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Miranda_ 12-03-2012 06:08 PM

Halfbreeds {Remake}

1. This RP is open to everyone. If you have any questions, PM me.

2. No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Or else I will hit you.

Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies.

4. Obey the rules of this RP, which are detailed after the plot explanation.

5. Fill out the character form below when you join, plus an intro of at least one large paragraph. The bracketed parts are just instructions so no need to repost.

Name: (The name of your character. Humans would have a surname too, demons and halfbreeds wouldn't.)
Age: (Self explanitory.)
Type: (Halfbreed/Demon/Human. If your character is a demon, state which animal demon they are. For a halfbreed, state which animal their ears and tail come from.)
Personality: (Have no more than three positives and at least three negatives.)
Bio: (Tell us a bit about your character.)


This RP is set in an alternate world, where there are humans and animal demons living. However, now humans despise the animals demons. Tho, the fate of those created from one human and one demon parent, the half-breeds, is worse. Half-breeds aren't welcome anymore. If they are found they are either sold as pets to high-ranking officers, weathly families, and royal families, or they are killed. Humans are the dominant species on this part of Earth. Sometimes, the pets are treated well and may even become the mate to their owners. Other times, they are treated poorly and live up to the title 'pets'.

Humans have all the rights, legal or otherwise. Half-breeds have none, and the status quo is likely to continue with the vast majority of humans supporting it. The few that don't, are seen as odd-balls. As far as the half-breeds are concerned, their voices are ignored and their opinions treated as tho they don't matter at all. Slaves are common, tho the humans don't see them as slaves, more like beasts of burden. Pets are generally treated as fluff, and concubines as mere objects.

The setting is late 1700s, early 1800s in a different world. That means that there are no cars, no computers, no modern technology. People get about by carriages and cabs which are always pulled by horses, and carts that can be pulled by horses, mules or donkeys. People can also ride horses, and use oxen to pull ploughs and other farm equipment. There are also trains in operation, run by steam. However, cuz this is an alternate world, apart from the lack of technology, the people are fairly modern in attitude and dress. Modern films, music etc can be mentioned, but remember that music would be played on a gramophone and films would exist as plays on a theatre stage.

Masters are always human and pets are always half-breeds. No exceptions. Demons are not kept as pets; they either hide themselves away, pretending to be human, or they are kept in captivity to be experimented on or used for breeding. An animal demon would have a full human form and a full animal form; they can pass for human as long as they stay in their human form and keep away from anyone who's an expert at telling them from humans. Half breeds are human shaped, but with the ears and tail of whichever animal their demon parent is a demon of. That includes reptiles as well as mammals.

The world needs to change. The halfbreeds have remained voiceless for a long time, but soon will get the chance to speak. The humans will not be able to ignore them for much longer. Humans are all equal, yet see nothing wrong with the way they treat the halfbreeds, all but a few who are determined to change the way things are. There are sanctuaries run by humans who believe this, there are a few enlightened owners. There are also those in the demon camp who do not wish for this state of affairs to continue for much longer. A small group of rebel demons live in secrecy in the middle of the city. They come from all walks of life; from demons who's families were killed and who banded together for safety, to runaway breeders and lab experiments who needed someplace to go. The time is ripe for change. But, what will that change be?

Miranda_ 12-03-2012 06:40 PM

Rules And Information.

There are several different ways that the halfbreeds and demons are enslaved; this section tells in what way, and the rules for each group.

Slaves And Breeders.
Slaves are always halfbreeds and as a general rule, they are put to work down mines, doing heavy manual work and as a result, rarely live longer than their mid twenties. Slaves are allowed to breed, but their offspring are sold at either two years if they are to be pets, or five if they're destined to become concubines. Breeders are always demons, and always female. They are kept continuously pregnant in order for their owners to make money by selling their offspring. Most, like slaves, die early.

