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Miranda_ 01-23-2014 04:04 PM

High School Hell {Reboot RP}

This RP is rated M; this means that it's only for age 16 and over.

2. Obey the main forum rules.

No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or I will hit you.

4. Please try to have at least two characters at the start, and don't have them all in the same group.

5. Please interact with the other characters. Even if they're not in the same group, there can still be interaction!


Chesterberg High School is a typical high school in an American town. All the teenagers of the town attend it, and from the outside, it looks just like any other high school in America. But tensions seethe beneath the surface. The most dominant clique at Chesterberg is the cheerleaders, led by blonde and beautiful Darlene Grange who, after fighting her way to the top and becoming the new captain, ruthlessly cut out anyone who didn't fit her image of the perfect cheerleader.

The various groups at Chesterberg received Darlene in various ways. The jocks loved her, the geeks feared her and the regular girl students wanted to be her. If anyone hated her, they kept it to themselves... or, did they? Exactly two days ago, Darlene's dead body was found lying at the bottom of the football fields, her throat cut. Someone obviously hated Darlene enough to want her dead, but who was it? In any case, the murder has knocked Chesterberg for six. No-one knows who to trust any more... someone had the motive for murder, but it's not going to be easy to find out. Darlene was pretty, popular and also ruthless and scheming.

A girl like that can make many enemies... one thing about the murder remains a fact tho, and that is that it was a crime of passion. Darlene was pregnant when she was killed, and the father of her unborn baby is unknown. She had a boyf, but several other male students enjoyed her pleasure at one time. She used and abused boys, enjoying her power over them... maybe one of them was not only the father, but also her killer? Only time will tell. The police have spies in the school in an attempt to find out who the murderer was. Maybe the murderer isn't a student after all, but a teacher. Or even an outsider unconnected with the school at all.


You can be in any one of the following groups:








When you sign up, fill out the following form:

Age: (must be aged 14-16 if a student)
Appearence: (if you have a picture, you must also have a written description as well!)
Personality:(must have at least three weaknesses)
Short Bio:

Say what your relationship was to Darlene; was she a friend? An enemy? A lover? You can't be the killer; I will reveal him or her later on in the RP.


Name: Justin "Infri" Blake.
Age: Fifteen.
Appearence: Scruffy brown hair and hazel eyes, below average height and skinny.
Personality: Infri can be alarmingly immature and seem very dim at times, plus he tends to irritate people just for the hell of it. He hates school and prefers to skip class whenever he can. He hangs out with the outsider group and is proud of the fact. He can be lazy, rude and sarcastic towards those he doesn't like, but is loyal to those he considers worth it.
Short Bio:
Justin, or Infri as he generally goes by, lives in a trailer with his father in the nearby trailer park. His mother left when Infri was small, and his father doesn't really care too much about his son. Infri has a name for himself for starting fires, but hasn't been arrested... yet. He just about manages to keep his head above water at school. Infri knows Darlene cuz he slept with her once at a party, but she denied it ever took place and everyone believed her, so he hated her afterwards.

Name: Alison Green.
Age: Fifteen.
Appearence: Long curly blonde hair, blue eyes, fairly tall and average build. She wishes she could be thinner.
Personality: Alison can be spiteful and b'itchy towards anyone she doesn't like and looks down on those not part of the best clique, in other words, the cheerleaders. She's loyal to her friends, very generous with her money (well, her parents' money that is) and likes to party.
Short Bio: Alison was Darlene's best friend; she knew about her friend's pregnancy, but nothing else. She's shocked and horrified that her friend could be killed, and determined to find the killer and bring him or her to justice. Alison is prejudiced against the outsiders and believes one or more of them to be responsible. If she could only prove it, she'd report them like a shot, so she's watching very carefully just in case one of them trips up.

Miranda_ 01-23-2014 04:08 PM

Dam you character limit
Alison had gone into school that day feeling sadness at the death of her best friend, Darlene. But, life had to go on and she felt she couldn't let this stop her from living her life, as her friend would have wanted. However, she was determined to find her friend's killer and bring him or her to justice for what they'd done. Alison had never liked the small group of unpopulars; as far as she was concerned, they were capable of anything. If one of them revealed themselves to be the murderer, well, Alison would make sure that the police knew about it!

