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Miranda_ 08-26-2012 11:11 AM

The Irregulars {RP}
1. This RP is for Regulars and Irregulars. Regulars are basically normal humans; Irregulars are mutated ones. Mutations however are more like freak show mutations than anything else; the mutations that are allowed are as follows: tails, animal ears, hooves, extra fingers and toes, missing or extra limbs, different colour skin or hair. If you are unsure about anything, feel free to PM me. This RP is open to everyone.

2. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies. That means no godmoding or Mary Sues, among other things.

3. Please obey the rules of this world, which are detailed in the plot explanation. Also, do not introduce any supernatural beings.

4. Please try to have an equal number of Regular and Irregular characters; if there are too many of one faction, I may ask you to either change your character or introduce one from the other side.

5. There are no character forms; please describe your character in your opening paragraph.


The story starts in the year 3000, and the world is a very different place to what it once was. The fossil fuel reserves ran out in 2500, hastened by the greed and jealousy of the world's leaders; all who, while running thru their own reserves, believed without foundation that the other leaders held bigger reserves that they could fall back on. This falsehood was discovered only when it was too late, when there were no more fossil fuels left. Due to a seismic eruption which shifted about the earth's plates, the continents are now different. There are now only two, separated by a large ocean. When the fossil fuel ran out, the world had been left polluted to the extreme. The sky changed to yellow, and many lakes were poisoned. Humans who drank from these lakes or swam in them ended up suffering various mutations. The result of all this was that the world's leaders called a summit meeting to decide the fate of the world. It was eventually decided to use new technology to create domes on the smaller and healthier continent for the humans who remained unmutated to live on. New energy sources, like solar power and nuclear power, were to be used instead of the defunct fossil fuel reserves. The exodus was planned as soon as the domes were completed, which took many years. In that time, the Regulars, as they called themselves, kept themselves apart from the mutated Irregulars and began to believe that they were a superior race. Once the domes were completed, in the year 2600, the Regulars left the larger continent for the smaller. The Regulars elected leaders, who named the continent with its domes Utopia, as it was intended to become a paradise on Earth.

Left behind were the Irregulars. They clung like rats to the remenents of their shattered world, shunning the Regulars who had abandoned them. They live entirely in the present, their only thoughts survival from day to day. Many of the old morals have disappeared, and there are no laws; in any case, there are now no lawmen to enforce them. The people quarrel among themselves and problems are solved in an old, tribal way as did the native tribes of days gone by. Cruel words and harsh language and behaviour are also commonplace, but rarely mean anything save as a means of communication. There is no technology; all was taken by the Regulars to their Utopia. Instead, people went back to the old methods of transport; the horses; the oxen, the mules; these still exist in the world due to the actions of far seeing people who realised that one day, they would need to fall back on primative methods of transportation. The land occasionally gives up food for its people, but the vast fields of wheat and other crops are a thing of the past. The starved soil cannot give a huge yield, which is why the people now mostly live in small, tightknit communities, occasionally trading things like mirrors, toys, cosmetics and other such things that still survive for the basics like food and water. Like the shadow that fire leaves on a wall, the pointless trappings of a society long gone still remain.

The only power that can be utilised is from natural sources, like the wind and sun, but there are no longer the factories to build the huge windmills and efficient solar panels, so only small amounts of power can be harnessed from the wind and sun. There is no money, nor any need for it. Objects are traded for other objects; food is grown by people and used by them, or traded; theft is rampant. Settlements range in size from small tribes to small towns, which are built outside where the old cities are. These are still standing, but some of the buildings have been pulled down so as to reuse the bricks for building houses in the new towns. The great cities now are ghost cities, with shells of buildings that have been looted for every last valuable item, and with hoards of wild animals dwelling within. Some people still live in these ghost cities, but the atmosphere is eerie. The Irregulars have lived this way for centuries, and are stuck in their ways, unable to break free and better themselves. It will take something very bad to move them... and unfortunately, there is one such thing on the way. While life outside the domes has been static, inside, technology has bettered. The Regulars have filled their entire continent, and their growing population needs more space. Their leaders look to the other continent, where the Irregulars live; now it is possible to heal the land, they plan to move over the ocean and take the land. The Irregulars would be seen merely as rats to be exterminated; most of the Regulars do not see them as anything more than vermin.

Miranda_ 08-26-2012 11:23 AM

Continued cuz of character limit.
Rules of the worlds.


