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Aihana_ 12-04-2007 09:57 PM

Drills and the real things
Today there was a fire in my school. don't worry it wasnt that big and it was in the boys changing room. A boy lit something on fire in the garbage can and went to class and it spread. when we heard the alarm we thought it was another lame drill so we thought nothing of it but once we were standing in the cold pouring rain for more than 30 minutes and started to hear sirens we kinda knew it wasn't a drill. I am glad no one was hurt even though they sill haven't caught the boy who did it.

Have you ever had a scary thing like that at your school?

sunflower1234543 12-06-2007 03:53 PM

omg our school is pathetic
it was in winter time
and we had the eletricity blew
and we had no heating or electricity for around an hour :o
and they wouldnt send us home
and wow it was cold lol
funnies bit was it was pitch black outside toooo
but gawwwd wud b scared if it was a fire :O
did u hav all your stuff ?

Silent_Wolf 12-06-2007 03:59 PM

My school has gun-maniac drills, fire drills, and that's it. We keep having some idiot setting a garbage can on fire down in the gym lobby though. -__-;

Aihana_ 12-06-2007 09:24 PM

^^ oh my! thats what happened at my school like I said and they caught the guy!! do you wanna know what he got!~ its pathetic!! all he ot was a bunch of in school suspensions and a lesson from the firemen(he has to take fire safety) THATS IT!!!

booni_monkey 12-08-2007 07:45 PM

Smoke - not fire -
When I was in the third grade there was a small fire in our art teacher kiln and we had to go outside. I mean, I know that they are trying to protect kids but it was only smoke! I know smoke is bad for you, but the only thing they should have done was evacuate the room!

xPapercut 12-09-2007 05:55 AM

We had a fire drill, and since my year was the noisiest, we stood there in the freezing cold for nearly half an hour while everyone else was at break. The headteacher did extend out break, thank god.

delly1 01-12-2008 12:05 PM

we had a bomb threat at my school and had to be evacuated immidiatley

Miranda_ 01-12-2008 12:24 PM

At my old school, there once was this time when an unknown troublemaker rang the fire brigade and told them that the school was on fire. Everyone's in lessons when four huge fire engines came screeching down the drive. XD

The headmistress was furious; she called a special assembly and demanded that the guilty party own up... strange to say, they never did. XD

Aihana_ 01-12-2008 02:29 PM

omg, he didn't get caught?!
if that was me and she said the guilty person own up,
I would start freaking out.
when my dad taught in a high school, the high school had a program for little kids from Korea to learn English after school ended. and a young 8-9 year old was learning English there and one day she saw one of those Fire alarms and she saw the word, Pull. So she pulled it because that was one of the few English words she knew xD
and another time a prankster pulled the fire alarm everyday at lunch for three days, and since my dad worked in the kitchen training/ cafeteria he had to close all the equipment down and the food would burn or get cold. He got caught though after the third time. and was charged $1000 and kicked out of school xD

Haley_Noelle 01-13-2008 01:39 PM

Um in grade 4 we got evacuated because their was a bomb threat.
In grade 5 someone said their was a bomb in the school.
In grade 6 we got evacuated because of carbon monoxide. It think.
This year in grade 7, our health teacher caused the light bulb on the over head projector to burst, and we all got evacuated, and it was so cold out side.
Oh, and our chorus teacher she knocked over the over head projector, and the glass broke, and made a big mess.
My science teacher last year she was running to get her son from outside the school where his bus dropped him off, and her wedding ring got stuck on the little thing were the latch goes in on the doors, and she almost go it amputated. She saw her bone and everything gross.

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