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Miranda_ 09-12-2010 07:37 PM

Rules For The Writing Forum
Teachers Corner has now been revamped as a forum for submitting stories, poetry, nonfiction, etc. Please abide by the following rules and remember that the main forum rules should also be followed as well.

1. No Explicit (X-Rated) Material. Disregard for this rule will result in the user being given a warning, and their submission deleted. Anyone who breaks this rule repeatedly will be barred from the forum til they prove that they can be mature and keep the rules from now on.

2. No Hate Submissions. Please don't submit anything that attacks a person or a group of people. Also, submissions that are racist, full of unnecessary swearing or hate speech will be removed and the author dealt with accordingly.

3. No Theft. If you're posting poems/stories written by someone else, please give them credit! Do NOT claim anything is yours, when it isn't.

4. Post a separate thread for each story/story chapter. This means that people can post reviews on the thread, without fear of disrupting the flow of the story.

5. Be Nice. If you post a review of an author's work, be pleasant. If you must criticise, then deal out constructive criticism rather than just trashing it. Comments such as "This story sucks!" or "This poem is crap!" will be deleted and the culprits warned as to their future conduct.

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