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Miranda_ 08-04-2013 06:14 PM

Summer Of Love {RP}
The Summer of Love was a social phenomenon that occurred during the summer of 1967, when as many as 100,000 people met up in San Francisco. The result of this was a major cultural and political shift. Altho large groups of "flower children" also gathered in major cities across American, Canada and Europe, San Francisco remained the epicentre of the social earthquake that would come to be known as the Hippie Revolution. The hippies brought in several elements to the city; including politics, music, drugs and creativity. They also practiced freedom in all shapes and forms, including a lack of social and sexual inhibitions. Alternative lifestyles such as gender equality, living in communes and kibbutzes and free love were rampant, and the hippies genuinely believed in what they were preaching.

The hippies, sometimes called flower people, were an eclectic group. Many were suspicious of the government, rejected consumerist values, and generally opposed the Vietnam War. Others were uninterested in political affairs and preferred to spend their time involved in the aforementioned sex, drugs, and music. There was something else in the air... talk of aliens! Hippies were excited by the thought that they could be visited by aliens, and indignant to think that the government might be covering up aliens. Conspiracy theories abounded as a result.

This is you, in this melting pot, in the main hippy pad where the hippies live in their vans and where the demonstrations, love-ins and gatherings happen. Are you one of the flower children, living in and spreading peace and your own message everywhere? Or are you simply a friend, dragged along to the meeting against your will. Maybe you even have a hidden agenda; a reporter, a police snitch, or something so secret that no-one else knows!

Character Form:

Real Name:
"Hippy" Name (ie, Sunshine, Daisy...):
Age (15-25):
Reason you are there (protester, protester's friend...):
Thoughts on Aliens:
Personality (Flaws and all):

Rules (some are repeated from RPG rules because they are more enforced):

1) Advanced RPers only - PM me if unsure.
2) No Mary Sues/Gary Stus
3) No joining after 50 pages - this p*sses me off most.
4) This may contain violence, swearing, drugs, sex, etc. If you are not okay with that, then GRR. (It's PG-13: Maybe higher)
5) No godmodding
6) No spamming.

Miranda_ 08-04-2013 06:20 PM

Real Name: Darren Carter
"Hippy" Name (ie, Sunshine, Daisy...): Phoenix
Age (15-25): 19
Appearance: Long dyed black hair, with red streaks, blue eyes. Average height, phoenix tattoo on right shoulder. Fairly good looking, and boy, does he know it!
Reason you are there (protester, protester's friend...): To check out the girls and get high
Thoughts on Aliens: Thinks they're "cool".
Personality (Flaws and all): Relaxed and laid back. Intelligent, but doesn't look it. Very lazy, thinks he's god's gift sometimes, can be rude and annoying
Bio/Other: Parents have pretty much washed their hands of their son; they wanted him to follow in their footsteps and become teachers, so when he got into the scene, they at first nagged him about it, but now have just left him to get on with it.


The day was hot, but with a slight breeze to ruffle the treetops. The area was crowded with people, some sitting on the grass, others standing or seated on the roofs of the living vans. Several people were smoking or drinking from bottles of beer or cans of Coke. A couple of girls were speaking, talking about general issues like the Vietnam war and the possibility of a coverup by the government in regards to the alien issue. While the vast majority of the people there were hippies, there were some regular people, known as "straights" by the hippies, scattered about. Some were friends of hippies, others simply had happened on the scene and had stayed to watch and listen, curious.

Phoenix sat on the roof of his van and cracked open another beer. He was perfectly content to stay where he was for the moment, while the hot sun beat down. Phoenix wore a pair of battered jeans, and nothing else; the sun was warm on his upper half and he felt it far too hot to wear a shirt that day. He lazily brushed away a bee, and looked in the direction of the speakers. Several hippies shouted encouragement to them, and jumped up and down with the force of their words. All in all, to Phoenix, it was the best place to be.

TheHayleyDoll 08-04-2013 10:00 PM

Real Name: Lily Stone
"Hippy" Name (ie, Sunshine, Daisy...): "Lily" (Like her first name)
Age (15-25): 18
Appearance: Blonde hair, dyed pink and almost always worn in a long ponytail. Blue eyes and fair-medium skin. Slightly less than average weight, pear-shaped figure, average height (5'6"), and wears a lot of accessories. Can be described as classically pretty with delicate feautures.
Reason you are there (protester, protester's friend...): Protester.
Thoughts on Aliens: "Let's give peace a try... Then threaten to kill the president if our questions are not answered!"
Personality (Flaws and all): Honest, friendly, and loyal. On the other hand, she is stubborn, aggressive, naive, and emotional.
Bio/Other: Mother and Father were Catholic, "white collar", hardworking people and extremely disappointed in their daughter's decision to go along with the hippies. Has no siblings, but a lot of friends (mainly protesters).

Real Name: Jase Mitchell
"Hippy" Name (ie, Sunshine, Daisy...): Soul
Age (15-25): 24
Appearance: Mid-length, curly, dark brown hair he wears in a short ponytail. Average height, somewhat athletic build. Almond-shaped brown eyes. Great smile.
Reason you are there (protester, protester's friend...): Police snitch.
Thoughts on Aliens: "I'm going to pretend that I give a f*ck."
Personality (Flaws and all): Soul is a manipulative and charming liar/con-artist, who will do whatever her has to, or scre'w over whoever he has to, to make a quick buck. He has no regards for other people's feelings. Positively, he is extremely intelligent and persuasive.
Bio/Other: He's a friend of Lily's... or at least, she thinks he is. Lily has no idea he's giving information to the police for extra cash. In actuality, Soul only sees Lily as an easy target to manipulate - not as a friend.


