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BonnieGirl 06-26-2007 09:34 PM

Weird teachers...
Ok so there's a thread about mean teachers, so how about a thread about just plain weird teachers.

My French teacher has to be one of the most weird teachers EVER! She used to have a big butt and called it her ghetto booty, (She wasn't French but white).

&& She had these mood swings, like OMG. One moment she was all, yea sure go ahead and have a french coversation, and like a minute later, she'll shut us up.

Don't get me started with testing...She always moved the test dates, for whatever reason. Silly reasons, like she'd literally forget about it and do some other activity and then when we asked about the test she'd stare straight ahead (probably to think up an excuse).

She never had a lesson plans, we only took like three big tests ALL YEAR, two of them being finals.

Ohh the worst. We watched Blades of Glory in class, before it even got out! Gee I wonder how. She had this Napoleon Dynamite obssesion, I swear! (She talked like him, sometimes, on purpose) && said he was SEXY. Lol...

Ohh yea and I had this teacher for two whole years!

Can any of your teachers beat mine?

Danica_Shardae 06-26-2007 09:59 PM

that's really creepy...O_O
I don't have any teachers like that but my math teacher belly dances at the ymca and talks under the class when they are being way too loud, so the students who don't want to fail, miss everything in the lesson and now all of us have to take summer school.

cwer 06-26-2007 10:09 PM

Um.... weeeeelllllll there was a really weird teacher named Ms.Baker. She was young but always forgot to tell us things that w needed to know for our tests!Other than that, she wasent that wierd. But After 6 months, she left (for god know what.) and moved waaaaayyyyyy far away. She had 3 daughters and one died from a brain tumor. Her husband was a preist at the local church at the new place and stole alot of things from the church and got fired and chased outta town with the whole family. They moved to a farER away town and was soooooooo depressed after the whole 'chased outta town.' 'bad husband' 'dead daughter' thing and more. So one day, she put her car in her garage, closed the garage door, got into the car, closed the door, turend on the car and sat there. So, that meant if she sat in there long enough, shed be dead or had 'commited suiccide'. So she died and her oldest Daughter was a close friend of mine so I was so sad for her. I think she killed herself too. Sad,sad.

Miranda_ 06-27-2007 06:27 AM

My science teacher in 3rd year was pretty weird. She seemed to me to be about 90 years old, tho she was in reality about 50. She was really oldfashioned; when it was time to teach sex ed, she just mumbled a few words about "wait til marriage" and "boys can tell" and that was pretty much it. She also used to make troublemakers stand up all class long.

My second year science teacher was also weird; I lost an entire year of science cuz this guy just couldn't keep control. He used to teach at an all boys school before moving to my school, an all girls school. He used to make threats of detention and telling the headmaster, and not carry them out. So in the end, he'd be sitting at his desk marking with his head down, and the entire class would be playing consequences, playing cards, painting each others nails, plaiting each others hair and chatting away. If the headmaster had made an inspection, he would have fired the teacher on the spot.

Silent_Wolf 06-27-2007 07:28 AM

My weirdest teacher would have to have been... I think my typing teacher. She's got to be mentally challenged in some way, or something, because whenever she's giving directions on the powerpoint projector, and the class was ignoring her, she just kept on talking. O_o That was very weird.

And somehow, half my work went missing, AFTER I turned it in. I saved every single one of my projects I had to do; I went into my folder, and there they were.

Miraculously, after another kid complained to the principals, who had a little chat with her, everyone's grade shot up skyward. O_o

Silver_Wolf_Kitty 06-27-2007 08:44 AM

You want to talk about weird teachers? Try my French teacher. I swear she was on drugs or massive amounts of caffeine all the time because she always was perky, even at 7:30 in the morning for first period French. Not only that, but she has weird dances for everything. Literally everything. There's no way to even describe, just as very unusual. When she was dancing, she would shout out random words in French for emphasis, which can be rather confusing when you're just learning the language. I've had her for two years now and will have her next year for my final year of high school French.