She met with the other cheerleaders at Darlene's locker which had already been decorated with a wreathe of fake pink roses and a cross. Alison had also painted Darlene's name on it in glitter nail polish. She leant against her own locker and sighed.

"It's been two days already," she said to her friends. "Do you think the police even have a suspect yet?"

TheHayleyDoll 01-23-2014 11:09 PM

Name: Alexis 'Lexi' Mitchell
Age: 16
Appearance: [Pic] Straight, mid-long, bright pink/red hair & big round brown eyes. Nose piercing, snake bites, and ear lobe stretchers. Wears braces, loves eye makeup. Small-average build, average height.
Personality: Lexi is easily influenced, clumsy, flaky, and has low self-esteem. On the other hand, Lexi's a fun-loving girl who would do anything to help her friends if they needed it, often putting others before herself.
Short Bio: Lexi's twin brother, James, had 'dated' Darlene only a few weeks a little while ago... if you could even call it dating. Lexi really didn't know the stipulations of their relationship, other than that Darlene had been in James's bedroom on more than one occasion. Other than that, she only knew Darlene through what other people, including her friend Infri, had to say about her. Lexi lived in the suburbs with her brother and her mother, as her parents were divorced. She also has a pet ferret that she loves named Hermione, after the Harry Potter character. Lexi smoked a lot of pot, which she had started doing as an attempt to look 'cooler', but had grown quite fond of the habit. Before high school, she had been incredibly nerdy, and was still trying to shed that image. She's part of the outsider clique.

Name: James Mitchell
Age: 16
Appearance: Short, messy blond hair and blue eyes. Muscular build and fairly tall. Quite handsome, in a typical American jock way.
Personality: James is a loud mouth who isn't afraid to tell it like it is. He figures that if people don't like him, that's their prerogative. He's got enough friends that he doesn't give a sh*t what those 'losers' think anyway. He tends to treat those who aren't popular, like the jocks and the cheerleaders, like they aren't worthy of his presence. Like most jocks, he's over-confident, and loves it when women stroke his ego. He is a lot smarter than people give him credit for.
Short Bio: James is Lexi's twin brother. He wouldn't really say he was dating Darlene, as he saw it as a 'friends with benefits' situation. Unbeknownst to Lexi, his relationship with Darlene didn't end, they just stopped going over to his house to fool around. He knew she had a boyfriend, but he didn't really care. If her boyfriend wasn't satisfying her, that wasn't his problem. James plays on the school rugby team (which happens to have quite an ongoing feud with the gridiron football team) and identifies as a jock. He hates his sister's friends and think she's wasting her time hanging out with that crowd.

James also happened to be at Darlene's locker. He missed Darlene as well, because unlike most of her lovers, James and Darlene had been good friends. He ran a hand through his hair, "I hope so. She was a hot, popular, blonde white head cheerleader. You think they'd focus a little more on her murder than they would if she were some loser, but they don't seem to be working too hard."

Lexi's locker was straight down the hall from Darlene's. She had a mirror on the inside of her locker door, and she was watching them in it. She didn't want to risk turning around and having them yell at her like they had a couple other times, when Darlene and the other cheerleaders had caught her staring and told her to "Take a picture," or "Stop staring, loser."

She said to Infri, "I'm surprised they don't have a full on shrine to Darlene's memory in front of that locker... God, that glittery nail polish sh*t is so tacky."

LadyBast0911 01-29-2014 04:25 PM

Name: Janelle Mortic
Age: 14
Appearence: Medium length auburn hair, deep blue almond shaped eyes, and a pale complextion. She is quite small and lanky.
Personality: Janelle is quite inquisitive and curious by nature. She can be a tad stubborn when it comes to finding out the truth and tends to find books more interesting than people. Janelle also tends to be more quiet, especially around people she doesn't know.
Short Bio: Janelle hardly knew Darlene. She had one class with her and it was an easy elective class. She knew Darlene was snobby and rude but figured as long as she stayed out of the way, she would survive the year. Janelle, while very much into books, also studied martial arts. Her mother had just married Erik's father, so she had just switched schools at the beginning of the year.

