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Anaiyia 02-22-2008 10:46 PM

Why do some of my dolls save and not others?
I am having some issues with some of my dolls saving but not all. The ones that do not seem to save are the uniques and shuni makers. The other ones seem to save ok. I just cant seem to save in those two categories. Is there a bug?


delly1 02-27-2008 06:13 PM

so basically when you are making a doll in a dollmaker you click save and then you have a pop up with your doll and you right click it and save image as and it won't save? you have to explain a little more? because if that is the problem I just attepted it and its working fine on my computer. maybe you forgot the file name or the name of the picture. and left it blank therefor resulting it not being saved

Anaiyia 02-27-2008 06:21 PM

I think the problem was i was changing the items color and items to glitter. There fore it wouldn't save. And it never dawned on me because i always changed the color lol

delly1 02-27-2008 06:25 PM

hmm thats unusual it works for me when i make it glittered or another color

Anaiyia 02-27-2008 06:27 PM

Yeah, i can not save it
to my doll album or
to my laptop when
i change the color
or item to glitter. Maybe its
my laptop, it is kinda old.

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 02-27-2008 10:17 PM

Animated dolls are not supported in the album. That is probably why you are having a problem.

Anaiyia 02-27-2008 10:26 PM

Yeah, i figured when my
other dolls were saving
in my album that was why.
Thanks for letting me

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