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Xx_SkullCutie_xX 02-16-2009 05:50 PM

School Hauntings #2
Well, the old one was from a looong time ago, so I decided to make a new one!

Last year, I was at recess talking to my friends and I went to sit down next to a big tree that they said was haunted. They said that because there once was a girl in 1943, (two years after the school was made) a girl climbed up that tree and fell and died. It is very tall. So I looked up and saw an outline of a 6th grader with glasses and a ponytail.


Miranda_ 02-16-2009 06:06 PM

I'm going to allow this thread; the old thread was far too spamful to be cleaned up, so I deleted it. XD

Anyway, the primary school I went to had a ghost in the library; it wasn't a nasty ghost tho, it was the ghost of a teacher back in the days when it was a church school. Sometimes there'd be cold spots in the library, even if you were sitting next to a heater. O_o

In the secondary school, no ghosts, but once I and a few other girls played around with a ouija board in an empty classroom during lunch break. At first, we were just messing around, then the glass started moving all by itself. We freaked out and smashed the glass, but ever since that day, that classroom had a really weird feeling. The teachers wouldn't believe us, but we could sense something watching us, and it was always really cold in there.

Silent_Wolf 02-17-2009 06:21 AM

When I'm running around doing errands at my school (yay for being an office worker!), I feel as though I'm being followed. o_o Even if I'm the only one out in the halls, I keep looking back over my shoulder because I can see somebody out of the corner of my eye but when I look back completely, no one is there. Scares the crap out of me...

Some of the classrooms are constantly cold. I'm not sure if this is due to windows being drafty or if it's how the building is, but it could be 70+ degrees F outside and we'd be wearing winter coats in some of the classrooms. O_o Creepy.

awesomeistic 02-19-2009 07:14 PM

I'ver never had anything creepy in my school happen...I wish I had ghosts in my school! :x

XxHollyxX 05-02-2009 01:56 PM

My school is the most freakiest one you could wish for. Once when school had finished and no one was doing PE outside in the grounds we were dismissed so we were happy and stuff and ran out to enjoy the rest of the day at home. Me and my friends thought we should travel on the bus. At the bus station we saw a lady crying and we asked her what happened and she pointed towards our school. And we saw an outline of an indian ghost. We screamed and then we relaxed thinking it was nothing. But now everyday I feel as if that outline is following me. Freaky.

dynamitegrlz 06-21-2009 01:14 PM

At my cousin's college (super old) her friends and her went to the theatre room on Halloween to mess with an ouija board, they asked if it was bad and the board started shaking and it snapped clean in half. They ran out and when they came out the next morning the board was still broken, the glass was shattered, and there was a hole in the wall o.O

KiraIMustBeInvisible 06-23-2009 05:55 PM

I'm not totally sure what I all said in my last thread, but yeah ._. So i'll just say it all again xD

In 4th grade the school secretary emptied out our science closet, and weird things started happening, 2 of my friends and all decided that we were going to find out what it was. In the girls bathroom on the bottom floor, there are three stalls. We went into the middle stall, one after the other, and each of us heard tapping on the door. So I went in there again and asked if there was a girl there, and if there was could she make a louder noise. And then...BANG! I jumped up, pulled my pants up, an ran outa there as fast as my lil' fourth grade legs would take me! I later washed my hands in the classroom. And then another thing happened to my friend and I. We were sitting across from eachother, and I started to feel really cold. So I asked my friend if she felt it too. She said yes, and then her eyes got reeeaaalllll big and she said, "Clare, your ponytail just moved." I freaked out and asked her if we could switch seats. Then she felt something poking at her back. We were both rreeeaalllyyy freaked out, so we asked the teacher if we could move to another table. And another thing that happened, I was on the top floor bathroom and I saw a pair of black, pat-n-leather shoes walk towards the sinks, and then they just disapeared o.o And another thing that happened was that we were in our classroom during lunch, because we had to get our lunch boxes, and we heard a ball bouncing in the hallway. We all poked our heads out and there was nothing there. Gah, my school's sooo freaky. Another thing happened to a many stories xD Anywho, so the teacher was cleaning up in my old fourth grade room(that's supposed to be the most haunted room) and there were balloons all over. Suddenly one balloon was pulled down to a height that looked like a kid would be holding it. The balloon moved all around the room, then it stopped at the couch and floated down like someone was sitting on the couch. Another story happened in the same room. The new fourth grade teacher had his desk facing the window so he could see the view, and he was overcome with a really strong scent of the kinda perfume an elderly woman would wear. He thought it was one of his student-to-be's grandmother, so he turned around to say hello and there was no one there.

And now for the freakiest story of them all:

It was a few minutes before school was out, and we have an empty classroom that kids used to film our school news. The room was Room 7(that was my room this year, but nothing happened T^T) Anyway, one of the secretaries got a call from Room 7, but when she picked up she heard nothing. So she hung up. Then she got another call from the same room. She told the other secretary to pick it up, and she ran down to the room. She got down there to fast for anyone to go back to their room, since the office is right down the hall from the room, and there was no where for someone to hide, and the phone was sitting right next to the cradle. Not hanging down as someone most likely would have done if they were in a hurry, but it wasn't hung up either. Just sitting there. Creepy, eh?

Those are the stories of my haunted school. There's supposed to be a little girl that killed herself, a boy with a blue ball, and an elderly female teacher. I think they always return to the science closet, and they got mad because it was cleaned out so they started acting up. My school's over 50 years old soo...

dynamitegrlz 06-24-2009 09:09 PM

Ooh, fun! I would be so freaked out if I went there.

ph1998 02-17-2010 05:02 PM

My friend once said when she was in the locker room that she heard someone crying under the sink and all of a sudden some pencils fell on the floor and it got really cold all of a sudden... weird thing was no one was in there!

Ok so i had a experiencie in the locker room myself it was a saturday morning and we were all changing for a special drama practice it was just me and a few other people... I was standing by the llight switch and all of a sudden the lights turn on before i turned the lights on i saw a young girl that looked like a ghost it was really cold too. :grin:

midnight_shadow 09-07-2010 11:50 PM

This isnt my school, it's the highschool near my school. They hold Basketball, volley ball camps that everyone goes to. Well, they finshed building a couple years ago the new gym and it has an elevator in it. I won't use it because I was there with my bestfriend one time and we were in the elevator playing on her phone and the power went out in the elevator but it kept going up. We were like this is weird but we didn't freak out. When we got to the top floor, there was this singing. Indian singing, like in so old Indian launguage. So being the idoits we are, we went to find out who was singing. Well we walk into the school part of the gym with like classrooms and stuff and the singing kept getting louder. All the lights were on but we didn't care because her mom works there and there was like a meeting in the building right next to it. This part of the school had been there a long time but they just got done rebuilding it. The singing stopped and then we hear laughing. Well we walk into the classroom where the laughing was. Agian we are idiots. We didn't notice the fact that the door was wide open and the fire escape in the back of the class was open. Well something slammed both doors then re-opened them. We ran back to the elevator to get to the bottom floor and find her mom and leave. When we got there and got the elevator door open, there was a little indian girl standing there, looking at us. She was wearing way old timey clothes. Animal skins old. She stood there and tehn walked out. Just walked right past us. We ran right down the stairs, forgetting the fact tat we were the laziest girls in the world and then found her mom. The school used to be for Indain children. We like to go there though. We've seen ghost there twice after that, both times in the drama departement. But I won't waste time telling those. They are pretty boring.

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