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Default Streets Of Rage - The New Team {RP} - 07-20-2014, 12:57 PM


1. This RP is based on the Streets of Rage games. If you require more info, go here for more information on the games. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me and ask.

2. All characters must be human, tho they can have certain special attacks, for example, fire, ice, telekinesis. However, since these attacks use energy, you cannot use them all the time against enemies. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus, please, and make all characters aged at least eighteen.

3. Your character must have a personal reason for wanting to join Blaze and Elle to fight the Syndicate. Try and be original. Also, have your character know either Elle or Blaze.

4. Syndicate thugs are NPC, pretty much. Anyone can control them. However, do not have them too easily beaten. If you're stuck for ideas, the site I linked above has enemies lists.


Five years earlier...

One year had passed since ex-police officers Adam Hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding had broken the Syndicate's hold and destroyed its leader, the mysterious "Mr X". Peace had returned to the streets, people were moving back to into the once vacant city neighbourhoods, and the city had returned to prosperity. But exactly one year after the destruction of Mr X and the disbanding of the Syndicate, Adam Hunter, the third of the trio of brave ex police officers, was kidnapped. A note was left at his house, with a mocking photo showing Adam in chains at Mr X's feet. Mr X was alive! And this was clearly a trap.

Axel and Blaze tried to contact their old friends at the force, the ones who'd provided backup with heavy artillery. But everyone they knew had either been fired or transferred elsewhere. This time the Syndicate was in complete control and the two ex-cops were on their own. Assisted by Adam's brother Skate and Axel's friend Max, Axel and Blaze set out to rescue their friend and destroy Mr X once and for all. Once again, they succeeded. This time, they knew that Mr X was dead, so they returned to their lives, safe in the knowledge that the Syndicate was ended forever.

Or was it?

Present day.

Blaze Fielding returned to her apartment after a busy day at her job teaching judo to find a note pinned to her door with a dagger. Tearing it off, she read it thru, dismay on her face. The note read:

Dear Blaze,

I have kidnapped your friends Axel and Adam. They are unharmed... for now. But I warn you, that if you contact Max, Skate or Dr Zan to attempt a rescue, then I will kill them and show no mercy doing so. The deaths of your friends will be on your conscious forever. The Syndicate will continue its business in this city, and you will not interfere.

Signed, Mr X.

Blaze gasped in horror and amazement. Mr X! But the Syndicate leader was dead. Blaze had seen his body lying on the slab, herself. She'd even, along with her friends, witnessed the autopsy. Who had taken over the Syndicate and, assuming Mr X's name, had kidnapped her friends? There were no answers. But Blaze knew one thing; she had to rescue Adam and Axel. They were her friends, they'd do the same for her if she needed help. Yes, she had been forbidden to contact her other friends, but that didn't mean that she was out of options. There were other friends of hers... there was Elle, for one.

Elle had been kidnapped and, along with her sister Electra, brainwashed into following the Syndicate's rule. The sisters had been experimented on and both had been given cy'ber whip hands for their right arms, and had been trained in fighting. Eventually tho, Elle had struggled free of the brainwashing and had escaped. She had hated leaving her sister behind, but had no choice. Elle had vowed to return and punish the Syndicate for what they had done to her. Yes, there was Elle, Blaze thought. And there might also be others, too...


Character Form

Items in brackets are just info, they can be deleted when you submit your character.

{If you use a picture, have a written description as well}
Power: {Please make this a power which can be used offensively, ie telekinesis, rather than something like mind reading}
Personality: {Make them well rounded, with faults as well as positives}
Bio: {Tell your character's story. Also, state how they know Blaze/Elle}

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Default 07-20-2014, 01:13 PM

Name: Blaze Fielding.
Age: 24.
Appearance: Long brown hair and blue eyes, thin and wiry, average height. Image
Power: Fireballs.
Personality: Blaze has a hot temper, and sometimes acts before thinking, especially if she sees an act of injustice. She is very impulsive, but is good at working with a team. She is proud of her skills, and hates to lose.
Bio: Blaze grew up with loving parents, who encouraged her in her aim to join the police force. When the Syndicate first rose up and corrupted the police, Blaze along with Adam and Axel was one of the first to quit the squad. With her friends by her side, she fought the Syndicate, not just the first time, but also when it rose again the second. She now teaches judo, and her hobby is dancing. Blaze goes to a dancing class at least once a week, and that is where she met Elle. She talked to her and advised Elle to not go after the Syndicate by herself, as she would probably be killed, but when Blaze learned that Adam and Axel had been kidnapped by the Syndicate, the first person she thought of was Elle.

Name: Elle Lewis.
Age: 25.
Appearance: Long light blonde hair and blue eyes, tall, average build. Image
Power: Her electric whip hand, which can pack a vicious punch.
Personality: Elle is fairly laid back, unless something really upsets her then she'll get mad. She's singleminded and focuses on her goals, regardless of anyone's thoughts on the subject. She can at times be spiteful and pick at people to bring them down, but to those she considers her friends and allies, she's loyal.
Bio: Elle lived on the streets with her sister Electra, after the two ran away from the children's home where they lived. They soon learned how to survive, fighting off anyone who bothered them, and formed a tight knit bond with each other. The Syndicate kidnapped them, and brought them to headquarters where they were operated on and given cy'ber whip hands on the right arm. Both girls were brainwashed, but Elle threw hers off and escaped. She wants revenge on the Syndicate, and also to rescue her sister. She got to know Blaze at the dancing class they both attend. Elle also likes to sing, and has a job singing in clubs.


