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antimaie 01-02-2011 07:14 PM

Diary of Genevieve Porter
A project for my APUSH class. I don't know I'f I'll ever fill in the blanks, but it was fun to write. (More entires to come as I write them).

November 16th, 1774
Dear Diary,
Tomorrow is my 15th birthday, and Mother gave me this diary to record my thoughts and feelings in, as an early birthday gift. But I'm not sure that was her only reason. There's been . . . unrest here in the colonies. It was close to a year ago that the men in Boston pretended to be Indians and threw all of the tea into the harbor, and since then, nothing here has been the same. Everyone here in Coventry, Rhode Island is divided, between rebelling and staying loyal to the king. But it's not just here, it's all throughout the colonies and America; Rhode Island is not alone in this conflict. Some are saying war is inevitable at this point, but I hope they are wrong. If they are right, however, I suppose that is the real reason I have this diary.
I suppose I should tell you about myself, in any case. My name is Genevieve Porter, and I'm nearly 15 years old. My birthday is November 17th, 1759, and I live in Coventry, Rhode Island in America with my mother, Alexandria Porter, father, William Porter, and my older brother, Zachary Porter, who is currently 22. We moved over here from England when I was three. I'm too young to actually remember England, but people tell me things about it. Though, they mostly tell me how horrible everything was over there, but my father tells me not to listen to them. He says they are just the bitter rebels who's forefathers had been kicked out of England for being too poor, a criminal, or just someone that England didn't want to have in their country.
Despite all of the taxes put on us colonists, my family remains loyal to the crown, which isn't surprising, considering we lived there not to long ago. However, not every family is as universally agreed as mine is. The family who lives down the street from us, the Greenes, are split into two, their mother, grandfather,and daughter supporting the crown, while the father and sons support the rebels.
Their situation is like many other families throughout Coventry, but the Greene's is different, well, to me at least. You see, Alexander, the family's youngest son, is my best friend. We've known each other since he first moved here, nearly five years ago, and been friends ever since. Earlier this year, both mine and Alec's parents announced to us that we were engaged, and going to be married at the end of the year, after Christmas. But after the Boston Tea Party and Alec's family was divided in their loyalty to the crown, I started to doubt that we were going to be married at all. It seemed like it wasn't even real for the longest time, because most girls my age were married off to someone they didn't know, who was nearly twice their age. And there I was, going to be married to my best friend, who was only three years older than I was. Even I have to admit that it doesn't seem realistic.
Back on track to what the colony is like, Over the past 12 years that my family has lived here, things have changed, significantly. More and more taxes have been put onto us, taxes for things like tea, stamps, glass, and on non-British imported goods. Then there isn't to mention the Quartering, Quebec, and the Coercive Acts. It seems that the more unruly we in the colonies become, the more taxes and punishments are put on us. And the more taxes and punishments are put on us, the more unruly we become. It is an ongoing viscous circle, one that can only be ended through war, or pleading with England.
The sun has finally set and I am using the last of it's raise to finish this entry, as my candle is nearly run out, and mother refuses to let me run into town when it is dark out. I don't know when I will write again, because writing is not one of my favorite activities, though mother says I should be grateful for it, because many other women my age would be blessed to be able to read and write, but in any case, it will no doubt be sooner than a year, for I am sure something is bound to happen in this conflict.

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