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Silent_Wolf 02-10-2006 10:37 AM

~{RP}~ Half-Breeds
Half-breeds aren't welcome anymore. If they are found they are ethier sold as pets to high-ranking officers, weathly families, and royal families, or they are killed. Humans are the dominant species on this part of Earth.
Sometimes, the pets are treated well and may even become the mate to their owners. Other times, they are treated poorly and live up to the title 'pets'.

Most agree with this ruling, others wish to demolish it forever.

Setting: Late 1700s, early 1800s in a different world


* Romance/violence= PG-13

* I guess you can use modern-age clothing. :| There's no telling what other worlds wore at this era.

* No chat speak, etc. etc.

* You can ethier be a master (humans only) or a pet (half-breeds only). Can only be one or the other.

* A master can only have two pets, either both female, both male, or one male, one female.

* Try and at least post one paragraph each time, not just dialogue.

* First post has to have details of your character. No entrances like the old RPGs and these things:



Not this time, please.


Ooc: I suppose I'll start it when you guys join. ;p

Silent_Wolf 02-10-2006 10:56 AM

Raindrops pounded against the glass roof of the large, dome-shaped auditorium, making many of the canine and feline half-breeds wince at the noise. A few of the reptillian half-breeds whipped their tales back and forth warily, a rattlesnake or two shaking the ends in the hopes they wouldn't be sold. The auditorium, on the inside, was dimly lit to hide the many bruises of the 'monsters' on the stage and the fact that they were all in poor condition. The only lights came from torches that lined the walls, making shadows dance to some hypnotic music only they could hear.

Lightning flashed and thunder clapped as a lone form walked casually onto the stage, swinging what looked like a whip. The person's feminine figure was emphasized in the flash of lightning, revealing bright blue eyes, a very white smile, snow-tint skin, and wavy brown hair.

"Welcome to our auction." Her voice boomed out of the speakers due to the mircophone she was wearing around her mouth. Glancing out of the corner of her eye and seeing many of the half-breeds wince at it, she smirked. "We have quite a selection today. Many of you are in luck. Pull up the first one, Harlo."

Harlo, a burly man with short hair somehow long enough to be put into a rattail and dull gray eyes, nodded, and grabbed one of the ropes. The figure at the front of the line tripped up the stairs, much to the amusement of the crowd, and another bright lightning bolt revealed the form to be female as well, though nowhere near as attractive due to many bruises and wounds, as well as the obviousness of not being allowed to bathe in weeks. Her waist-length gold hair, normally beautiful and shimmering, hung lankly around her bowed head, her cat ears bent in embarrassment. A pair of torn denim jeans clung tightly around her waist due to a black woven belt holding them there, and a clean white short tanktop hung limply from her slouched and thin shoulders. It was obvious they'd forced her to either wear that or nothing at all.

"We'll start the bidding at... say, a thousand pounds?"

Miranda_ 02-10-2006 11:45 AM

Nearby, tied to a nearby railing, crouched a slim young man. His fox ears were laid back at the sight of what was going on; he'd seen this many times before. His owner was the wife of a rich pet dealer who specialized in buying pets cheaply at run down auctions such as this one and then selling them on at a profit. However, the pet that he had bought his wife had been bought from a breeder... after all, only the best for his wife on their anniversary.

The pet in question was a fox halfbreed; very handsome with pale skin and blue eyes; his hair, ears and tail were black, the tail with a white tip to it. He was dressed in black jeans and a blue longsleever; he had a black velvet covered collar studded with sapphires around his throat and the lead was of black leather. He didn't like his role as a rich woman's pet... he vowed that one day he'd escape...

The pet dealer raised his hand to bid for the cat girl. "I bid a thousand." Cheap at the price, as long as no-one bid too high. After this one was tidied up, she could be sold for at least 5 times that amount. Maybe more.

Silent_Wolf 02-10-2006 11:52 AM

"A thousand going once. Any other takers?" asked the woman, raising an eyebrow at the low price. Strangely, no one else bid. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Even the thunder seemed to stop, and only lightning made a single sound. Hmph... first time in a long while this has happened... "The cat girl goes to the man over there. Harlo, go and give him the chain." Harlo tugged on the long silvery chain, and the girl, not looking up at all and hiding her strange crimson and green eyes that were somewhat blurred over.

Harlo, though being dumb, knew better than to simply hand the chain off so soon. "Name?" he asked, his voice slurred as though permanently drunk. However, his eyes were sharper than a drunkard's glazed ones.

Miranda_ 02-10-2006 11:55 AM

"Simon West," said the dealer, holding out a hand to shake. He was very well known in the city. His wife stood a little way behind him, wrapped in furs; she always liked to stand near her husband whenever he bid for new stock. She'd tied her own pet to the railings for that very reason.

"May I take my property? I've got the check right here," said Mr West, taking out a platinum edged checkbook and matching pen from his pocket.

Silent_Wolf 02-10-2006 11:58 AM

"A'ight. She's 'llergic to avacados and onions, mind you." He handed him the chain and walked away after saying, "You can send it in the mail."

The girl was terrified, but it didn't show. She lifted her head a little, but couldn't really see the dealer, his wife, or the young man that was tied to the railing. Her sight was damaged from an owner she'd had in the past. The chains rattled painfully in her ears, and she bit her lip to stop herself from wincing.

Miranda_ 02-10-2006 12:04 PM

Mr West just shrugged, and turned to his wife. "Ella, take the new one along with Jett. Put them near to each other; hopefully Jett can make her less nervous. I'm going to stay here, see what else I can get." Ella nodded, then took the chain from her husband. She tottered in her high heels to the railing and untied Jett, prior to taking them back to the house.

At the house, she followed her husband's instructions; putting Jett in his quarters and tying the cat girl near him, but not too near. After all, one never knew whether animals would get along...

Silent_Wolf 02-10-2006 12:07 PM

The girl curled up in a corner, hiding her face. Her tail, which was mottled gray and black, had wrapped itself around her left leg, symbolizing she didn't want to talk. She hardly moved at all afterwards, only shifting a bit so the chains wouldn't hurt her ears so much. Dad, why did you send me away? My brothers were half-demons too... why didn't you send them away too? she thought, not even crying. That was most of what she thought now, remembering her father's look of hatred whenever he'd looked at her. When he'd finally found a way to get rid of her, he'd done so without even letting her say goodbye to her mother or siblings.

Miranda_ 02-10-2006 12:14 PM

Jett lay down, looking at the girl in hard contempt. Not so much for her, but for the ppl who'd forced this life on himself and others like him. As if he'd ever wanted to live like this, as a rich woman's pet. He put up with it cuz he'd seen for himself the alternative... in the abused and broken pets that his owner's husband traded in. He rolled his eyes and, picking up a sliver of bone, threw it gently at the girl.

"The least you could do is talk to me, you know."

Silent_Wolf 02-10-2006 12:18 PM

"I'm just a bit... well, I'm just not very happy at the moment." Indeed, she wasn't at all. She looked over at him and said, "Who are you, and where am I?"

She always asked that if another half-breed had been in the new home she was in for a long time, and it sounded rehearsed to most people. The dim light was not exactly helping her sight, either. Her right ear twitched slightly at the sound of someone walking up the corridor.

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