"Soul, isn't Rainbow amazing?" Lily said to Soul, while staring right at the woman speaker. Rainbow was an idol to Lily... Rainbow lived a calm, meditative lifestyle and really wanted to change the world. Lily thought she was simply amazing.

"You love her so much, go make out with her or something." Soul said, not really paying too much attention to Lily. He was also staring at Rainbow, but for a different reason. He wanted to know if there was going to be a protest - and if so, where and when - so he could tell the cops about it.

"Soul, you don't know anything about Rainbow. She would never 'makeout' with a fan. She's not into that kind of thing."

Rainbow went on a break, so another speaker went onto the podium. Soul decided to stay and listen, but Lily wanted to talk with some other people - at least until Rainbow came back. She didn't agree with most of the other speakers. Something about Phoenix pulled her towards him. "Hey, I'm Lily. I don't believe I've met you?"

LadyBast0911 08-05-2013 04:40 AM

Real Name: Alyssa Monterro
"Hippy" Name (ie, Sunshine, Daisy...): Jade
Age (15-25): 21
Appearance: Long black hair that white streaks dyed into it, average height, slender and fit, not repulsive looking but not drop dead gorgeous.
Reason you are there (protester, protester's friend...): Undercover cop who happened to have a friend who is a hippie
Thoughts on Aliens:
Personally: Bring it. We have enough guns and ammo to blow them to bits.
On the outside: Wouldn't it be awesome to meet an alien? I wonder if they are really green....
Personality (Flaws and all): She is loyal, ambitious, and adventurous. She is not afraid of getting her hands dirty to get where she needs to be. She can be mean and cruel but only when she has to.
Bio/Other: Being one of only 3 women police officers on the force, she is continually having to prove herself. She loves her job but just about hates the guys that she works with.

Real Name: Annabella Tophie
"Hippy" Name (ie, Sunshine, Daisy...): Sage
Age (15-25): 20
Appearance: Long strawberry blonde hair, average height but a tad on the bigger side but pretty. She has a heart tattoo on her hip.
Reason you are there (protester, protester's friend...): Protester
Thoughts on Aliens: "Let them eat cake!"
Personality (Flaws and all): She is young and always been sheltered by her parents and friends. She is naive, optimistic, and compassionate but hates confrontation and is easily submissive.
Bio/Other: She grew up in a small town, with small minded parents. They disagree with what she is doing and now refuse to talk to her. She has family in San Francisco but they also have refused to talk to her. She has never felt so alone in her life.

Alyssa walked into the chief's office. She knocked, tentatively. She was always getting called into here, either for being too rude to a cop or for whatever else the Chief could come up with. By the time her career is over, she is going to have her own filing cabinet. "Come in." The Chief called out. She took a deep breath and opened the door. "You wanted to see me Chief Smith."
He looked up. "Ahh, Officer Monterro. I am glad you came in. I have a new assignment for you. Please take a seat." He gestured at the two seats in front of him. She quickly sat down. "Now as you know, we are one of the epicenters of this new "hippie" movement. Well, the governor doesn't like it and wants it to be stop. However, direct communication and threats only seem to make the situation worse. We are sending in about 6 cops undercover to find out who the ring leader or leaders are and how best to stop them. Are you interested?"

She nodded. "Yes sir. I am--Oh...I am just slightly speechless at the moment. Do you have my undercover file and who the other 5 are. Also what is the safe word and-"

"Slow down." He chuckled. "Just a simple yes will do for now. I am going to set you up with Officer Torton to get everything you will need. Also, we have a safe house in place for you to stay at so you don't have use your own address. Now, Torton is waiting for you."

She jumped up and headed for Tortons office.

Miranda_ 08-05-2013 07:55 AM

Phoenix looked down from his perch on top of the van to the girl who was speaking to him. He looked her over and liked what he saw.

"No, I don't think we've met," he replied. "I'd have remembered. Want to come up here for a drink? My name's Phoenix, what's yours?"

TheHayleyDoll 08-05-2013 10:40 AM

"Lily. And sure, I'll have a quick drink." She climbed up onto the top of his van and sat down next to him. "What caused you to join the movement, Phoenix?"

Miranda_ 08-05-2013 02:14 PM

Phoenix reached into the cool box he had next to him and handed Lily a beer.

"Well," he replied, "I guess I just believe in what everyone is saying. All about equality, and free love. Why go to war, when you can just chill out and relax? Why hate, when you can love?"

He grinned suddenly. "My parents hate the fact that I'm here," he added. "They wanted me to go to college and be a teacher."

TheHayleyDoll 08-05-2013 02:47 PM

"My parents also hate me being here. They're both investment brokers." Lily laughed, and took the beer from Phoenix. "But I'm here because I want to help make a difference. Rainbow is, like, totally awesome. I want to be just like her. Standing up for our Earth, for innocent people... I could listen to her all day."

LadyBast0911 08-06-2013 06:07 AM

After spending several hours in Torton's office, Alyssa headed back to Chief Smith's office. When she opened the door, there were five other cops in the room. She recognized a couple but not all of them. Chief stood up and Alyssa squeezed into the corner. "Alright. From now on you will only be known by your cover name. River, Stone, Blu, Blaze, Hawk, and Jade. Are you all ready and prepared for your mission?"

"Yes, sir!" They all answered in unison.

"Good. Well then you are all free to go. You have your contacts. Boys, watch Jade's back and help her if she asks for. Jade, don't be afraid to follow your instincts. Be safe."

They all headed out for their assignments.

Miranda_ 08-06-2013 07:11 AM

"Yeah, she's a good speaker," Phoenix replied. "It's always good to listen to someone who passionately believes in what they're saying."

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