Pets And Guards.
Always halfbreeds. Both pets and guards are taken away from their mothers at age two and are immediately trained to walk on all fours. If they attempt to walk upright, they are punished. Eventually, after several years, their muscles fix so that they are now unable to stand up at all. This can be reversed if the halfbreed is gotten at early enough, but once a halfbreed pet or guard has gone thru puberty, it is almost irreversible. Altho they can be given therapy at a later date, it isn't always successful and even if it does work, they will always have a limp. Pets have to be kept on leads on the road, only allowed off in places such as public parks. They have to wear collars at all times, and be kept in at night. Guards have a little more freedom, but not much. Altho they can move outside the place they are guarding, they can't go far. Neither have any rights pertaining to offspring; if they do have children, the owner can sell them on.

Always halfbreeds. Concubines are generally picked out at an early age for this fate; this usually happens cuz a halfbreed is pretty. Both males and females can become concubines. They are not allowed to go anywhere without their owner, and any children they have will be the property of said owner. Their feelings on the matter are irrelevant, as is their own sexuality. The legal age of consent is eighteen for humans, sixteen for halfbreeds. However, the law pertaining to underage halfbreeds is rarely enforced, and a rape stands no chance of getting to the courts unless the halfbreed can call upon a human witness. Some concubines end up in entertainment clubs as dancers and singers; however, the club owner has a perfect right to hire them out.


Name: Mara Naylor.
Age: 28
Type: Human.
Personality: Mara has a tendency to lose her temper, as well as to speak and act without thinking. She also is very stubborn and won't be shifted from her path without a lot of difficulty. She is also kind, a hard worker and stands up for what she believes is right. Mara is tall with a tendency to plumpness and has brown hair and brown eyes.
Bio: Mara was brought up by parents who believed that halfbreeds and demons were on the same level as humans and who passed their beliefs on to their daughter. When she became an adult, Mara started a sanctuary for runaway demons, as well as for illtreated halfbreeds who's owners had been imprisoned for cruelty. She runs it with the help of friends, and has money put in her account by her parents, who believe in the cause. Now, she feels her life is to be devoted to helping the demons and halfbreeds in her care, and also to try and get the laws pertaining to them altered, particularly the concubine laws.

Age: Sixteen.
Type: Halfbreed, with black cat ears and tail, black hair and green eyes.
Personality: Spartina is lazy, very selfish and has a hot temper. She is however very friendly, and gives advice if she feels a person needs it.
Bio: Spartina was sold to her owner at the age of six, and has been with him ever since. Her owner is an auctioneer at the local auction house, but has a very feckless attitude towards his pet. He often has to pay a fine when Spartina lets herself out and roams the streets, but doesn't care. She feels that she gets exactly what she wants out of life, simply by acting like the dumb animal that humans think she is. Her owner sometimes takes her along to where he works, to keep an eye on her.

Age: 20.
Type: Halfbreed. Caramel has medium length pink hair, rabbit ears and tail, and blue eyes.
Personality: Caramel can be spiteful at times, as well as very nasty to anyone who she thinks is getting above themselves. If she doesn't like someone, she makes sure they know it. However, she's loyal to her friends and kind to any of her friends who are ill or unhappy.
Bio: Caramel was trained as a dancer and taught to sing by her first owner, who saw the potential in her as well as the money that she'd make him when he sold her on. She was eventually sold to Declan Summers, who owned a club that put on shows by halfbreeds. At first, she was fine with her life, until Declan fell into depression after the death of his wife and allowed his son to influence him into changing the club for the worse. Now, the dances are more sexy, and the clothes the halfbreeds there have to wear leave little to the imagination. Worse, they are now rented out to clients. Caramel made sure that any client who hired her for the evening would regret it, exercising spite and cleverness in equal ways to ensure that they got what they deserved and it couldn't be traced back to her.
Mara looked at her papers and sighed to herself. She always detested having to do the paperwork for the sanctuary, but unfortunately, it was a necessary evil that had to be done. Money wasn't an issue luckily, with such understanding parents as she had, but there were other things that had to be considered. Such as the fact that she needed to expand her premises, and she wasn't really confident of getting planning permission to build on to the house due to what its purpose was. Mara was sick and tired of dealing with rude officials who, just cuz they disagreed with her views and wanted the status quo to continue, felt they had a right to put obsticles in her way for no good reason. Sighing again, the young woman thought that come what may, she would have to go and see the council. Maybe a friend could come too...