Silent_Wolf 06-27-2007 10:02 AM

My English teacher was weird, but AWESOME. He's a new teacher, and kind of cute. He barely gave us homework, but I actually learned a lot about English that I didn't know before. That, and we had so much fun doing Romeo and Juliet.

(I played Mercutio AND Lady! O.O)

NotYourPrincess 06-27-2007 12:08 PM

My Biology teacher.

He was cool...but...if you had a weak stomach you wouldn't like him.

He was always bringing stuff to school. Cow eye balls. Sheeps heart.

Oh. And at the end of the year we got to dissect frogs. He dissected them without gloves...and then showed me and my friend how frogs have sex...with two dead frogs. o-O
Then we got to dissect cats. Not many people could do that.
It smelled...wierd, I guess. I didn't really notice.

He was playing darts with a dead cat. x.X;

AnnieAnonymous 06-27-2007 01:44 PM

I've had some odd teachers... but I think the one that left his biggest mark on me was Mr. T, my fifth grade science teacher.

Mr. T (I can't spell his last name, it's too long and weird) was a fat, middle-aged man. He had this weird laugh... I can't even describe it. It reminded me of the sort of laugh a cartoon character would have. Everyone said he was ***, which I didn't really mind.

He always wore these shirts that you buttoned up and when he would wait for us to get in line to take us inside, he would stick a finger in through the space betweens the buttons and rub his belly as he did his weird laugh.

Once, after my friend got a haircut, he started to stoke her hair and he was all, "Oh, Erica! Your hair is so beautiful!" She was like: O_O

When we were learning about how plants sexually reproduce, we were all a little awkward, but he just made it so much worse when he was reading us the chapter and said, "Look! the female plant parts are having sex!" Then he went off into this entire conversation about plant sex and oh my god, it ruined the way I looked at flowers. >_<

We checked his myspace later on and we found that he obsesses over fishes and has freshwater fishtanks all over his house (he doesn't like salt water fish because he doesn't like the "salties" (as he called them) in the tank, he SAYS he is straight, and almost all of his friends list is girls.

tjsgrl01 06-28-2007 09:00 AM

In middle school the health teacher was pretty weird. First of all, all we ever learned in that class was not to smoke, drink, or do drugs (and two years of this) yet HE was a chain smoker. He was this really old guy and he smelled bad (not to be mean but he kinda did). And we never got anything finished. We'd start doing a project, do it for 2 days and he'd say "we'll finished this next week" and we'd never hear of it again. Of course the class didn't mind xD.

Last year our technology teacher looked like a lawn gnome. He was fat and bald on top with long hair on the rest of his head, and he had a beard and moustache, all of which was white. But also, there were rumors that he was a bit pedophilistic (I don't think thats a word, but you get my idea). He never did anything to a student, but he would look down girls shirts and he had a small little video camera on top of the t.v. that allegedly he wuld turn on if I girl came up to his desk. It isn;t all based on rumors, you see the looking down of shirts and sometimes kids come in to make announcements for various clubs, and he'll be like "ok guys pay attention for a second" and he'll have his eyes glued to their behinds the whole time.

We also had this teacher last year for math and she was just.. she was nuts. We think it's because she has a metal plate in here head (she actually does though, she told us). She's just oblivious to everything. She teaches the lessons by using an overhead projector, and shes staring down at it and you can literally walk across the room, hand someone a note, and walk back. One day this one kid even brought in a toaster and they were masking toast in the back of the room and she didn't notice. And every class always tries to have kids jump out the window, and you never belive that they do untill you see it. It's kinda funny. I feel a bit bad for her though because our class was really loud and badly behaved and she would yell all the time and go on lecture fits that apparently all the a-hole guys thought were funny so they'd make her mad on purpose and ask her questions like "Mrs Linn will you go to prom with me?"

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