd blow it out later, when she was alone. "You love him but that isn't enough of a reason for us to stay anymore."

"It's. Fine," she ground out, nearly biting the filter in two. Cigarette smoke floated to the ceiling, contributing on some level to the filthy stains. At least the kitchen itself was clean, she thought wanly. "I just. Need more. More time. More cars."

"It's never enough with you!" She pointed out the window, at the junk yard behind the complex. Hundreds of cars were parked, rotting and rusting away. "You were going to do something with yourself before all this; what happens when he drops you like the rest of his team?"

"HE WON'T!" she screamed. "He needs me, and I need him!" She slid back to the floor, hugging her knees and not making a sound as the still-burning cigarette sat on her arm, leaving a nasty welt before it slid off her thin limb.

"It's only a matter of time before he beats Isiah. What then? You really think he'll need a washed out engineer sitting on his coat tails?" Kiki stalked out of the room, and Capri dimly heard the door slam upstairs. A few minutes passed and another door quietly opened, followed by the familiar clink of chains that so warmed her heart. A pit bull trotted in, tongue lolling out of his mouth and stump of a half-tail wagging as he sat next to her before leaning in.

"Oh, you wonderful dog, you." She wrapped her arms around his thick neck, burying her face in his short fur. The front door shut with a similarly soft click and more familiar chains rattled as her lover, the light of her life, stepped in with a bag of groceries in hand. "Babe, Kiki's upset again," she said, more quietly.

"She'll always be like that, sweetheart." Jan set the paper bag down, pulling out some fruit and a package of chicken ******* for dinner. "But once I pull that b*stard down off his throne and take over the gang, you an' her can go back to school." He knelt next to her and picked up the smoking cigarette, tossing it in the sink to let it burn out. "You been drinking again?"

"Can't help it. Can't make my brain stop. Too loud. Voices keep talking. Keep hearing stupid things." She rubbed her face against the dog's throat, clearly relaxed now that her day was complete. Later, she'd fall asleep on the couch, and Toki would fall asleep covering her protectively as a dog would. Jan ran a hand through his short blond hair, exhaling.

"Look, I never should have let you start taking this sh*t. That's my rap, not yours." He helped her to her feet and wrapped his arms around her. "I'm an ass hole but I'm not going to let you destroy yourself. You love cars, more than you love me," he gently prodded.

"Bullsh*t. I love you. Only you." She hid in his chest, inhaling the warm leather of his jacket. "You make things better when you're around. I don't have to think so much." She exhaled at last, the tears finally falling. "I stop arguing with Kiki when you're here at home."

"You can't rely on me forever, babe." He lifted her head, kissing her forehead. "I'm gonna cook dinner; I'll get her when it's done, and we can eat like a family for a change." He smiled gently at her, the smile that was just hers and hers alone, and she cried into his shirt, weeping.

I stare at the girl in the mirror: T-shirt, torn up jeans, no beauty queen.
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