The auction was due to start in half an hour. Several people were already there, from those who simply wished to purchase a halfbreed for their own use, to the dealers, club owners and others who wanted to buy in bulk. Curled up comfortably on a couch round the back, Spartina felt utterly content. Her owner, the auctioneer, was busily sorting out the paperwork pertaining to the various lots on offer today. Spartina, a cat halfbreed, was the pet of the auctioneer and felt that her life was, if not perfect, then at least as good as it could be. She used her status as a pet to do exactly what she liked and go where she wanted to go, safe in the knowledge that it would be her owner who'd be held responsible. It was a good thing that he didn't seem to care about paying out fines. Spartina decided that when the auction started, she'd go and find a place to watch. Who knew what would happen?


Caramel filed her long nails as she read a magazine. All the halfbreed singers and dancers had been given this day off, as Declan and his son Anthony were at the auction to try and buy more halfbreeds for the club. The rabbit halfbreed sniffed at the thought; the poor souls who ended up being bought by those two didn't know what they were getting themselves into. The club had once been a respectable place; now it was getting seedier every day. Caramel remembered when her dances had been sexy but stylish; now, however, they were sleazy and involved as few clothes as possible. She had been trained as a singer as well, but very rarely got the chance to showcase her voice as her owner felt that showing off her body was preferable. She was at this moment prepared for whatever newbies ended up at the club, and to help if necessary. They'd need it.

spirit_queen 12-20-2012 06:53 PM

Name: Declan Summers
Age: 51
Type: Human
Personality: Greedy, neglectful, cold. Not a very kind or caring man, though he will pursue those that harm what he considers his, property, son, or concubines.
Bio: Declan is the owner of a club/wh.rehouse in one of the larger cities. He has become very successful, and is very good at keeping track of his money. His club used to be a respectable place in which the half-breeds put on more honest shows, but after the death of his wife, he stopped caring what happened and slowly let the place become what it is now. Now, all he cares for is the money, and lets his idiotic son do whatever he wants.

Name: Emily
Age: 18
Type: half siberian husky dog demon; black fur with white undersides on ears and tail. Ice-blue eyes, pale skin, curly black hair.
Personality: Strong, pushy, loud, volatile, Emily is not a woman to mess with. She usually knows her own mind, and what she wants.
Bio: Emily has a younger brother, Connor, who is smaller, weaker, more emotionally fragile. it is for him she puts up her front of strength, for him she continued to direct abuse at herself. She and her brother, as luck would have it, haven't been separated yet, and she prays they never will be. Emily and Connor, having been raised for concubine positions, are both able to walk upright.

Name: Yuuna
Age: 16
Type: Deer half breed. Long, black hair, golden skin, little puff tail and rounded ears like a white-tailed deer.
Personality: Shy, sweet, a little over-emotional. She is easily frightened.
Bio: Yuuna was raised to be a slave, but when the mines in her homeland gave out -resulting in the deaths of her mom and brother- she was sent away to become a concubine.


Declan paced the auction hall, impatient for the bidding to start; he didn't like crowds, didn't like people, especially didn't like children. He sneered as a little boy bumped into him while running from his older brother. "Watch where you're going, brat," he snarled. The child gasped and ran off, and Declan rolled his eyes.

He was looking for a new voice; Caramel was his dancer, and a good singer, but he wanted a soprano, perhaps, though a new face in general just might help. He just wished the d,mn thing would start so he could leave and so tht his fool of a son would stop flirting so much.