Utopia, or the domes, is a place of great technological advancement with much of what science fiction books and movies predicted for the future. There are robots to do the work, so the residents enjoy a better standard of living than most people today. Education is better, and disease, poverty, unemployment etc have been almost completely erradicated. The children are brought up to believe that they, as Regulars, are the superior race to the Irregulars living accross the ocean, and taught that there is no need for them to ever visit the other continent. A tube system along with hover cars run provides transport; these, along with the robots, are mostly run on nuclear and solar energy. The nuclear power plant is contained in a dome of its own in order to minimise pollution, and the walls of the dome have invisible solar panels. Due to a weather system created by the advanced technology, the sky inside the domes is the normal blue, and rainfall, snowfall and other essential weather can be accurately predicted to the minute. There are vast areas of land kept solely for food manufacture. Most Utopians live out their entire lives not ever having set foot outside the domes.

Irregular Continent.

Compared to Utopia, this continent is a wasteland. Food can be grown, and animals can be trapped, but the contamination in both would make any Regular who ate it extremely sick. The Irregulars have pride in themselves, and are resentful of the way they are treated by the Regulars. The sky is yellow from past pollution and many lakes are polluted. The water causes mutations in Regular humans, but just as with the food, the Irregulars are immune to its effects. Transport is either on foot, on bicycle or by using beasts of burden. The people of this continent generally gather together in small communities, altho small groups live in the ghost cities. As for the cities, think Pripyat. The buildings are either half pulled down, or with smashed windows and litter accross the floors. Wild animals also dwell in the cities, so most people prefer to live in the village communities which are friendlier by far. Irregulars tend not to bother with surnames.


For Sanura Grey, it was a normal day in Utopia for her. Sanura lived and worked in the main city of the dome world Utopia; it was named Paradise, which Sanura often felt was a bit pretentious. Still, it was home. Sanura was fairly tall, with a plumpish figure, grey eyes and bobbed black hair. It always seemed to be messy, which she hated. She worked in the weather control centre, working out which areas of the dome world needed rain, and which ones could be given sunshine. All this information was fed into the mainframe computer, so that the correct type of weather could be distributed to the correct part of Utopia.

Still, Sanura couldn't help but feel somewhat discontented with life. She belonged to a group of Utopians that was called Utopians For Unification, or Ufu for short; their aim was to bring the Irregulars and Utopians together in peace. Most of the city dwellers thought they were nuts; still, Sanura felt that it was the right thing to do. She was currently on her way to a meeting, where an important announcement was to be made; Sanura wondered exactly what it could be.


Justin tended not to worry about the future at all; to his mind, it was a pointless exercise which would achieve precisely nothing. Justin had lived in the settlement where he'd been born; it was a small collection of houses surrounding a lake which had bright blue water in it, and was filled with water that would poison any Regular, but in which the Irregulars regularly swam. Justin, like everyone else in the settlement, was mutated; the mutations were partly passed down thru families, and partly as a result of the world in which they lived. No-one really cared too much, tho.

The boy sat at the edge of the lake and dipped his toes in the water. Justin was of average height, fairly thin, and with dark blue hair and eyes. He also had a black dog's tail and black ears, one of which stood up, the other flopped down. His feet resembled dog's feet, but his hands were fairly normal-ish. He splashed the water with his feet, and thought vaguely that he ought to be doing something useful, but felt too lazy to actually go and do something. The sun shone warmly from the bright yellow sky, and it wasn't really a day for action.

Silent_Wolf 08-26-2012 12:43 PM

Diane Elaenor was a bit of a brat; a twenty six year old woman and the daughter of the founder of Regulars Against Mutations - known as RAM - she had a fairly priviledged life. This life had its marks; fights, a few brushes with discipline here and there. Violence seemed to just seep from her pores and her father had had enough. He had signed her on for MMA fighting as a vent for her troubles: He was tired of her getting into fisticuffs outside of a controlled environment; she could be too wild if left unchecked.

She was currently reclining on a chair in her luxurious apartment, playing some video game based on living in the Irregular continent; it was fairly boring, she'd decided a long time ago, but there was nothing better to do. She wanted a fight, she wanted... dammit what did she want, anyway. She sighed and stared up at the ceiling through startling amber-colored eyes. Her father never failed to hammer it into her that she was special - that she was the first in a long line of Elaenors that didn't have freakish eyes. This wasn't exactly true; her mother had had eyes the color of emeralds and her uncle had the color of a deep ocean. But no, he said; those were not natural eye colors, he'd told her as he'd watched her with his creepy white eyes. He wore contacts now, of regular blue eyes, but whenever he'd been lecturing her he'd decided not to wear them to enforce the concept of "Regularity" that she encompassed in his eyes.

