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Default The Others: Heroes VS Villains - 04-06-2014, 12:42 PM


It’s the year 2020 in a dystopian reality where one tenth of humans have superpowers. There is extreme discrimination between the Regulars, without powers, and the Others, the ones with powers. There are separate schools, separate hospitals, separate housing communities... Nearly everything is separate, and if the Regulars had their way, most of them would want the Others completely moved from their society to their own country.

Some of the Others have had it with the Regulars discriminating them, treating them like second class citizens because they’re a minority. They figure that they have the power to destroy the Regulars, so why should they have to take that kind of attitude from them. They’ve already destroyed Regular government buildings and have since been called terrorists and Villains.

The other half of the Others are more understanding of the Regulars, knowing that most of the discrimination comes from a fear of the unknown. They believe that the Villains are giving all the Others a bad reputation, and only giving more reasoning for the Regulars to treat them unfavorably. This half of the others, the Heroes, are trying to counter the Villains by defending the Regulars, trying to show to them that they’re not all evil.

This has caused the Villains to hate the Heroes as much as the Regulars. To them, the Heroes are traitors to their kind and that they are weak to let the Regulars step all over them after what they’ve said and done to the Others simply because they’re different than them.
Are you a Regular, or an Other? Hero or Villain?


Two Regulars can give birth to an Other in rare instances (less than 1%. After all, it had started as a mutation of human). However, many Regulars do not accept Others, and it has gotten to the point where pregnant Regulars have ultrasound screenings done to detect this mutation, and if they find they’re having an Other, they will often abort the child.

One Regular and one Other have a 25% chance to have an Other, however this relationship doesn’t occur often because relationships between Regulars and Others is, currently, illegal – not only marriage, but being found in any type of romantic relationship will end with the Regular being arrested, and the Other being executed. There are a few underground Regular/Other relationships, but it is very dangerous.

Two Others have a 50/50 chance of giving birth to a Regular or an Other.

Many Other babies are miscarried or stillborn. There are also problems for the mothers, as 25% of these mothers dying either during pregnancy (due to complications or, in some occasions, being killed by Regulars in an attempt to stop Others from ‘breeding’) or dying in childbirth.

All Others have ‘unnatural’ colored hair. This is what, visually, sets them apart from the Regulars. Although Others are not legally allowed to buy hair dye to change this, some others manage to either steal natural colored hair dye or buy it on the black market in an attempt to ‘blend in’ to the Regulars. Villains would never want to do that, unless they were doing it to go undercover to gain information, because they’re proud of their powers.

Powers: Others have three type of powers – offensive, defensive, or abilities.

Offensive powers are classified as anything that can hurt another human being using no other outside forces or objects (ie. telekenis is NOT offensive, even though for example, flinging a car at someone could cause injury, as it requires something in addition to the power itself). These include, but are not limited to: super strength, pyro, generation of sharp claws/weapons, or anything involving the generation of acids or poisons.

Defensive powers are classified as anything that can weaken or stop an attack, or can heal/fix a person/thing after an attack. These include, but are not limited to: forcefield generation, an invulnerability or resistance to bullets/fire/etc, or any healing or regenerating powers.

Abilities are any powers which don’t fall into the other categories. This is the most common category of power. These include, but are not limited to: flight, mind-related abilities such as telekenisis or telepathy, teleportation, transfiguration, invisibility, duplication, time manipulation, superhuman senses, or ability to control a non-harmful element such as wind/earth/mechanics.

Weaknesses: Others are not indestructible. In fact, they are as fragile as Regulars (eg. A shot through the heart will kill them). Obviously, an Other with a defensive power would be harder to take down.


Age (18+):
Faction (Regular/Hero/Villain/Undecided):
Power (if applicable):
Appearance (image or description, or both):

Name: Julia Hills
Age (18+): 22
Faction (Regular/Hero/Villain/Undecided): Hero
Power (if applicable): Telekenisis
Appearance (image or description, or both): Pin by Jackie Tennyson, aka Crash on Colorful Hair From Blonde to Pur… Curvy, average height, long bubblegum pink hair, glasses, fair skin and round brown eyes.
Personality: Julia is a sweet, girly, flirty young woman who's loyal and always looks for the good in people. On the other hand, she's naïve, clumsy, and ditzy.
Other: Julia's parents are both Others. She is the youngest, and only Other, of three children. Most Other's have a hard time getting good jobs, even if they're skills are helpful simply because they'd rather hire their 'own kind'. Most Other families are poor, and Julia's family is no exception. She loves fashion, so she sews her own clothing because it's cheaper than buying anything nice. She decided to become a Hero because she thinks that Regulars are just scared and that they'll eventually start to grow out of it. She thinks that the Villains are trying to fight fire with fire, and that it's only going to make matters worse and cause more separation to fight them.

Name: Eric France
Age (18+): 19
Faction (Regular/Hero/Villain/Undecided): Villain
Power (if applicable): Power to control, harness, and use electricity.
Appearance (image or description, or both): Half shaved off platinum white hair and a few facial piercing, bright blue eyes, average height and a little on the thin side.
Personality: Lazy, cold, and dispassionate, a lot of the time Eric prefers to sit around and do nothing, not caring too much to get involved in things. He's is highly intelligent though.
Other: Eric's mother was a Regular, and his father an Other. They stayed in hiding, but when the government found them when Eric was 10, they killed his father in front of him and sent his mother to jail. Eric had hid from them and was never found, but he knew that if he had been that they would have killed him. Watching his father be shot made him hate Regulars, and want vengeance on every Regular. Since then he's been living in his Grandmother's house. She passed a few years back, so he's been living there alone.


Julia walked into The Edge, a popular Other's karaoke bar where she met up every Friday night with some of the other local heroes. The place was a little more dingy on the outside than anywhere a Regular would go, but inside the place was amazingly decorated. The owner had the power to reconfigure a space in an instant, so everyday The Edge looked a little different - and always, always spotless.

Jules was wearing her favourite pink rimmed glasses and baby blue knee-length tea dress. She saw her group sitting at a large booth near the back, so she walked over to join them. On the way over, she waved to a bartender and asked them to get her a Pina Colada. She sat down at the booth and smiled, "Hey, everyone. Another crazy week, am I right?"


Eric was sitting around the round table at the Villain headquarters, which unlike the Heroes, was an actual designated building where Villains all over the state met up whenever they got called over. It was far more serious of an organization than the Heroes, as most of the time Heroes would simply hear of attacks on the news and whoever was nearby would run in trying to stop the Villains. It made some sense. The Heroes never really made any plans, because they never organized an attack against anyone. All the planning came from the Villianous side.

He was leaning back on his chair, his hand up toward the light above him as he sucked up the electricity from it and then shot it back up, causing the light to flicker on and off. "Anybody know what boss wants today?"

Boss, as he was simply called, was never personally at the meetings. In fact, nobody knew what he looked like. Boss would send out texts to the Villains and when the meeting started, his voice would come over the intercom and tell them their next assignment, showing images of what had to be done on the screen. Not only that, but his, or possibly her, voice was so synthesized that it barely sounded human at all.

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