Emily waited in the wings, tied down with Connor. She refused to let go of her brother, cradling him in her lap and stroking his hair. She didn't know what was to become of them, but, as concubines, it would be nothing good.

She both did and didn't want the auction to start; on the one hand, waiting is terrible. On the other... well, they could be separated, they could be sold to somewhere worse than the place they came from... the possibilities were all but endless.


A small girl, the first that would go, trembled alone in a corner. She hid her face, but what could be seen of her skin was golden in color. She was part deer, and her ears were laid down; she didn't want to be seen. She couldn't understand anybody here; she was from a far-off place, and no one had though it important to teach her English. She picked up bits and pieces, but it was hard, so, hard... she just wanted to go home, she just wanted her mother and brother back.

Shmiley 05-27-2013 11:33 PM

Name: Sanctuary
Age: 18
Type: A silver fox half breed. Her ears are a silver with black tips and her tail is silver with speckles of black. Her hair is like liquid shiver and her eyes are cosmic green, a saturated yellow green.
Personality: Sassy, stubborn and friendly are the traits best to describe Sanctuary. Of course, Sanctuary can be a very nasty woman and will lash out at any man or woman who doesn't treat her right. She's also prone to have a bit of a temper and voice her opinion, but nothing too bad.
Bio: At a young age, she was chosen to be a concubine to serve at the whims of countless Masters and Mistresses. She usually wasn't kept by them long all of them stating she was a rebel and voiced her opinions a bit too much. Even after punishments, she wouldn't change herself and would lash back until she was dumped on to another Master or Mistress. Now, she's being pushed to any one who is willing to be her Master.

Name: Azalea
Age: 16
Type: A red bat half breed. Her arms, like regular bats, are her wings. Of course, being this type of half breed she does have fingers that are fully functional. She doesn't have a tail, but she has semi-large ears that allow her to hear exceptionally well. As for physical appearance, she has long red-orange curly hair and sharp orange eyes. Her skin is a little pink, but other wise she's fairly pale.
Personality: Very sensuous, sassy, and a bit hot headed are terms Aza heard when customers describe her. From her long red hair to curvy figure and killer legs, she can grab the attention of everyone. Of course she has a large bit of confidence and is pegged to be vain and a drama queen, she does have a heart of gold under all of that.
Bio: Aza showed her interest in dance and singing once she was exposed to it from her Master's eldest child. She was trained in both arts and shined greatly. She was eventually dropped at a cavern wishing for a dancer and singer. She was trained even more to add sensual movements with her dancing and to use her powerful, jazz voice to reach into the hearts of the cavern regulars. Aza was eventually sold to an entertainment club as their dancer and singer. She wowed the crowd there until the owner had to let her go, not because she was bad, but he needed fresh talent and she was still underage at the time. So, now she's back in the auctioning ring.

Name: Axel
Age: 20
Type: He's a lion demon. A pure lion demon. His human form has wild red-gold hair, gold-green eyes and light tan skin. He's pretty tall and thin with some muscles. Though, his most striking feature is his feminine hips- of course they are natural. In his animal form, he's the typical lion, just a little bigger in size and his fur has the slightest hint of red.
Personality: Sly, loyal, and a pure trouble maker, Axel grew up like a true rebel. He does have his sweet side and won't be afraid to get in a fight to protect someone he cares about either. However, he does have a bad habit of smoking.
Bio: Axel was one of those fortunate male demons who got away due to the help of active demon protection enthusiasts. He was taken away and was raised for sometime in a home for demons. Eventually, he was taken to another home and then another. His adoptive "parents" didn't want the poor male demon to die at the hands of humans. At the age of eighteen, he ended up at the sanctuary Mara started and has been there since.


