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ColorPencil 01-13-2011 07:32 PM

Lonely Artemis Child
I got the idea from this roleplay thing I do. My character is Isabella, one of the only children of Artemis. I've written a few chapters, but please give me some CC of the prologue and I will post some more.

I am not the best writer, but I love to do it anyways. (:

Lonely Artemis Child- Prologue

Imagine living your whole entire life living with a secret that could possibly kill you. You don't know who one of your parents are. Every day, you want to know. Finally, a near death situation makes you know how powerful one of your parents are.
How can one parent be super powerful? Isn't that fiction?
Well, in my world, it's not fiction. It's reality. Okay, not like Jersey Shore. But still. People my kind have to face this every day not knowing you could die or a dangerous quest could come your way.
You're probably thinking, “So you're not human?”. I laugh at that. Well, I am human, but half of my blood is different. The other half of my DNA, my blood, belongs to someone else.
I am a demigod. I am a lonely child of Artemis. So that means, I am related to the Greek Gods. I go to Camp Half Blood, a safe haven for all demigods, like me. We train and train to face the world all around us, and monsters. It is sometimes scary, and most of the time fun.
People tell me I'm special, but I sure don't think so.

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