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rand0m_em0_girl_ 11-15-2008 01:26 AM

Detentions. Do they really help?
I don;t think detentions help in my opinion. I mean, so what you missed a lesson or forgot your homework or flung something at the teacher. Whats your opinion on detentions? Do you think they seriously mean anything?

Silent_Wolf 11-15-2008 07:04 AM

I think that over things like missed lessons and forgotten homework, a teacher should use that to either give that kid the missed lesson or explain the homework. As for flinging something at a teacher, you shouldn't get a detention; at my school that's liable to get you expelled for battery on an employee. O_o

Miranda_ 11-15-2008 08:47 AM

If you don't want to get detention, then don't break the rules. It's fairly straightforward. In any case, school punishments like writing lines or having to stay after school are to teach you the consequences of your actions; ie, what happens in the real world. If you throw chalk at a policeman, believe me you'd get a lot worse than having to write, "I must not misbehave" twenty times. O_o

AaronShadows 11-15-2008 09:32 AM

Detentions. Havn't got one, YET.
I'll come back and say something more constructive if I ever do get one, but still. I agree with wolfie about the homework and lesson missing stuff. a detention isn't going to make the student magically know it, it's just going to raise the student's resentment for the school. High resentment leads to kids bringing in guns and murdering their class or commiting suicide.

Miranda_ 11-15-2008 09:41 AM

With respect, that's rubbish. So teachers shouldn't ever punish kids, just in case they decide to take out their resentment on everyone else? School shootings are nowhere near as common as the media would have you believe, and anyone who tries to commit suicide over something as petty as being given a detention obviously has serious mental issues and could benefit from therapy.

If you throw something at a teacher, bully someone, or break another serious school rule, then you will be punished as you deserve. As for missed lessons and forgotten homework, it should be on a sliding scale; as in, happening just once or twice is forgivable; however, someone who regularly skives off class or doesn't bring their homework in is flouting the rules and should be punished.

Xx_Pixie_Dust_xX 11-15-2008 05:28 PM

I don't think i've ever had a detention, but i've had to write lines once in grade two because of my friends dumb actions. I just happened to be there and got in trouble too. -.- Detention is nothing serious or anything to worry about. In my opinion it's pointless. All you have to do is sit quietly or do work for a recess or two. At my school, if you don't do your work 2-3 times in a row or are failing, (or have failed a test) you get a call home.

Catlover642 11-25-2008 09:02 PM

Detention, to me, dosen't teach you anything. You just sit there. How is that supposed to magically make you stop doing bad things? Like Miranda said, if you don't want em', don't earn yourself one. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

rand0m_em0_girl_ 11-27-2008 01:07 PM

You all make good points, but I still don't think they help. As wolfie adi (sorry if i spelled it wrong) they can't magicaly help you. I just wanted peoples opinions on what you think of detentions. :]

Miranda_ 12-12-2008 04:26 PM

They're not meant to help you, they're meant to dissuade you from breaking school rules. :roll: You think people are sent to prison to help them when they break the law?

Silent_Wolf 12-12-2008 04:30 PM

Emo_Girl, nowhere in my post did I say ANYTHING about help. Please re read it. -.-

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