Sanctuary sighed and rolled her eyes. The auctions were going to start once again. She was going to be bought once again. Taken back to her Master or Mistresses home, she was going to do something out-of-line and given to another. It was a vicious cycle she couldn't get out of. It wasn't her fault that none of her owners thought she was a being capable of thought, emotions and opinions. She flipped her long hair over her shoulder, this was going to be a long day.


Aza hummed to herself, eyes scanning over the concubines. She had seen some of them before and some were new, especially the dog girl and the little boy in her lap. Her brother perhaps? Cute, but sad. They would eventually get split apart, however, if they were lucky, they could go to the same owner. Though, the chance of that seemed a little slim.

She blew a piece of hair from her face, she leaned over towards them, "You look nervous, doll." She softly purred, crossing one curvy leg over the other.


Axel blew a smoke ring into the air. There was buzz everywhere about the auction. He went a few times before, but didn't stay long. The people there know when a demon is in their presence. He shook his head and tossed his cigarette out the window, then closed it. The poor souls being sold, he hoped they would go to good owners or at least decent ones.

He walked down the hall and took a left, stopping just a little short of where Mara sat, "Yo, you look troubled." He ruffled his hair, "Though I have a feeling it has to do with the bas-tards again."

Miranda_ 05-28-2013 01:01 PM

Spartina got up from the couch and stretched lazily. She glanced at the clock; the auction was about to start, and therefore her owner would be very busy. She made her way to the hall where the auction was to be held. Glancing about, Spartina took in both the halfbreeds for sale and those who had come to bid.

There was that horrible club owner again, with his loathsome son; Spartina had seen them both at the auction place before and didn't like either of them one bit. There was that rich man and his pretty, silly wife; they had their own pet already, a surly black fox halfbreed who sat obediently at the wife's feet. Spartina had spoken to him before, and found that unlike her, Jett hated his role as pet and let his bitterness consume him. Perhaps his owners were there to find him a companion, which could only be a good thing.

The cat halfbreed found a comfortable place to sit on an old armchair at the back and settled down to watch the proceedings. This looked as tho it could be very entertaining.

Mara managed a watery smile as Axel spoke to her. She was very fond of him, and liked him to come with her whenever she attended the auctions. Of course, she would rather not have to go, but felt it her duty to do so in case anything happened. After all, she was quite willing to act as a witness if need be.

"Just the usual, I'm afraid," she said in reply to Axel's query. "I really need to extend the sanctuary, but I'm afraid that it'll be difficult getting planning permission. The money won't be a problem, as my parents will put it up, but the council are just so stubborn. They don't approve of the sanctuary, as if I cared, but it makes it so difficult whenever I have to do anything for it."


The auctioneer banged his hammer for silence. "The auction is now in session," he said, glancing to where he could see his pet, Spartina, curled up on an armchair. He heaved a sigh of relief that she was in plain sight and not wandering around, doing mischief. Much as he liked his pretty pet, he did think that she got into an awful lot of trouble. Still, that was the nature of such creatures; it wasn't her fault.

"Bring out the first lot," he continued, "Then the bids can begin."

Shmiley 05-28-2013 02:23 PM

The silver fox groaned, the time has arrived. She didn't mind the auctions, she found them highly amusing and a little fun, what she didn't like was being bought. Now, she had gone to a few good homes, some homes she was glad she got out of. She supposed it was just the people who owned her. She followed under their rules, until they would start to treat her badly or even roughly. Sanctuary was grade-A quality, she wasn't going to be treated any less. Who would want to buy a concubine that was less than grade-A?

She scoffed, if they didn't like her. So be it, there were other people out there who would want her.


The bat's ears perked up, so it was about to begin. Well, this was bound to be interesting. She stretched out her legs and arms, back curving into a delicate 'n' shape. Let's see who would buy her today. She shook her head, her hair fell down over her shoulders in curled waves.


Axel enjoyed Mara's company more so than the other demons and half breeds in the sanctuary. Some were just pure bitter and others didn't even want to talk to him.

