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Default A Dwarf Fortress Story - 04-02-2012, 08:36 PM

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, as it's more of a Let's Play than a traditional story. If you're wondering what Dwarf Fortress even is, see here and here.

Content warning: May contain violence and zombies and ****. Well, perhaps not literal ****. Will definitely contain bad writing.

From the records of Morul Fashkeskal, expedition leader of The Still Castle
1st Granite, year 6
Wagon broke down today. This place looks dangerous, but to continue on foot in this weather would be suicide, so we're going to have to hole up here for a while at least. I've started the construction of a defensive wall and ordered the miners to dig out a few rooms underground so we can get out of this blasted cold.

11th Granite, year 6
Wall almost done, have started moving supplies indoors. Lorbam set off by himself in the night. He'll die. I would not miss the boneheaded fool, but for the fact that he is our only skilled mechanic.

(the following is undated, scrawled in a shaky handwriting)
Just the two of us left now. Had to wall off the surface. They were already dead. All the others, Ushrir, Onul, Domas, even Erith...

but not us

we are still alive

19th Granite, year 6
The Still Castle lives on, though only me and Deduk are left. We are safe for the moment. The dead creatures cannot get through, and we got most of the food and booze underground. But if we're ever to get out of this accursed place, we need a plan. The walking corpses may shrug off axe blows, but there must be some way to destroy them, to crush them to paste so they never get up again.

27th Granite, year 6
Deduk struck chert in the hillside below us. We will need the stone for building up our defenses, but first, I shall craft a memorial for our fallen comrades. I led them to their deaths here, and I will put their souls to rest, even if I cannot yet do so for their bodies.

25th Slate, year 6
The memorial is finally nearing completion. At this rate, it looks as if it will take us a while before we can even think of opening the way to the surface, so I have started a small mushroom farm on the upper level to ensure a steady food supply.

8th Felsite, year 6

The memorial is finished. We can begin construction on the trap to destroy the undead as soon as we finish moving our supplies out of the way.

24th Felsite, year 6
Deduk has taken over the farm, he seems to have a knack for growing things. He also suggested building a still to brew more alcohol if necessary, but I told him that could wait. By my count, our current supplies are enough to last over three years, and I hope to be out of this hellhole long before that. Most of our supplies have been hauled to safety already.

2nd Hematite, year 6
It is summer now. Part of me wonders if, now that the chill of winter has passed, the dead have not simply collapsed and rotted away in the heat, but that is wishful thinking. I have begun construction of the first mechanisms needed for the trap, though it is slow going. I bet Lorbam is mocking my clumsy attempts from the afterlife or wherever he is.

1st Malachite, year 6
The trap is complete! At last, our freedom is nigh.

The system is this:
Two bridges, linked up to a lever.
Once the lever is pulled, the bridge raises, crushing anyone on it against the wall.
If pulled again, it lowers, crushing everything that is beneath it. Basic enough, but it should work.

It must.


To be continued of course. In the meantime, meet our heroes Morul and Deduk ...and the enemies they face.

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