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Silent_Wolf 08-03-2005 07:03 PM

{RP} Call of the Rain
Ooc: It seems that the others are going dowwwwwwwwnn the drain, so I decided to make yet another new one.

Setting start: The world of Halii knew no hate nor war, only love and peace. Animals (both real and mythical), demons, humans, and mixed breeds all got along perfectly, almost as if they had known each other their whole lives. But something was brewing in the north, something that couldn't stand all the loved and good cheer. It's name was Nathros, and it had no species nor gender. It was a darkness that wanted to swallow up the kindness that had been present for all time, and succeeded one night as everyone slept. The next day, villages were set aflame, villagers were killed, animals were running to the safety of the forests. Children hid away in the moutains with the noblest and kindest dragons and demons, who were unaffected by Nathros and had hid away long before it even came into existance.

Plot: There is a legend that foretold of four teenagers who could destroy Nathros once and for all, but no matter what it said, each set of four teens could only temporarily destroy it with their Guardains (It's supposed to be spelled like that.), creatures that have immense power. Each child born has their own Guardain up until they die, and no one Guardain is the same.

Ooc: Feel free to join! ^-^

Silent_Wolf 08-03-2005 07:16 PM

Niltiac Tsegrah sighed, standing up from watching the tiny fish in the stream swimming past her feet. The bottom edges of her jeans had gotten wet, and were drippy. Her dark brown hair swayed gently in the late winter breeze, and the sleeves to her deep red sweater were stained with purple paint from her portraits she had done earlier that day.

"Nilly." A nearby voice boomed out from a cave. A tall, white, slim dragon walked out, pearly scales shimmering gently in the weak winter sun. "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing, Sir Nightshade. Just thinking about a new painting I could do," she replied, lying. The dragon's milky, blind eyes were blank, but she knew he was worried.

"Nilly, you are one of the Rain Children. The signs have never been so clear."

"What are the signs then?"

"Artistic abilities beyond imagination, quietness, thoughtfulness, selflessness. You are the quiet, yet bold one."

why_00 08-03-2005 07:32 PM

Name: Raven
apperence: short purple hair, green eyes, usually black and blue clothing and wheres a black cape
Power: telekinetic powers
Guardain: a Raven
Guardains name:Chiaki

Raven was meditating next to a river. stopping meditating Raven looks in the river and wonders why she is here.

Ooc Raven has to meditate every day to keep her powers under control

Miranda_ 08-03-2005 08:35 PM

Name: Nikalia, Nikki for short
Age: 16
Appearence: Dresses in black, has a face that's half beautiful girl half demon, black hair on the demon side and blonde hair on the girl side, a yellow eye on the demon side and a blue eye on the girl side. Her face is rarely seen as she always wears a skillfully crafted silver mask in the shape of a cat's face, with eye, nose and mouth holes that hooks over her ears, which are covered by her hair
Power: Strong psychic powers, including telekinetic, mind reading, fire starting and control of the weather
Guardain: A cat
Guardain's name: Jet

Nikki wandered down the road, her black cat Jet following at her feet. She was glad to be out of the town where she had spent the winter, as the townspeople thought she was a witch and ignored her out of fear. Their belief was mainly due to her black cat and the mask she wore; they were ignorant of her powers, and the fact that the black cat wasn't all he looked. Jet was her Guardain; he also had the power to change his size at will. Nikki was uneasy... she sensed that there was something wrong in the world. This thought had prompted her to leave the town, and set off again. She had met an old crone on the road only a day later; this old woman had told her that she was one of the Rain Children, and that she must find the others as soon as she could. Nikki had no idea who the Rain Children might be, but it niggled her.

Silent_Wolf 08-04-2005 07:12 AM

Name: Niltiac "Nilly" Tsegrah
Age: 18
Appearence: Dark brown hair, silvery-gold eyes, tall, gray shirt, black fake-leather pants with red belt, shoes. Often wears a purple-ish cloak.
Power: Unknown as of yet.
Guardain: Phoenix
Guardain's name: Ganshi

Ooc: Niggled?