He slouched against a wall, "Then do it, extend the sanctuary with or without their permission. The council is just a bunch of hypocritical a-sswipes who favorite a group of people over the other." He tapped his temple, "They only have prejudice and hatred swimming around in their empty skulls. If they allow strip joints, seedy bars and clubs, they should allow this to happen. Just tell them it's keeping a lot of 'filthy vermin' off the streets. That'll shut 'em up."

He slid down the wall and relaxed back against said wall, "This sanctuary is giving demons and half breeds a place to hide or live a worry free life before they head their own way."

spirit_queen 05-28-2013 03:56 PM

Declan had a sharp eye, and was quick to discern the ones he'd want for his club; the fox, the bat, possibly the dog, but she wouldn't let go of whom he presumed was a relative, and Declan hated attachments.

The auctioneer brought forward the first, a tiny little thing with the ears and tail of a doe, and eyes round enough to match. She was so small an skinny she looked more pre-pubescent, so Declan decided he had no need for her; he could get assistants for his showgirls and -guys cheaper elsewhere.

He disengaged mentally a little, letting the buzz of conversation overcome him. He almost relaxed- until his son stumbled into him. Clearly, he'd managed to smuggle in a little drink. "Hey, dad," he breathed.

"What do you want?" Declan asked, just managing to bury the sneer tainting his tone.

"I want them." Declan looked down at his son, a man in his late teens. He was actually somewhat handsome, and paid good attention to his own looks. Declan followed a long finger pointing at the dogs.

"Them?" he asked, quirking a brow.

"I like the look of the boy, and the girl's perfect for dancing," his son said with a firm nod.

"If I offer for them both, will you take your drugs outside and not breathe on me like that?" Declan snarled.

"But not til then."

D,mn, boy had actually learned something, and if Declan tried to force him, he'd get kicked out of the place, which was very, very bad for business indeed.


Emily stroked Connor's hair and looked at Aza. "Of course I'm nervous, i'm about to be separated from my blood," she replied at last.


The little doe girl quivered before the crowd, barely comprehending the words the flowed around her so freely. English was such a hard language, with lots of rules that seemed made to be broken, and Yuuna struggled with it immensely.

She was first, and she wanted nothing more than to dive backstage and run away, run so no one could ever find her. but, afraid as she was of being sold, she was more afraid of security, and did little more than whimper and attempt to hide her face behind her dark brown hair.

Miranda_ 05-28-2013 04:07 PM

"I could do that," Mara replied to Axel, "But there's something I could do which would work better. I'll ask my father to intervene. He's quite high up and there's no way that they'd dare to talk back to him like they do to me. I don't normally like to do this, but it's for the sake of those in my sanctuary and I put them first."


Spartina looked up as the first bid, the frightened looking deer girl, was put into the ring. The rich man who owned her friend Jett put his hand up and made the first bid. This was interesting; perhaps she could maybe go and visit if he won the bid.


Connor was terrified as he sat on his sister's lap. He could hardly bear to look up, scared that he and his sister would be separated and sold to different owners and that he would never see her again.

Shmiley 05-28-2013 04:10 PM

Aza's eyes flickered over the crowd, catching an older man and what looked to be his son. Her brow rose and she smirked, "Maybe not, girl." Her ears caught the last of the man and his son's conversation, "The boy over there likes the way you and your brother looks. You may be bought by that man." She smiled, "So relax and you'll be fine. Show off that pretty face of yours and make sure everyone knows there is a two for one deal."


He smiled, "Your dad is pretty good at getting business done and I highly doubt they would talk back to him, they would lose a very powerful man if they did so."

spirit_queen 05-28-2013 04:14 PM

Emily nodded. "I planned on trying to keep him, anyway," she whispered. She kissed the top of his head. "He's all I have left."


Another man and his wife bid on Yunna, raising the price by a bit.

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