She still didn't think she was anything special, really. She was in every other aspect a normal Regular - if a bit... violent. She threw the controller onto the table and relaxed backwards, checking her work schedule on her holographic laptop screen. She was a programmer of sorts; made different systems do different things and she could do it from the comfort of her favorite chair. That wasn't to say she was lazy; hardly. She went out for runs, exercised constantly. She always wanted to be at the top of her game; it was important. If she wasn't at the top of her game, she wasn't herself. The very idea made her a bit queasy.


Nineteen year old Sinopa sat on the roof of her little house, watching the blue lake in front of her. Compared to some Irregulars in their small town, she was normal - black-brown hair, blue eyes about the same color as the lake, and olive colored skin. Her feet were normal; her hands were normal, the only deformity being her nails were black and always grew into points, same as her toenails as well. Well, she was normal until you saw her wings; largely nonfunctional and longer than her feathers reached down, they stretched farther than her fingertips and had two separate joints each. The feathers were yellow and black, and most of the ones on the shoulder and elbows of the useless limbs were the same bright yellow. She couldn't fly with them, but they served well against wind and also kept her warm at night to some degree, and functioned sometimes as an umbrella. She supposed she also had a fairly unpleasant voice when she got angry, kind of shrieky, but she was rarely mad; she just went straight to violent if it ever occured.

Because of her lack of flight despite her wings, she was fairly obsessed with gaining the ability somehow; maybe building a flying machine like what there used to be. Growing up with her parents, who had been wingless but both had the same nail mutation (plus her father did have those bird feet...), they'd travelled quite a lot; they'd once found an old, old airport that had been abandoned, and Sinopa had since then dreamed of what it must be like to be in the sky overlooking the polluted world. Maybe she'd even see the sky properly, above those nasty clouds. She sighed and looked down, noticing Justin by the lake. She stretched her wings, wondering if she should attempt gliding down but decided not to. She'd broken her arm once doing that when her wings had just gone straight up, and she chose to just actually climb down and walk over, like a normal Irregular. Easy as pie. Right?


She clambered down the side of her house and hopped onto her feet, brushing dirt off the back of her jeans as she walked over to the lake. "Hey, kid. How's it going?"

spirit_queen 09-01-2012 06:24 PM

Rose was just done for the day, fed up with putting up with teachers treating her like a child. How did they expect her to be a successful neurologist when they didn't think her capable of basic chemistry? So she was a little young…

As she walked the impeccably paved streets, where not a single bit of mud or litter was to be seen, she passed the small building infamous for housing that Unification club. Many she knew referred to it jokingly as "oofoo", called its members the "oo-fools" or perhaps an "ufu-dufus". In the past, she'd turned her nose up at it, like most people her age, but lately she'd adopted an apathetic attitude toward it.

Now, however, curiosity suddenly struck her; what would a meeting be like? Would they be spouting nonsense about equality for creatures that were barely human? Or would there be, perhaps, a voice or two of reason? Doubting it was the case she decided to check it out; after all, it was hardly as if doing so could harm her, as the UFU members seemed to be primarily pacifist.

So, she crossed her dark, near-black-brown arms, tossed her head of short ringlets, and headed for the building, her light blue dress swaying softly in a light breeze and accenting her surplus curves.


Adam laid out in the sun, enjoying the warming sensation of one of the rare nicer days. He played softly with his bright yellow curls that reached past his ears, and smiled slightly to himself. His eyes were exceedingly large and round, giving him a permanently childish appearance. The irises changed every couple days or so, and today they were sky-blue with star-like pupils. Sometimes the changing hurt, too, but he'd long since gotten used to it.

The rest of his body, however, didn't seem to have faired so well with the mutations in his family; for example, he had no hands at all, just worthless stumps on arms so thin they made even some Irregs cringe. His skin was mostly tan, but there were a few spots -one on each arm near the elbows, two on he left leg, one on the right, one over his heart- that were pale as death.

His legs were a little bowed, but otherwise just fine. His big toes, however, had a space away from the rest of the toes just about large enough to make them opposable. He of course used them like hands, and very well; Adam was a musician. He played anything he could get his feet around, be it flutes he made himself from reeds, bins he used for percussion- just anything.

This day, he was reclining out by the lake, but he left the other boy alone; he had no idea if this other boy was even his age. Heck, he himself didn't know his own age; he had no parents, just a sister. His sister was a talented hunter. They always took care of each otter, no matter what.