Taking the note with her, Blaze went straight to Elle's apartment. It was funny how, even tho she was consumed with fury at the kidnapping and terror for her friends, how her mind still worked and pointed her directly at a person who could help her. Blaze knocked on the door, and Elle answered straight away. One look at her friend's face told her that something was wrong.

"Come straight in," she said. "And tell me all about it."

Blaze did so, handing Elle the note as they went to the living room to sit down with cups of coffee. Elle listened to Blaze's story and read the note, then said, "I see. Obviously, this person whoever they are thinks that you are helpless without Axel and Adam. They are wrong about that. I can help you, and there are others who will, as well. We will hunt this monster down, mount a rescue, and destroy the Syndicate once and for all."

Elle knew all about the thirst for revenge. She had wanted to go after the Syndicate years ago, but her red hot rage had blinded her to the dangers. Blaze had done her a favour by talking her out of it then, as on her own, Elle wouldn't stand a chance. But with Blaze by her side, along with others who also had reasons for wanting to take the Syndicate down, they would have hope of completing their mission. Elle took out her phone and sent some messages.

"Now, we wait," she said. "I've sent out a message to a few likeminded individuals, asking them to come to my apartment for a meeting."


At the Syndicate headquarters, a tall man with long black hair stood by a window, looking over the city. Yes, Mr X was dead but the Syndicate still flourished; this time, with a new and lucrative business of human trafficking. The man laughed, thinking that he had successfully made sure that his business would not be interfered with. Axel and Adam were held prisoner at a secret location, and the third of their team, Blaze, would not be able to operate by herself. Yes, things were working out well, and nothing would stand in his way.

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Default 07-22-2014, 11:47 AM

Name: Parker Jones
Age: 21
Appearance: Image Short, average build, Native nationality, messy black hair usually hidden under a hood or baseball cap (or both), and light green eyes. He has a few piercings on his ears.
Power: Can emit smoke and other gases/toxins.
Personality: Parker is loud and rebellious, and most of all, hates being bossed around. He likes to do things his way, and thus has a tendency to break the rules and laws. He is secretive, but also very trustworthy.
Bio: Parker's parents divorced when he was young, and he lived with his single mother until he was 18 and she kicked him out. Now he drifts from place to place, either staying with friends, spending nights in motel rooms, renting rooms, or in the summers, sleeping outside in the city. Parker has been in and out of jail for petty crimes (such as vandalism, small theft, and possession of small amounts of drugs) ever since he was a teenager, and on a couple occassions, Blaze had been involved in his arrest. Parker didn't have a problem with cops, other than critizing their decision to work for "the man", and when he found out Blaze, Axel, and Adam had left the force, he had even gone to a few of her judo classes.

Name: North Hester
Age: 26
Appearance: Image Tall and thin, mid-length blond hair often in a messy bun, North is sometimes mistaken for a woman, but refuses to change his signature look.
Power: Soundwaves
Personality: Although a musician, North is an interovert and prefers to spend time alone with his guitar. He's neurotic and pessimistic, but North is otherwise an all-around nice guy.
Bio: North was adopted by a le'sbian couple when he was 5, after a housefire left him orphaned. The orphanage was not a good place for children. The people who worked there used physical discipline even when the children made small mistakes, and every kid had to share beds since they were over crowded. Luckily, (and also rather sad now that North was old enough to understand racism), blond-haired, blue eyed toddlers were especially popular and rarely stayed long compared to other children. North still lived with his adoptive mothers until recently, when he graduated University. Now he lives not far from one of the club Elle sings at, which he sometimes performs at himself.

North, never one to be late, knocked on the door to Elle's apartment approximately 5 minutes before he was supposed to be there. He checked his watch, hoping Elle and Blaze wouldn't find him to be too early. He had never met Blaze before, but Elle had mentioned Blaze to him once during a conversation they had at the club. North had also spoken previously to Elle about the Syndicate, and although he never had any direct involvement, he had decided to help anyway. He also wasn't sure there was anything they could do; the Syndicate simply seemed too powerful to take down, but he kept his doubts inside.

"Elle, it's North." He said through the door, "I hope I'm not too early?"


Parker, on the other hand, was very often late. He got the message to go, but he didn't realize it was so close to meeting time and he was laying on a park bench on the other side of the city. He knew the bus schedule well enough that the 601 bus always passed by the south entrance of the park every hour, and the loud sound of the bus passing nearby caused him to sit up and finally check the time. "Man, time flies." He mumbled to himself, putting his backpack over his shoulder and putting his hood up. It was raining ever so slightly as he looked up to the sky, hoping he could make it to the address before the rain started to get any heavier. Unemployed and broke, all Parker had was his bike, so he got on and started riding to the address on the note he had received.

Like North, Parker wasn't involved with Syndicate dealings, however he knew of their corruption in the police force. When he heard about trying to take them down, he wanted to make sure he was a part of it. After all, it's not like Parker had anything better to do with his time.

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