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Default The Irregulars {RP} - 08-26-2012, 11:11 AM

1. This RP is for Regulars and Irregulars. Regulars are basically normal humans; Irregulars are mutated ones. Mutations however are more like freak show mutations than anything else; the mutations that are allowed are as follows: tails, animal ears, hooves, extra fingers and toes, missing or extra limbs, different colour skin or hair. If you are unsure about anything, feel free to PM me. This RP is open to everyone.

2. Abide by the rules laid out in the stickies. That means no godmoding or Mary Sues, among other things.

3. Please obey the rules of this world, which are detailed in the plot explanation. Also, do not introduce any supernatural beings.

4. Please try to have an equal number of Regular and Irregular characters; if there are too many of one faction, I may ask you to either change your character or introduce one from the other side.

5. There are no character forms; please describe your character in your opening paragraph.


The story starts in the year 3000, and the world is a very different place to what it once was. The fossil fuel reserves ran out in 2500, hastened by the greed and jealousy of the world's leaders; all who, while running thru their own reserves, believed without foundation that the other leaders held bigger reserves that they could fall back on. This falsehood was discovered only when it was too late, when there were no more fossil fuels left. Due to a seismic eruption which shifted about the earth's plates, the continents are now different. There are now only two, separated by a large ocean. When the fossil fuel ran out, the world had been left polluted to the extreme. The sky changed to yellow, and many lakes were poisoned. Humans who drank from these lakes or swam in them ended up suffering various mutations. The result of all this was that the world's leaders called a summit meeting to decide the fate of the world. It was eventually decided to use new technology to create domes on the smaller and healthier continent for the humans who remained unmutated to live on. New energy sources, like solar power and nuclear power, were to be used instead of the defunct fossil fuel reserves. The exodus was planned as soon as the domes were completed, which took many years. In that time, the Regulars, as they called themselves, kept themselves apart from the mutated Irregulars and began to believe that they were a superior race. Once the domes were completed, in the year 2600, the Regulars left the larger continent for the smaller. The Regulars elected leaders, who named the continent with its domes Utopia, as it was intended to become a paradise on Earth.

Left behind were the Irregulars. They clung like rats to the remenents of their shattered world, shunning the Regulars who had abandoned them. They live entirely in the present, their only thoughts survival from day to day. Many of the old morals have disappeared, and there are no laws; in any case, there are now no lawmen to enforce them. The people quarrel among themselves and problems are solved in an old, tribal way as did the native tribes of days gone by. Cruel words and harsh language and behaviour are also commonplace, but rarely mean anything save as a means of communication. There is no technology; all was taken by the Regulars to their Utopia. Instead, people went back to the old methods of transport; the horses; the oxen, the mules; these still exist in the world due to the actions of far seeing people who realised that one day, they would need to fall back on primative methods of transportation. The land occasionally gives up food for its people, but the vast fields of wheat and other crops are a thing of the past. The starved soil cannot give a huge yield, which is why the people now mostly live in small, tightknit communities, occasionally trading things like mirrors, toys, cosmetics and other such things that still survive for the basics like food and water. Like the shadow that fire leaves on a wall, the pointless trappings of a society long gone still remain.

The only power that can be utilised is from natural sources, like the wind and sun, but there are no longer the factories to build the huge windmills and efficient solar panels, so only small amounts of power can be harnessed from the wind and sun. There is no money, nor any need for it. Objects are traded for other objects; food is grown by people and used by them, or traded; theft is rampant. Settlements range in size from small tribes to small towns, which are built outside where the old cities are. These are still standing, but some of the buildings have been pulled down so as to reuse the bricks for building houses in the new towns. The great cities now are ghost cities, with shells of buildings that have been looted for every last valuable item, and with hoards of wild animals dwelling within. Some people still live in these ghost cities, but the atmosphere is eerie. The Irregulars have lived this way for centuries, and are stuck in their ways, unable to break free and better themselves. It will take something very bad to move them... and unfortunately, there is one such thing on the way. While life outside the domes has been static, inside, technology has bettered. The Regulars have filled their entire continent, and their growing population needs more space. Their leaders look to the other continent, where the Irregulars live; now it is possible to heal the land, they plan to move over the ocean and take the land. The Irregulars would be seen merely as rats to be exterminated; most of the Regulars do not see them as anything more than vermin.

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