Miranda_ 09-03-2012 09:18 AM

Sanura turned the corner of the street and entered the Ufu building, where the meetings were held. She felt lucky that she lived within walking distance of both her workplace and the Ufu building; if she needed to go further afield, for example, to buy groceries, she took the transport tubes. These were fairly simple to use; all a person had to do was step in, speak clearly where they wanted to go, put their money in the slot provided and they'd be sucked into the tubes. They'd speed along to their destination, and then step out. It was best to only carry groceries in a zipped up bag when using the tubes or else shopping would fall all over the place once you left.

Sanura wondered if there'd be another charity expedition to the Irregular continent. These were a regular thing; members of Ufu would travel by hovercopter to the Irregular continent with medical supplies, tinned food and other useful items to be donated to the various settlements. The only reason why they didn't do these more often was cuz they had to bring their own food and water supplies, as they couldn't eat or drink anything in the settlements and it took a little time to raise the money for this. Sanura walked into the large hall where the meetings were held; glancing at her watch, she saw that she was five minutes early. She sat down on a chair and waited.

Justin looked up at Sinopa with a smile. "Not a lot," he replied. "I had to feed the horses earlier, and later on, me and Jane were planning on going downstream to fish. Do you want to come with us?"

Jane was a good friend of both Justin and Sinopa. She had long blonde hair, which she often plaited into pigtails, orange eyes, pale green skin and hooves for feet. Her hands were two large fingers and a thumb; her fingers were what on normal hands would be the forefinger and middle finger. Jane's mother Clare had once been a Utopian but had been exiled from the dome world for manslaughter. She'd been in a fight with another girl when she was a teenager, and had killed the girl accidentally by stamping on her head.

Clare had chosen to become mutated rather than to die, and had developed a horn in the middle of her forehead like a unicorn, pale green skin and hooves for feet. Neither she or Justin's mother Jessica were aware of who their children's fathers were, but neither they or any of the other Irregulars cared. This kind of thing wasn't an issue on the Irregular isle.

Silent_Wolf 09-03-2012 09:39 AM

Sinopa grinned. "Love to. Wonder if I can catch a big catfish again," she mused as she sat down. A few months ago - or some other long period of time ago, anyway - she'd had some of her feathers ripped out by some big fish as she'd lounging by the stream, and she'd dove right in and pulled out a fish nearly as big as she'd been. Her nails had shredded its gills, so it had simply suffocated. "We ate pretty good for awhile last time."

Diana left her apartment and eyed the tube outside with a bit of anxiety; considering them lazy, she rarely used them unless she needed to get somewhere in a hurry. This was for two reasons: Why tube when you could walk, or run? Also: She always came out head first. Most people jumped out quite gracefully, but she never seemed to get the hang of it. Her aversion would stick with her for most of her life, probably. With a shrug, she pulled her light jacket over her shoulders and headed up the road, deciding to sit in on an Udoofus meeting; as long as she stayed quiet and near the back with her hair back and her sunglasses on, they'd never notice the daughter of RAM there.

Miranda_ 09-03-2012 10:05 AM

"We're going to the same place as we did last time," Justin replied. "So maybe you'll be lucky again. We can dig for worms to use as bait."

More people were arriving for the Ufu meeting, but the leader had not yet arrived.

Silent_Wolf 09-03-2012 10:14 AM

"I'm willing to sacrifice my feathers. Just, let me pull them out first." ._.

Diane soon arrived after begrudgingly taking the tubes, and she sat down as far in the back as possible.

spirit_queen 09-05-2012 08:03 AM

Rose found a seat she considered to be fairly inconspicuous; she didn't want to be noticed as someone new, of course.

Adam overheard the plans to go fishing and quietly wondered if he'd be welcome to join... but then he shrugged it off; people just didn't like him. He was used to it.

Miranda_ 09-05-2012 10:29 AM

The leader of Ufu arrived. He coughed politely, and the members stopped their chattering and looked towards the front.

"It's time for another trip to the continent," he said. "Any volunteers can put their names down on the sign up sheet as usual. There's also another item, a more serious one."

The man paused, then continued. "As you know, the dome cities are getting crowded. The problem is that there's only one place that expansion can happen, and that's on the Irregulars continent. We must fight to stop this happening. Since we can surely live in peace and harmony with the Irregulars, it wouldn't matter if our leaders wished to live alongside them, but I don't see it. They probably want to push them out of the place where they've lived in peace for centuries, and build more domes."

Sanura was horrified at this. Sure, the domes were getting crowded, but surely there was another way to solve the problem without attacking the Irregulars? It wasn't their fault that Utopia was getting too full.


Justin looked over to where Adam lay. He vaguely knew the boy, but not very well. Still, he thought that Adam looked lonely. "Maybe we could ask that boy Adam along, as well?" he suggested to Sinopa. "Must be pretty tough for him being on his own all the time."

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