As she walked into her cave, she realized something. "Sir Nightshade, do I have a Guardain? I never gave it a thought until now..."

"She never came when you were born. Some say she was captured. Others say you were one of the unlucky few to not have one."

"I sure feel left out then." Sir Nightshade opened his mouth to say something else, but something stopped him. He seemed to be listening. Faintly, indeed, a sound could be heard, a song. That's phoenix... Soon, the song faded, and into the cave swooped a small phoenix, and it was apparent she had just hatched. Her feathers were still a little droopy.
She made a small croaking sound before tucking her head under her wing to sleep.

"That's your Guardain."

"I don't believe this... I thought I'd have a wolf. Oh well."

"You will live with this." The phoenix had spoken up, and her voice was that of a six-year-old girl's.

why_00 08-04-2005 02:47 PM

Raven sat leaning aganst a tree remembering the time chiaki told her she was a rain child...

it was a rainy night in the forrest Raven had just been running away from her village "I can never go back there" Raven said breathing hard "Its too dangerous. No never can I go back" Raven colapsed against a rock. She rested there for some time be for she finally got up. "I need to find shelter... somewhere dry" Raven looked around, but there wasnt a dry place in sight. Sighing, Raven went to the bigest tree she could find and curled up under it, and slept. She dreamt the world beeing covered in darkness and a big monster looming over laughing. Raven woke up with a start. breathing hard she looked around and spoted a raven sitting next to her. Raven screamed out in fright. the raven gave her a ashakra that allowed the raven to speak to her in her mind. raven took the ashakra, she has heard of these your supposed to place them on your forehead. Raven put it on her head like she was supposed to
" I an Chiaki your Guardain" Chiaki read her mind and was supprized "You are one of the rain children you will have a tough future ahead but I will Protect you in any way possible"

When he stopped speaking she was startled he was speaking to her but she couldnt hear him it was more like a thought than anything else. "Where did..."
"No no, dont speek out loud think it some one might hear you."
"Uhh.. ok" Raven thought

Raven was interupted in her memory by a russle in the forrest " who's there?" her power broke a branch off of a near tree. she looked around and saw a deer comeing towards her " Oh ok its just a deer Relax keep in control, don't feel anything" she thought. Then the crossed her legs again and started to meditate.

Silent_Wolf 08-04-2005 03:18 PM

Nilly walked down a road, staring at the sky. A notebook was in her left hand, and a sharpened pencil with a new eraser on it was tucked above her right ear, just in case she was inspired for a drawing. Ganshi sat on her left shoulder and kept singing randomly, but no matter what, it still got annoying.

"Ganshi, what are you doing?" Nilly finally asked, exasperated.


"Well, I wouldn't mind it if you'd stay quiet for a good hour. If there's someone or something coming, let me know then."

Miranda_ 08-04-2005 03:52 PM

Ooc: Niggled means annoyed slightly... you know, when you haven't done something important or you've been told something, and you can't stop thinking about it, but not directly?

Nikki's heart leapt; walking towards her on the road was another girl. She was too far away to see clearly, but Nikki was still nervous. She generally shunned human contact; most ppl just didn't understand about her mask and why she wore it. Jet jumped onto her shoulder and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry. She's another like you."

Silent_Wolf 08-04-2005 03:56 PM

Ooc: Ohhh... Yeah, I've felt that before.

Nilly had spied a lovely frozen waterfall nearby, and had started to walk off the road to get a better view for a sketch. She sat on a rock and started drawing, looking up every now and then to look at the waterfall's crystalline state.

"Someone's coming!" whispered Ganshi urgently.

Sarah_K_O_M 08-04-2005 04:15 PM

Can I join in?If so...

Age: 16
Appearence:Short brown hair,Red t-shirt,Long black pants and steel-tipped boots.
Power: The power of Light and Dark
Guardain: A tiger
Guardain's name: Mushu
Oh yeah she likes surfing.

Her new picture!

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