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Sarah_K_O_M 03-11-2006 11:16 AM

<RP> Jolly Roger
Jolly Roger

Yes, folks, another one! Reason for this is that I got the book Treasure Island last week and a Pirate game yesterday. XD

In another world, another time, Pirates rule the seven seas and all its borders. They are Gods, holding the lives of all in their hands. Or rather, cutlasses.

The two most prominent Pirate fleets are the “Skulls” and “Seekers”. And they are at war, destroying the coastal towns in their furious battles for control of the oceans.

The Seekers are the more humane, they do not submit to such debauchery at the Skulls. Only killing when needed, they are the Black Bart’s (Search him up, he’s real nice.) of the sea.
The Skulls however are completely different… these men are the Pirates of imagination, uncouth, destructive rapists with a love of gold that surpasses mere greed.
But they are winning.

Romance is very much allowed. Because its fun. ^_^
Modern music is also allowed, but not modern inventions.
Fantasy creatures, such as Dragons, Faeries and Goblins are also allowed. So are Witches, Wizards and all kinds of sorcery.
Clothes: Girl characters may wear pants on board a ship, but all dresses must be to their ankles (Blame the fashion). Both genders can wear any kind of material like denim, cotton or lace if they wish.

Sarah_K_O_M 03-11-2006 11:16 AM

The youngest Captain in the Heartens Island Merchant and Navel Fleet (HYMN), 17 year old Kaine Green strode across the gangway of the just docked “Victory”. Heartens was his birthplace and he felt most comfortable standing by it’s shores.

To look at, you would think that Kaine was an actor. The handsome face and slim toned body gave that impression. However, look into his eyes, green as the sea itself, and there was steel. His hair was a coal black, falling over his forehead and into his eyes.
There was a cutlass by his side and a fresh scar from his right eyebrow to below his cheekbone; acquired from the last run-in with the Skulls.

Miranda_ 03-11-2006 11:22 AM

A young woman dressed as a boy walked confidently forward. The name her parents had given her was "Nicola", but she always prefered to be called "Nikki". She had run away from home a few years back to become a pirate, dressing in boy's clothes rather than the heavy skirts and bodices that women were supposed to wear. Her skin was creamy, her eyes were green, like emeralds. Her hair was black, with reddish lights in it.

Now, seven years on, she was still lightweight and slim but muscled. There was one difference tho; she wore a silver plated full face mask, due to having been scarred horribly in a battle with the Skulls on the last boat she'd been on. The battle had been hard won, but she felt that she needed a change of boat. She liked the look of this one; and the name, "Victory", appealed to her.

Sarah_K_O_M 03-11-2006 11:30 AM

Kaine seemed to looking around for someone.

Kiana ran down the beach, her eyes sparkling. She herself was a tomboy, but her brother refused to let her out sailing until she was 16. Today was her 16th birthday, and her brother was home.

She was wearing a long t-shirt that reached to 3 inches past her waist, calf-high dark blue boots and dusky blue leggings.

With a yelp of joy, she wrapped herself around a not-so-surpised Kaine.

"Your back! Your back!" she squealed.
"And I'll be dead soon, if you don't let me breathe!"

Miranda_ 03-11-2006 11:34 AM

Nikki watched, unmoved. She was 20 now, and memories of her family had grown distant. Her invalid mother had smothered her with suffocating love and her father had been stern, wanting his daughter only to make a good marriage and raise a family. He had been lenient with her brothers, which had angered Nikki to the point of her final rebellion, when she ran away.

She was dressed all in black, with only the silver of her mask marring the look. She waited patiently; she would ask the ship's master if she could join his crew when the moment was right.

Sarah_K_O_M 03-11-2006 11:36 AM

Kiana jumped away from her brother, grinning.

"Are you Captain yet? Are you Captain yet?"
"I heard you the first time, you know."

Miranda_ 03-11-2006 11:42 AM

Nikki thought to herself, "I was First Mate on the other ship... doubt I will be on this one. Still, time for a change, whatever that change brings."

Sarah_K_O_M 03-11-2006 11:44 AM

"Are you? Are you? Are you?!"
"-_-;; Oy... yes, I am. Now quit it."

Miranda_ 03-11-2006 11:45 AM

Nikki walked up to Kaine. "I would like to join your crew."

Sarah_K_O_M 03-11-2006 11:47 AM

"Can you wait until I shut my psycho sibling up?" Kaine asked her as he tried to cover Kiana's chattering mouth.

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