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Default Vampire Clan {Reboot RP} - 07-12-2013, 07:11 PM


1. This RP is rated M; this means that it's only for age 16 and over, due to its theme.

2. Obey the main forum rules.

3. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or I will hit you.

4. Absolutely NO TWILIGHT VAMPIRES. I mean it; anyone who tries to sign up with a Meyerpire will be kicked from the RP. The vampires in this RP resemble Night World Vampires; for more information click here: Night World - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Everything in the basic description fits; however, these vampires if made can change humans; and if born, they don't age past twenty. Any questions, just PM me.

5. Please don't all sign up as vampires; there needs to be human characters too. If you like, you can sign up one vampire and one human. If there are too many of one group, you may be told to revise your character. Regarding werewolves; please PM me if you wish to sign up as a werewolf as there are only a few of them and I do not want loads of werewolf characters.


Up on a hilltop in the midst of a lonely town, is an old mansion that has stood for as long as the townspeople can remember. No-one knows when it was built, or even who built it; it is just something that has always been there, now and forever. Most of the people in the town ignore the mansion and its occupants save when they emerge and come down to the town; they are mostly ignorant of the evil in their midst. However, there are a core few who know of the secret that lies within the mansion, of the family of vampires that live there and who prey not only on the townspeople, but also among the neighbouring districts. Not all are related by blood; some are only part of the family cuz they have lived there for centuries so were accepted into the clan. They are careful tho; they only kill when necessary and the attacks remain a mystery among most humans. The few who know the secret of the vampire clan know different tho; they want nothing more than the destruction finally of the vampire clan.

However, it will not be easy to destroy them. As well as those who are members of the same family, who reside within the mansion walls, there are a few hangers on who live alongside them. Some are fledgelings; vampires made by the clan as friends or lovers. Others simply latched on to the mansion as a reaction to constant wandering. The clan is growing decade by decade and now believes itself unstoppable. Not least cuz there are still many preconceptions that exist about vampires, even in the modern world. For example, that the sun can destroy them, or that they can be killed by garlic. Neither are true; however, wood is poison to vampires; the legend about the stake thru the heart is the only one that still rings true. The few humans who know of the vampire clan need to discover this knowledge before it's too late, and what they are hunting turns on them.

Among the clan too, there is danger. Some of the vampire family resent the newcomers; the made vampires who reside alongside them. Others will protect their fledgelings, even against their own family members. Some have guilty secrets which must be protected against; the love for a human, for example, or even for a werewolf. For there was at one point a werewolf pack living alongside the vampire clan; however, nearly all of the 'wolves were exterminated. Of that original pack, none survive; however, there are a few descendants still living in and around the town. Perhaps they yearn for revenge; after all, grudges can survive centuries. The werewolves plot to build up their pack once more, either the normal way, or from biting humans and compelling them to join. There has been an ageold war between the vampires and werewolves for centuries, with no end in sight.


Character form:

When filling out the form, include a personality description in your bio.

Short Bio:


Name: Perdita
Age: Actual age, 400. Appears 19
Appearence: Long blonde hair, silvery blue eyes, average height
Short Bio: Perdita is neither the eldest or youngest daughter in the clan. She tries to prey on humans who are wicked; ie, rapists, murderers, pickpockets. She falls in love with Flynn for who he is, however at all times there hangs over her the fear for when the clan finds out, which they surely must do eventually. No secrets can be kept in the clan. Perdita has a tendency to be impulsive; she can also be alarmingly selfish, persuing her own agenda. She is also vain as well too fond of luxury. She would never entertain the idea of leaving her home to be with Flynn as she loves living in rich surroundings.

Name: Flynn
Age: 16
Appearence: Dark blonde hair, blue eyes. Average height and build
Short Bio: Flynn grew up in a children's home. He ran away from it at the age of twelve cuz the new superintendant was a pedophile. He now survives mostly on the streets of the town, stealing to stay alive. He ran into Perdita while she was hunting; somehow, they ended up as lovers rather than as predator and prey. Flynn was brave enough to put aside the danger and remain with Perdita against the odds. However, he never considers the future and can be immature at times.


At the dead of night, a figure stole out from the old mansion at the top of the hill. The figure was wrapped in a cloak, with a scarf obscuring her face. Any watcher from the mansion would have been completely in ignorance of who this was.

Perdita crept quietly on light feet thru the gardens at the front of the mansion. She carried no light, but that didn't matter; her vampire eyes could see in darkness that a human would have found impossible without a torch. She looked behind her fearfully, altho there was no pursuit. Maybe it just was cuz of the enormity of what she was doing; going to meet her lover was one thing, but it was who her lover was that her clan would never forgive if they ever found out about him.

Perdita left the mansion grounds and melted into the moonless night.


A boy waited in the town centre, leaning against an old statue that, as long as he could remember, had always been there. The writing on the statue's plinth that stated who this man was was worn away with time, and now no-one knew. No-one human, that is; but Flynn was sure the vampires on the hill knew. Not that he'd ever get the chance to ask them; the only one he cared about was Perdita, and on the times they met up, talking was the last thing on their mind.

Flynn was torn in two over Perdita; on one hand, he loved her a lot; on the other hand, there was always the danger of the clan finding out and killing him. Flynn loved the thrill; he didn't even consider the danger. He looked up as she walked towards him, removing her scarf as she did so. And then there were no words, and no more thinking as they met in a strong embrace, kissing with passion and not caring if anyone witnessed it.

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