Name: Erik Hawkins
Age: 16
Appearence: A little over average height, buff build, midnight black hair and green eyes. Kinda has that tall, dark, and handsome persona.
Personality: Erik loves to look at life in the way of numbers and statistics. He wants to know the facts before ever coming to a conclusion. Because of this, he tends to look more towards rational thought rather than gut feelings which can cause him to be quite standoff-ish. He is quite protective of his younger step-sister, Janelle, and tends to micromanage lots of thing.
Short Bio: Erik is more into the regular crowd than anything else. He roots for his school teams, comes to rallies, and some parties but he is very invested into his schooling and education. He floats in and out of crowds, knowing Darlene from a couple parties that he had been too and, even tho she had flirted, he wasn't interested.

Janelle and Erik walked down the hallway. "What is all the fuss about?" Janelle whispered.

"Darlene was just murdered a couple of days ago, Janie. She was a very popular figure around the school and her friends are mourning the loss of her death."

"A couple kids died at my school last year and we didn't build a shrine. What makes this girl so special?" Janelle asked, as Erik led them over to Darlene's locker.

"James, Alison. I heard about what happened to Darlene. I'm so sorry. Is there anything my sister and I can do to help?" Erik replied, softly.

Janelle hugged her books closer to her chest and looked down at her feet, feeling quite uncomfortable.

((OMG!! Work has been craz-zie!))

Miranda_ 01-29-2014 06:51 PM

Ooc: And RP is starting now! ;)

Infri rolled his eyes as he glanced over to the group around Darlene's locker, then looked back at Lexi.

"Yeah, it's just so stupid," he said. "I bet that if any of us had died, no-one would be making so much fuss. It's a bad thing to happen, but I'm not sorry Darlene's dead. She was a b*tch."


Alison sniffed and dabbed her eyes carefully with a tissue, so as not to spoil her eye makeup.
"It's like they forgot about how many people loved Darlene," Alison said. "Well, she was my best friend and I'm not going to ever forget her."

When Erik spoke, Alison managed a watery smile. "Thank you," she replied. "It has been very difficult for all of us."

TheHayleyDoll 01-29-2014 07:15 PM

"Yeah, well the populars think everyone loved her. They're really the only ones making a fuss - well, them, and the losers who wish they were in their clique. Like Erik." Lexi replied, still watching from in the mirror.
James nodded in agreement. "It has been difficult, especially since we haven't heard anything about the police even having a suspect yet. You can do something though." He grinned, and handed him his empty energy drink can. "Throw that in the garbage for me, will ya? Oh, and who's your friend?"

LadyBast0911 01-29-2014 11:38 PM

Erik rolled his eyes. "There's the trashcan. You have two legs that aren't broken. You can do it." He replied, annoyed. He turned to Alison. "And I doubt Darlene will forget you. She's an angel up in Heaven watching over you."

Janelle smiled shyly. "My name is Janelle. I'm his sister." She replied, quietly.

Miranda_ 01-30-2014 07:07 AM

"Well, those people didn't see Darlene's other side, did they?" Infri said, leaning against his locker. The bell rang for homeroom.

Alison smiled bravely. "Thank you," she said. "I hope you'll come to the memorial service later this week."

There couldn't be a funeral for Darlene yet, as the police still hadn't released her body.

TheHayleyDoll 01-30-2014 10:00 AM

James rolled his eyes right back at Erik and mumbled something derogatory only he could hear, before tossing the cup 30ft and right into the nearby trashcan. "Bell rang for class. I can't believe they still want us to go. Her close friends should all be exempt from classes."

Lexi grabbed her books and closed her locker door. The sections of full length lockers alternated between blue and yellow, the school's team colours, and for some reason, it seemed like the popular kids always got the best ones. The blue section of lockers that Lexi's and Infri's were a part of were creaky and rusted, while Darlene and the other cheerleaders had brand new ones. "Hopefully the police can bring a suspect in to custody, so this can all blow over soon."

LadyBast0911 01-30-2014 12:48 PM

Erik nodded. "Sure." He replied, ignoring James. "Our classes are all near each other. Want to walk together."

"I will see you at lunch, Erik." Janelle replied, before walking away. She was looking down at her feet and walked right into Infri, dropping her books everywhere. "Oh...I'm so sorry." She gasped.

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